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Cigar Aficionado (1997)
by Cigar Aficionado


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Year of Launch1997
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HouseCigar Aficionado
Parent Company at launchPSI Paul Sebastian Inc

About Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Aficionado is a masculine fragrance by Cigar Aficionado. The scent was launched in 1997

Reviews of Cigar Aficionado

It's interesting - I can see how this fits perfectly on a timeline of mainstream masculine scents. It's built like a nice early-90's herbal tobacco chypre in the mode of Havana or Montana PH, with pleasant green herbs over mace and pie spices, but with the typical powerhouse bergamot topnotes replaced by that candied grape that would go on to become the foundation of modern aquatics. As such, it sits halfway between the 80's and the 00's.

There are quite a few of these half-retro/half-modern scents lingering out there in the market and I do believe that Cigar Aficionado is one of the best. That being said, it's just not what I enjoy in a scent, so I'm voting neutral, but this is a good one for fans of this kind of crossover.
09th January, 2018 (last edited: 10th January, 2018)
I thought that I'd liked this at first, especially because it is unlike most other scents around. But over time, I grew to dislike what I felt was a cloying, synthetic chemical quality which didnít smell too fresh.

Apparently, this fragrance was meant to be compatible with cigar smokeÖtherein lies the big disconnect for me, as I donít smoke.
17th March, 2017
I had read a few reviews of Aficionado online, and was intrigued by its dark, cigar box promise. It's allegedly discontinued but it can easily be found online, very cheaply (it's currently around £8 for 100ml at FragranceX) Unfortunately, it smells cheap too. The initial blast of fresh (unlit) cigar is quite pleasant, but this quickly fades into a treacly liquorice, and then after 20 minutes it mutates into a kind of metallic patchouli.

Overall, I found this to be a rather dated 1970s style fragrance, in the Hai Karate/Brut mode. I've relegated my 50ml bottle to room freshener status.
22nd June, 2015
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
Excellent quality for the price.

Note that I think this is a different scent from Cigar by Remy Latour but I haven't tried that bottle design. In any case, this is very rich in patchouli and there's quite a bit of amber. In some ways it is reminiscent of Borneo 1834, though this one came first. Borneo is drier than this one, and perhaps not as sweet, but otherwise there are distinct similarities. I'm guessing there is spice and a bit of tobacco here, but the softened/sweetened patchouli is the most obvious element. Unlike A*Men, it is not vanillic, and isn't that sweet. This is not at all like Cuba Red, which is dry/spicy and quite woody (and a bit "synthetic"), other than perhaps mild tobacco notes. This is well worth the money, unless it's been reformulated badly of course, though if you want a more balanced scent with tobacco (rather than one like this that is patchouli-dominant), the new formulation of Vermeil might be better (for this price range). Projection ("sillage") is moderate (spraying more might help) but longevity seems at least good.

Pros: Inexpensive but reasonable quality.
Cons: Not for patchouli haters and don't expect a lot of tobacco here."

15th September, 2013
Synthetic, harsh, almost metallic opening blast of sour, raunch, bitter, stingy citruses. Mellows down into a semi-bitter cocoa-tobacco mix, that is not sweet, but not incredibly bitter as the opening. And it just stays there, no more development for this guy. Longevity: a lot, about, 8-10 hours, and you can still smell it on your shirt the next day. Projection: quite a lot, in the beginning it's quite loud, it settles down after 30 minutes, but it never becomes a "skin scent". All in all, it does smell somewhat cheap and dated, and it's not really my cup of tea.
19th December, 2011
Wise Owl Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A lovely dark, smoky, sweet tobacco scent that lasts for ages and ages. Very masculine, but not as heavy and cloying as some tobacco fragrances can be. Apparently discontinued now, but it can still be bought cheaply at a few places on-line. If you like tobacco based scents then this is definitely worth a try.
12th November, 2011

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