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cK one (1994)
by Calvin Klein


cK one information

Year of Launch1994
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 935 votes)

People and companies

HouseCalvin Klein
PerfumerAlberto Morillas
PerfumerHarry Fremont
PackagingFabien Baron
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchUnilever

About cK one

This popular fragrance from Calvin Klein kicked off the whole unisex buzz when it was released in 1994. Of course there were unisex fragrances before cK One (4711 by Muelhens for example) but it was Calvin Klein that made it sexy.

Reviews of cK one

A really good scent, very crowdpleasing.
Sadly overused and thus not a real compliment getter anymore (I enjoy wearing parfume, I enjoy them a lot more when I can get compliments from them!).
19th March, 2017
Ahh mid 90's every guy had ck one every girl wore tommy girl. I love this smell prolly mostly because of what it reminds me of more than the actual smell. It was clutch in its prime tho! Super fresh scent just makes you wanna gel up your frosted tips, throw on your favorite pair of silvertabs, some addidas superstars!
02nd January, 2017
Amazing how Calvin Klein managed to have green tree accord at every level of the fragrance triangle in cK one. It's a living legend of a scent, controversial and an acquired taste.

Wearing it, I feel sensations of confidence (no doubt from the citrus notes) and comfort. It's a head turner that still sticks out after all these years.

I haven't tried to explore the dizzying array of cK One flankers that have come out since the original came out in 1994 - and I won't knock them until I try them. But cK One is one to check out, man or woman.
24th December, 2016
I actually grew to enjoy One after owning a mini for several years. Surely it is synthetic and a little crowded, but it is refreshing and unisex, which is exactly what it claimed to be, and I like that. Perhaps it's the changing climes and trends making masculine florals so rare which changed my mind on this one, but I really like lily of the valley in fragrances, and to me, it is the most prominent part of One's composition. If the base wasn't so blurred and fake smelling this might have crossed the line from good to great.

Edit: The line has been crossed. I have finally acquired a vintage bottle and am happy to report that it is warmer, more natural-smelling, and that the sourness of the opening is more like aldehydes than chemical tartness derived from added citruses, and the nutmeg is actually noticeable. Admittedly, the difference in vintages is a small gap, and the current formulation is still far more enjoyable than most designer releases over the last two decades, but that little difference in texture and authenticity bridged the gap for me.
11th September, 2016 (last edited: 09th January, 2017)
I love it. I was a little too young to have worn it when it was in fashion, and probably would've hated it, anyway. Now I love it, a kind of techno-citrus that screams a kind of otherworldly calm. Like it would be saying "relax, it's the 90s" if it cared to speak, but instead it just gives a smug look to everyone it saunters past walking down the street back to its translucent plastic spaceship.
11th July, 2016
It's light, not too feminine, and unoffensive. I've kept it around for years, and still enjoy wearing it to work, where it doesn't sweat off.

Something doesn't have to be the end-all and be-all of cutting-edge perfumes to we worth a buy and a wear. I enjoy it!
07th July, 2016

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