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Claiborne for Men (1989)
by Liz Claiborne


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Year of Launch1989
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People and companies

HouseLiz Claiborne
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchClaiborne Cosmetics

About Claiborne for Men

Claiborne for Men is a masculine fragrance by Liz Claiborne. The scent was launched in 1989

Claiborne for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Claiborne for Men

This fragrance reminds me of how it smells after a rain shower in the spring....very fresh, damp, green with muted florals....rose is what stands out most to me. It is unusual in a man's scent to have floras stand out so much, yet they are not overtly sweet florals ...they are muted and tamed by the other green notes. I was surprised at how many negative reviews there are of this and I'm guessing this hasn't been discontinued as its easy to find at the local Marshall's or TJ Max for around $13.
I don't wear this one all that often except when I'm wearing a Claiborne outfit. Claiborne designs stand out and are different than other designers....and the fragrance is the same. Its not for everyone, but its for me.
24th January, 2017
Nothing to add for or against this fragrance. When I had it I thought it was nice and very wearable. I don't think I would care for it much now. It's still available for a great price. For me it's a neutral. It's just a dated.
30th November, 2016
When I was in high school, a teacher somehow ended up with a huge box of miniatures of this. She let the students have them, so needless to say everyone smelled like this for a year. This is one of the few colognes to me that smells the same as back in the day. Not sure if that is because it IS vintage because that's all that's left or they are still making it the same way, but I still like it. Smells like the 90s but that's ok. I do get a plastic grassy feel from it. Distinct bottle.
23rd March, 2014
This is to me a "rainy day" fragrance. It's not listed in the pyramid above, but I definitely smell fresh ginger in the top and middle transition --- it there isn't actual ginger here, I'll be really surprised, and there must be some combination of other notes that smells exactly like fresh-cut ginger root. The freshness of the citrus, ginger, juniper, lavender and ozone is what conjures up the rainy day feel for me. Damp days are the only times I think of wearing this, and it seems to suit the overall impression.

Although I like the fragrance from the bottle, something about it doesn't quite work with my skin chemistry, so I very rarely wear it.
01st March, 2014
It's has an acquired taste like scotch. It's very strong and when used lightly works in the winter. Can be overpowering... I recommend two light sprays on wrists then dab on neck.
16th February, 2014
Throwback greenery

I don't smell the citrus in this at all, since I associate citrus with brighter, "happier" scents. This one evokes dark green forest smells, probably from the oakmoss. Herbal to my nose, rather dark. It does have some zing, a kind of sharpness, but not the Lemon Pledge type smell most people usually associate with citrus. Although to me the first hour or so is rather heavy and brooding, it does drop off rather rapidly and that's a good thing ... in tropical climes like here in Manila stronger scents are rather off-putting. Throw in a throwback scent like this and it's going to put quizzical looks on people around me. I like the drydown better than the top. Reviewing this w/o an unfair bias on how it's a cheapo and widely available -- where I'm at it's not and it's really hard to find...bought this blind based on readings I encountered here on BN and I'm pretty happy with it.

21st October, 2013

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