Claiborne Sport (1997)
    by Liz Claiborne

    Claiborne Sport Fragrance Notes

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    100ml Cologne
    100ml Cologne

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    Clean and fresh.

    This was my most used fragrance. I've been wearing it for years. I went through several bottles (100ml) of Claiborne Sport spanning my last two years of high school and throughout college. The girls absolutely loved it. I still use it in the summer from time to time and my current bottle is at 40%. I have a brand new bottle in storage for good measure. Its one of those frags I will now wear just for the memories.

    Pros: Lasts long, opening and dry down are amazing
    Cons: None. I'm not joking"

    15 September, 2013

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    Best of Claiborne

    this is the best Claiborne has to offer for men.

    pleasing lemon/citrus top with a nice aquatic fresh dry down that the ladies just find irresistible

    the longevity here is the longest of any aquatic/sport fragrance ever.

    $18 for a 3.4 oz bottle.

    100% recommended

    Pros: ultra fresh, superb drydown, very long lasting, ladies love it
    Cons: you'll get of sick of girls asking "you smell good, what is that you're wearing?""

    11th July, 2013

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    very good for the price. Generic? yes... very clean and refreshing smell. Smells like all those 80s and 90s scents like Aspen, Coolwater. Gets compliments too! Not complex or unique but definitely a good scent. Though, I may even opt for Aspen at the price. But I had both on each wrist and they were very similar.

    Green, clean, fresh, generic but nice. Anyone will like it. Though, BNers with a higher standard may not enjoy this one.

    27 March, 2013

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    I'm using a very relative, very liberal scale to give this a thumbs up. Claiborne Sport manages to improve a formula originated by Eternity for Men and Pleasures for Men: a candied fresh scent like a million others. Claiborne manages to make it last longer than Pleasures and not smell as ubiquitous as Eternity. Judged solely against this tepid pack, CS is a good option. Pitted against Derby, Habit Rouge or Sables? It's like bringing a toothpick to a swordfight.

    19 March, 2013

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    Tony T
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    a very clean and inoffensive cheapie here. i had it over 10 years ago and it's great on sillage and longevity. i would not wear it now but this would be great for the 25 and under crowd.. citrusy scent that lasts all day...

    11th January, 2013

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    Underrated and a great value...

    I am a fan of Claiborne fragrances - Bora Bora, Curve, and Sport. I have many of these (variations of Curve) in my collection. Sport has been a pleasant addition. I get that our "noses" are different - my Mom swears that no one has a nose like mine - I detect a "clean showered", (touches of) floral, fresh, and "piney" notes. The fragrance is appealling from the initial application and settles into the fresh clean showered essence that is quite pleasing. It is definitely easy on the nose.

    The real beauty of Sport is the deal. The large bottle is available on Amazon with free shipping under $20.00. Great deal with great service. Secondary to the deal is the longevity. This element is the most important to me and the one I am most critical. The fragrance has above average longevity, lasting about six (6) hours, maybe longer on the shirtsleeve. The fragrance has potential "Wow Factor" - Sweetie smelled my neck this morning and asked about the fragrance. Keep in mind that I applied the fragrance yesterday morning prior to work. Claiborne is underrated in men's fragrances - I have had several compliments (i.e. Wow Factor) from many of the fragrances (probably most from Bora Bora).

    The bottle is appealling to me - it is clear with shading/etching on half. I love the clear bottles that allow you to see the clarity of the fragrance. The spray is above average - use moderately..!! Additionally, the packaging is above average, which is great for such an inexpensive fragrance. The bottom line guys - if you want an underrated fragrance at a great price - Sport or any of the Claiborne frangrances should be added to your collection.

    All things considered, I give Sport 4.2 stars out of 5 and definitely recommend. Try something new today - you may like it...

    10th November, 2012

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