Clubman Special Reserve
    by Pinaud

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    Clubman Special Reserve information

    Clubman Special Reserve is a men's fragrance by Pinaud.

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    Like many of the Clubman line, on opening this up, one's first reaction is "Whoa!". And in the millisecond after the understandable impulse to chuck it in the trash, one tries it on. And one ruminates. And maybe waits a day and tries it again. And then even if one decides "it's not for me," you find yourself thinking about it, and deciding, "maybe just one more splash...". And finally finding suddenly that there is something not just redeemable, but "special" about Special Reserve.

    I do get lots of leather here, but I get lots of spicy patchouli too, and a cedary pencil-like fragrance, but without the harsh chemical smell of Dana's version of English Leather. And also something that is just right--and meaning just right on one's skin. I agree with previous reviews that out of the bottle, to the uninitiated, this is an abomination, like something gone wrong in one's fridge or like being served shoe polish when you asked for mousse. But like most of the Pinaud line, the proof is in the wearing. And each time I wear it, I insist it's not my favorite of the Pinauds--and then I find myself wearing it again.

    22 March, 2014 (Last Edited: 28 March, 2014)

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    Clubman PInaud Special Reserve After Shave Lotion is a rather linear and yet at the same time complex fragrance upon first generous splashes (DO NOT over-splash with this one) with heavy top-notes of base dark spice and ceylon cinnamon along with pine tar and light burnt rubber.

    Mid-notes offer up a heavier smoldering amber ember, well-worn leather, balsam fir and mandarin orange. It stays that way through a fairly long and subtle "fade-out" dry-down. This is a surprisingly potent composition from House of Pinaud...a fairly powerful fragrance with a worthy longevity, respectable sillage (when applied judiciously) being sold at "bargain basement" pricing all adds up to a must-have...believe me, get it and you'll agree.

    A value-oriented and timeless fragrance from Edouard Pinaud that's within everybody's budget ...what more could you ask for?

    01st March, 2014

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    I bought a bottle of this in part based on the reviews here, and because I quite like Pinaud Clubman. I was expecting a smokey, leathery scent, with a hint of herbs.

    That's not at all what this is. Out of the bottle, it's extremely spicy - like somebody mixed off brand Aqua Velva with off brand Old Spice then turned the volume up to 11. It's obnoxious and smells like something somebody would make if they had only heard of aftershave but had never experienced it before.

    I applied some anyway because I know from my experience with Pinaud's Lilac Vegetal and Clubman that Pinaud AS usually smells awful out of the bottle, but dries down to something much nicer.

    Unfortunately not so much here. The allspice scent fades quickly thankfully, but what's left is mostly herbal - it smells sort of like patchouli and - and - dill and coriander? There is a distinct pickle scent here complete with a slight vinegary sweetness. There is a very faint leather smell hiding behind this herbiness. But basically this smells like sweet pickles sitting on top of an old leather bound book. There are many other scents peeking out here and there but the pickling spice smell dominates.

    29 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 07 February, 2014)

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    I looked around and found this after reading the rave reviews here. It looks as if I stand alone with my perception of this wreck. I get nothing more from this than a sickening Lilac/Leather odor, with more than a hint of plastic from the bottle. I liken it to one of those cheap spray on scents at a car wash. The only redeeming factor if that it's dirt cheap, but still not remotely worth the price.

    02 November, 2013

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    An excellent quite unique, smooth leather aftershave/cologne sold for peanuts in a big 177ml bottle.
    A must have for lovers of leather fragrances. RobAtSGH's review says it al and I can only concur to what he wrote. This is not the heavy Knize Ten like leather but the smooth one added with patchouli and all kind of spices like cinnamon and vanilla. Some say it smells like wax for horse saddles and gloves. Imo this is price-quality related much better than most of the current expensive stuff that is being sold nowadays. Depending on applicatiion this stuff also lasts quite a while and sillage is average though strong at the beginning. Excellent value for the (little) money. I don't agree that this smells like Aramis or has to be decanted in a spray bottle. Thumbs way up! Rating: 8.5/10

    12 May, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A realistic leather, like a favourite, well-worn armchair, retaining a faint aroma of bodily sweat, situated in an old-fashioned wood-panelled room, with a hint of tobacco in the air. However, this is no Knize Ten-style dated parody of mid-20th century machismo. No harsh chemical or industrial smells assault the nasal passages here. The leather contrasts nicely with a backdrop of powdery vanilla, and soft patchouli rounds it out. A lovely, warm scent which lasts most of the day, and particularly well on fabric. It comes in a cheap plastic shaker bottle (which I suppose has its own peculiar charm) but it's the juice inside that counts. And that would be cheap at thrice the price.

    20th February, 2013

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