Cool Water (1988)
    by Davidoff

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    One of the best selling fragrances ever. This fragrance along with Eternity by Calvin Klein, sparked a reinterest in the fresh fougere market. A Cool Water for women was launched in 1997.

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    Okay here we go. This is a great classic scent that gets trashed all the time for being over-worn, generic, powdery or whatever. Not a lot of people wear it anymore it seems at least not as much as they used to but it is a classic and great for any starter collection like myself. Women dig it too but it doesn't float everyone's boat! Years ago, I was at a summer camp and before the dance night a counselor let me wear it and I really liked the fresh scent and it brings memories back of that night. I do not wear this all the time but great to throw on in the mix for casual use.

    15 March, 2014

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    The GOAT fragrance as far as I'm concerned. I went twenty years between wearing Cool Water (going through 2 4oz bottles of GIT in between). I've owned and tested almost all niche brands, yet if I ran out of my house because it was on fire I'd probably grab this (after briefly thinking about grabbing Rive Gauche).

    Don't let the Creed/GIT fanboys fools you (and I say this as someone who considers Creed his favorite house), Cool Water is the better scent. GIT is too heady, too floral, too sweet. Cool Water is decidedly more attractive and masculine. If GIT is the smart, refined exchange student, Cool Water is the popular jock athlete giving him a wedgie in the locker room. Even at the same price I'd take Cool Water all day. What are GIT pumpers gonna say "I paid 5x as much for GIT and even though people think I'm wearing Cool Water, I'll admit Cool Water's a good scent?"

    You know that feeling when you discover a new scent that you love only to lose it a year later? Well every time I smell this I still feel as if I've been born anew.

    Forget you biases, forget what you've read (especially here), and smell it for youself. There's a reason Luca Turin gave it five stars.

    22 February, 2014

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    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

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    Like a good pair of 501's - Cool Water is Classic


    Cool Water is Classic

    Super green and mint fresh - this is full morning power that do last well.

    It will leave a good "mossy" feel at the end of the day.

    Non complicate - easy to wear this is a very positive scent to wear - full of masculine energy.

    No extras frills but a good recommended Classic freshness !!!!

    Pros: fresh simplicity
    Cons: none"

    25 August, 2013

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    Opens up smelling kind of like fresh cut grass, but after 30-60 minutes it smells better, and it's strong enough for others to smell, and lasts on me.

    Its good i've smelled it too many times to give it a 4 so i'll give it a 3.5, if you haven't smelled it before you'll probably like it, i sometimes get sick of it, but for the most part it's a solid scent.

    Pros: Lasts long on my skin, and smells good on my skin, after about 30-60 minutes it smells even better and it's strong enough, you'll get compliments.
    Cons: It smells kind of like fresh cut grass at first, not bad smelling, but it's my least favorite part about it, but it only get better from there."

    16 August, 2013

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    refreshing, sexy, casual, classic

    my mom loves the smell of cool water, so i blind bought a .5oz bottle at wallmart for 13$. This fragrance is a personal favorite,its a classic. its a blus smell, with a touch of musc to give it that great edge, its a scent for the summer and spring. i got this in june, havent tried it fall or winter, im pretty sure it will do fine in fall as well. highly recomend it, you cant go wrong with this one.

    Pros: classic

    12 August, 2013

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    Gary F
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    Fresh & Green

    Great scent! I did the side by side comparison with GIT. Loved both - GIT was more green and Cool Water was more aquatic, but they are similar. Close enough that I wouldn't buy both. If I decide to purchase one of the two, it would probably be Cool Water.

    Pros: Green Without Being Overbearing
    Cons: A Bit Harsh in the Opening

    28 June, 2013

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