Coriolan (1998)
    by Guerlain

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    Named after the 5th century Roman General, Gaius Marcus Coriolanus (who inspired the Shakespeare play Coriolanus).
    The bottle is also based on a soldier image. It is a chypre fragrance and contains dominant notes of Lemon tree leaves, Juniper Berries and Everlasting Flower. Sadly, no longer available, but reorchestrated and relaunched as L'Ame d'un Héros in 2008.

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    tempest moon

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    Very green, very peppery scent. Almost herbal opening,slightly bitter at first, but very well blended in the dry-down. Could be considered a mature gentlemens scent. However a very green, fresh and sharp fragrance which could be considered a classic. To me definitely an "outdoors" kind of scent, but on the right person this would certainly give a very positive, elegant and refined type of masculine vibe. Which would be very welcome. Would recommend both for formal and informal wear.

    21st November, 2013

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Understated and overlooked chypre

    Once in a while a well-executed composition goes about its business unnoticed save by a few true-blue connoisseurs, lost as it stands behind its more illustrious brethren. Coriolan is one such creature, a green-garbed ranger weaving dexterously through a forest, perfectly in his element among foliage and ferns, preferring the grey comfort of shadows to the warmth of sunlit paths, his light leather-clad footsteps leaving nary a trail on the dark mossy floor.

    Pros: Quietly dignified
    Cons: Minimal projection "

    30th September, 2013

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    Gentlemanly restrained

    The top note combines an interesting lemon tree note with bergamot. Later on a mildly boozy absinthe note mixes with juniper and coriander in the drydown. In the base a gentle patchouli dictates the mood very pleasantly. Always restrained, never loud, a gentleman's scent throughout.

    14 August, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    An oddball worth exploring

    Coriolan starts with astringent juniper (reminiscent of a cold G&T), some dry spice notes and faded white florals. After this bracing opening, it seems to slowly defrost, as a warmer immortelle note and some light patchouli come to the fore. Usually I am immortelle-averse (as it often applied in a ham-fisted manner) but it is well-integrated here and there is nothing to gripe about. It is certainly not sweet nor overbearing, so the overall cool, aloof feel of this fragrance remains unperturbed.

    This style of scent - a masculine floral chypre - is quite unfashionable nowadays but its lightness makes it easy to wear nonetheless (unlike, say, Globe by Rochas, which is like Coriolan reformulated by an anosmic chimpanzee).

    Like the eponymous Roman general, Coriolan returned from exile (several times, however). I agree with others who have noted that the various expensive re-bottlings are not substantially dissimilar.

    Not one of my favourites from Guerlain but it's nice for a change. Longevity is good (8 hours from 6 sprays) but don't expect room-filling sillage.

    Pros: Unusual, interesting note evolution
    Cons: May be too dated for some tastes"

    17 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I'm actually surprised that I enjoy this. The first things that come to mind are syrup/caramel, but in a vintage type of way, not in a boozy way at all. Normally old/vintage smelling types of fragrances are a turn off for me, but I actually enjoy this. Good stuff, I'd say it's probably more appropriate for Fall/Winter.

    08 April, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Coriolan is definitely overlooked. Maybe because It's not aimed to wow you, it's not groundbreaking, it's not trendy or modern but let me tell you it is extremely solid. A dry woody chypre with a bittersweet character. Sharp and bitter in the opening with green citruses joined by juniper, various herbs and peppery hints, mossy/woody with leather refinements and subtle floral patterns in the outstanding drydown (which is the real point of strength of this composition). Patchouli and some vetiver reinforce the overall classic quality.

    Serious and classy. Yet another "reliable" fragrance by Guerlain.

    13 February, 2012

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