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Crown Fougère (1880)
by Crown Perfumery


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Year of Launch1880
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People and companies

HouseCrown Perfumery
PerfumerWilliam Thomson
Parent CompanyClive Christian
Parent Company at launchCrown Perfumery

About Crown Fougère

Crown Fougere, created by The Crown Perfumery in 1880 has a mossy green fern note. A unique and individual fragrance.

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Reviews of Crown Fougère

Genre: Fougère

Lemon, lavender, and something that smells a lot like caraway leap out when I apply Crown Fougere. After this comes a semi-sweet anise note, which in conjunction with caraway makes an accord both earthy and medicinal. At this point Crown Fougere brings to mind an ancient monastic liqueur: perhaps Chartreuse or Benedictine. It's extremely "old world" and sophisticated, but with an earthy aspect that prevents it from becoming too stodgy.

By the time it's been on my skin for an hour Crown Fougere begins to smell remarkably like Olivia Giacobetti's recent Fou d'Absinthe for L'Artisan Parfumeur. So much so that I'd recommend reviewers who lament Crown Fougere's demise try Fou d'Absinthe before succumbing to absolute grief. The newer scent is a bit sweeter and more boozy, but once its top notes dissipate it walks very much the same aromatic fougère path. So much so, in fact, that I could not justify owning bottles of both at once.
11th June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
From the beginning to the end this is the archetypical fougère, with lavender, gentle spices and a fern note of astounding quality combining to a wonderful opening. A crisp floral touch, mainly geranium and patchouli, mingles with a supremely balanced moss aroma, with just a refreshing sharpness that is never intrusive. After about six hours it is closer to my skin, and leads to cedar-dominated base, with the patchouli-moss background evident up to the end. The balance in absolutely amazing, and the quality if the ingredients is top-of-the-range. This composition is so classic and timeless that it could have been released fifty or hundred years after it's original launch - it is fresh and never stuffy or musty, and never ceases to exude green elegance. Silage and projection are good, and the longevity is an astounding thirteen hours on my skin. This is the mother of fougères.
05th March, 2014
A pleasant, natural and balanced composition. Geranium and tonka are the stars of the show, but the herbs, lavender, and woods provide good support. Those two stars are not my favorite ingredients but here their rosy and powdery facets are effectively mitigated by green accords so that I do find it wearable.
05th July, 2012
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Compared to many light and water "fern" or "fougere" fragrances today, Crown Fougere makes an impressive statement with excellent strength and longevity for being just another green fern. I would certainly describe Crown Fougere as green--but also earthy. It is one of the last three surviving Victorian fougeres (not including Fougere Royale as that is French) and in my opinion, the best. Crown opens with a brief and sharp, but staid citric blast that gives way to the traditional fern accord (abstract mind you--not an actual fern) interaction between lavender, geranium, and tonka bean. Crown also features sandalwood, oakmoss, and patchouli for spice and richness. Crown Fougere, like the other Crown fragrances, reeks of quality, tradition, and craftsmanship.
15th November, 2011
It's like a walk through an herb garden while peeling a fresh lemon on a cool misty day. You stray off the path and your feet crush the leaves of lavender, Baron thyme (caraway thyme), monarda and tarragon. The scent of the surrounding cedar and trees add their rich woodiness of the experience.

Crown Fougere is a clean, earthy and fresh scent. But it also has its dark and mysterious side.
24th June, 2008
Pavane pour une parfum défunt (with apologies to Maurice Ravel): a song to a deceased scent. Crown Fougere is an amazing, lovely green-fern fougere. It is a tragedy that this is out of production. I’d place CF on a continuum. At the greenest end is the lovely Wild Fern by Trumper. At the sophisticated warm spicy wood end is the superb English Fern by Penhaligon. And CF sits comfortably in the middle, combining each of those aspects. The wood tones are really noteworthy (sandalwood, cedar). In addition, this has incredible longevity. Lovers of fern scents would enjoy this one. The world would be a better place with more scents like this!
06th June, 2007

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