Dunhill d (1996)
    by Dunhill

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    A fresh woody fragrance by Alfred Dunhill. The bottle is the same as the original Dunhill and Edition.

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    United States United States

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    The famous Louis XV--or maybe it was La Pompadour--saying "Apres nous, le deluge" comes to mind when I think of this fragrance. A long-time lover of the classic Dunhill fragrances, I always thought that this was the end of the line--after the monumental 1934 classic Dunhill for Men and the wonderful 1984 Edition, Dunhill sort of gave up--let's put this fresh, woody fragrance out on the market, we'll cash in on the cachet of our brand and even use the same bottle and, let's face it--after that who cares? We will have sold the brand to the devil by then anyway.... The fragrance itself, which fits into the "Calvin Klein-y" colognes of that era is actually not bad--in fact it is in retrospect so much better than much of the junk subsequently put out by Dunhill and almost everyone else, that it actually deserves some respect. Wearing it as I write,I am enjoying the now familiar fresh woods, and although fleeting, it is quite nice. It just barely deserves categorizing with the earlier two great fragrances from the house and really does not deserve being lumped in with the later, tittleless, Dunhill offerings.

    04 January, 2013

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    A very pleasant mandarin and fresh wood impression greets that is near-aquatic in character. A touch of rose is added in the drydown, but otherwise there is very little development, apart from the fact that the scent appears increasingly thin and nondescript. Someone mentioned the CK in this context, and this drydown's blandness indeed reminds me of some of the latter's more forgettable creations. Poor silage and projection after the first half hour are accompanied by a longevity of about two hours overall. Good for a splash after the gym, so that one can put on a more memorable fragrance after a short while.

    05 December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    duh... nhill I don't get this one. Not bad, but very generic. I smell the rosewood and mandarain orange, & a hint of cypress in top notes, but can't pick out the jasmine. Fades so quickly, I can't quite make out the heart or base notes, even after multiple applications, with my nose next to my skin. Given to me probably 12 years ago; wouldn't have bought it for myself.

    06 June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    A fresh, woody fragrance that doesn't last any longer than Jell-O nailed to a wall.

    11th September, 2008

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A fruity woody and not unpleasant whiff but no lasting power Inoffensive and very average

    05 July, 2008

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    Germany Germany

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    The name Dunhill evokes a class of its own. I suppose that's why the dropped the "unhill" from the name of this fragrance. It is not to be seen on the bottle, just that lonely amputated "d" and the menetekel "Scannon SA" promintently printed on the back.
    No sooner have you sprayed it on, do you forget this manifestation of mediocrity, which would serve the house of Calvin Klein well. I expect the next release in Alfred's name will be Duh?hill.

    15 August, 2006

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