Déclaration (1998)
    by Cartier

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    This woody creation from Cartier was created (apparently) for "Men in Love... Experiencing Passion!" It doesn't say whether by wearing it you get to experience passion! Worth a try though!

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    United States United States

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    Declaration is about as animalic of a fragrance as I will ever wear. Even if you hate animalic scents like me, you may love this one. Hang in there for the first hour, you get a spicy cardamom, pepper and citrus domination. It settles into an exquisite floral, woodsy, tea & vetiver dry down. One of the best dry downs I have ever smelled. I highly recommend trying this one.

    13 March, 2014

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    Most things of interest have already been said about Declaration, so this review is all opinion instead of technical detail. I like the scent itself just fine, but too many people seem to find it smells 'dirty' or 'weird,' and seldom in a good way (that I have personally experienced). I like the dirty, woody, sweaty cumin-herbals like this, S.T. Dupont Pour Homme, and Red by Giorgio, but they can be off-putting for the modern American olfactory audience. To Hell with them, really, but I like to remain empathetic. The real downer for me is the performance of Declaration; The top shines with warmth but gives way to the heart far sooner than I would like and soon becomes a bit hollow or flat. Aside from that it's a solid comfort frag.

    13 January, 2014

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    Greece Greece

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    Another masterpiece from master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. This scent predates his other successes like Terre d' Hermes, but Declaration makes the statement that Jean-Claude Ellena really was one superb perfumer since he began.
    A fruity opening with an explosion of cardamom and other spices is what I will describe this scent. It's a bit like walking through the kitchen of a master-chef. One to excite the senses and turn heads everywhere, this scent truly is one of a kind. I can't fault it!

    09 January, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    First time trying this, I've a carded sample spray - I'll type as I go...

    Cartier has the following printed on the inside packaging (I quote):

    "The powerful and generous vibration of a cologne spirit (orange, bergamot).
    Invigorating pleasure of a crackling juicy ginger note.
    Masculine and incisive energy of light woods (cedarwood, vetiver)."

    Initially - this smells disappointingly like a feminine fragrance, it's the bergamot oil... very floral. I can smell the vetiver in there, it's tamed down though.

    The 'bitter' orange is very nice, but it smells too sweet - and it's mixing with the bergamot oil to make an orange-floral girly stink on my skin.

    The cedarwood, however, is excellent - very sharp and clean. The ginger is subtle, I can smell it though.

    It settles down into a sweet-sharp bergamot-ginger-cedar. It does smell like a magazine sample however... very generic. I can detect a soapy note as well.

    This needed the bergamot stripped out and the bitter orange note made really raw and zesty, a lot more orange too - all very dry - and a bit more cedarwood wouldn't hurt.
    The vetiver is fine, I'm not really a fan.

    Not bad... just neutral. It could have been a lot better, easily.

    It's that bergamot - it just smells too feminine, I'm sure it's used in every perfume under the sun.

    05 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 10th January, 2014)

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    Stunning, addictive, captivating

    This is the perfect autumnal fragrance. It's exotic but comforting, spicy but restrained, sophisticated and warm. This is Terre d'Hermes on vacation, in cold weather, smoking a pipe.

    Some reviewers compare this to body odor; though I find that preposterous, I wouldn't mind living in a world where armpits smell like Déclaration. I suspect these critics also have delicate tummies and fear foreign food.

    Pros: Like nothing else

    03 October, 2013

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    Smokey Joe

    A scent with a big bang!
    This one is very deep Its like the smell of sufficating smoke when applied, like walking in a smoke cloud of a burning fragrance factory.
    True platform for the more known Terre d'hermes

    If you put your nose on skin its will be too much.

    But the sillage of this scent is out of this world.

    Cartier Declaration can slam your head in the morning giving you a headache going to work if you feel weak because your beginning to feel ill.

    It definitely will be stronger then you.

    The drydown is remarkable good and more polite. (apart from the first hour(s))

    Love it!

    Pros: Powerfull and elegant

    12 September, 2013

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