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Déclaration (1998)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch1998
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJean-Claude Ellena

About Déclaration

This woody creation from Cartier was created (apparently) for "Men in Love... Experiencing Passion!" It doesn't say whether by wearing it you get to experience passion! Worth a try though!

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Reviews of Déclaration

Every time I come across this, the same image flits across my mind; one I can't mention for fear of giving offense. So I'll keep it short: not for me. The cumin just makes it unwearable. Even worse, unlike 99% of other scents out there, I can't even imagine anyone else liking it, which clearly they do.

Declaration of love? More like declaration of war.
02nd June, 2016
This smells very much like Terre d'Hermes, which I truly dislike, but this one is a step above it in my opinion and deserves a Neutral rating because unlike the former, Declaration feels like a more complete fragrance, though still not one I find particularly pleasant. It may just be my nose but I also don't detect the Iso E blast that Terre d'Hermes depends on. Overall, while this isn't unpleasant and barren like its younger brother, it is still not something I will ever reach for.
28th May, 2016
There's something about Declaration that has always reminded me of my grandfather. It's nothing but good memories but I can't say my grandfather ever wore cologne and I highly doubt he did considering he was a simple man and a tabaco farmer. And yet, Declaration will always remind me of him.

Here's the tricky part, there was always some sort of fear on my part when it came to wearing Declaration in public. I didn't feel confident until 5 years later after initial purchase. Declaration is amazing. I hate that it took me so long to finally appreciate this gem.

Some people compare Declaration to TdH but there is no comparison in my opinion, considering Declaration is wonderful and TdH is nothing more than a clone of an orange cleansing solution. Skip TdH and go for Cartier.
28th May, 2016
This along with Terre d'Hermes is just not my style. I consider the two to be almost identical, although if pushed I would say that the Hermes offering is less linear and has that little bit of something else that makes it slightly better.

When I first sampled Cartier Declaration I found the scent to be familiar and to this day I do not know where I had experienced it before. Possibly on a family member at some point but for a time I was convinced that it was from a household cleaning product. I also remember finding it quite feminine, needless to say I was disappointed having read the positive reviews. It all boils down to genre and this one just falls into a category that many love but I care little for. Even if I did like this I would rather go for TdH as I believe it to be the stronger twin.
04th March, 2016
Future Jason:

Thumbs up, despite the fact that you don't find much occasion to wear this anymore. It's not for the office. It's not even for dinner out on the town. It's a bit too ostentatious.

But it's a wonderful smell, isn't it? Nice for wearing around the house, when you can tell the world to @%$# off. Almost an embodiment of the decision to tell the world to @%$# off. It's a bit punk rock (for other readers: this will be considered a good thing for Future Jason).

One of the earlier discoveries in your scent research. Still glad you found it. Maybe you'll find other places to wear it between now and you.
21st February, 2016
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
This was Ellena at the top of his game, before he fell in love with his own transparent, Iso E Super world (the Hermes version of the Emperor's New Clothes....). Fresh, sharp, birchy woods, orange oil bursting from the peel, earthy, spicy manhood... Déclaration has it all and was--at the time--strikingly original, amazingly long-lasting and a fitting brother to some of Cartier's other great fragrances like Santos and Must. Numerous flankers have been spun off from this but I think that the original is still the best. This came out in 1998 and when it first came out I happened to be in Chicago in some very cold weather--I tried it on my hand but had to put on my gloves when I went out into Michigan Avenue. Those gloves STILL smell of Déclaration. Great scent, perhaps the last great scent from Cartier and certainly the last good thing from Ellena.
16th December, 2015

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