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Déclaration (1998)
by Cartier

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Year of Launch1998
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJean-Claude Ellena

About Déclaration

This woody creation from Cartier was created (apparently) for "Men in Love... Experiencing Passion!" It doesn't say whether by wearing it you get to experience passion! Worth a try though!

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Reviews of Déclaration

Just received this peerless masterpiece after quite a wait and I must say, Jean Claude Ellena's craftsmanship is unmatched, the uniqueness and composition of this fragrance is bewildering and phenomenally extraordinary.

17th April, 2015
This is for someone who works in an office and wants to smell classy, and like a fan of Indian food.

17th December, 2014

What a SEDUCTIVE BEAUTIFUL fragrance.i adore this one.CLASSIC and MYSTERIOUS.i think it is an UNISEX fragrance because that really compliments can always in the center of attention with it.

The top/middle notes are amazing.They are what make this cologne so seductive but the base is woody and masculine.Good sillage and long lasting.

GREAT for the special night.More appropriate for autumn/night wear for a confident man lurking fancy night clubs.of course you can always enjoy with CARTIER colognes because they always HIGH QUALITY and CLASSY.

12th December, 2014
It has a base that is similar in Terre D'Hermes but instead there is a cardamom floral note that goes over the funky base. It's nice and classic but I'll stick with TdH.
06th December, 2014
In a few words... A fresh TdH, the scent is the same, with a better opening and better structure.
I don't know why TdH is usually preferred to this one.
25th August, 2014
Genre: Leather

As with so many scents by Jean-Claude Ellena, Déclaration has an ostensibly simple structure: it's fundamentally a dry cedar scent of the crispy, crunchy persuasion, enlivened by extremely bright citrus notes and given depth by a deftly measured dose of cumin and leathery base notes. Examined carefully, the composition reads as a modernist gloss on the cumin, citrus, and leather structure of Edmond Roudnitska’s great Eau d’Hermès, made to feel edgy and contemporary through extreme transparency and the removal of anything remotely sweet. It shares with the classic Hermès a paradoxical sense of dirty/clean, animalic/citrus that seduces some noses and repels others.

Déclaration rises above the general run of woods-and-citrus designer imitators that followed it by way of its fearlessly stark angularity, its seamless blending, and its superior ingredients. The bergamot top note is nicely done, and the transition to the dry, woody heart is very smooth. The citrus notes smell natural despite their brightness, and the woods are deeper and more rounded than most.

Like many other Ellena scents I've tried, Déclaration is also relatively linear, running in its cedar-cumin-citrus groove for a couple of hours before anything else happens. Eventually the citrus notes fade and a smoky leather and crisp, but not-too-loud woody amber join the lingering cedar for the drydown, which is also seasoned by a just-perceptible hint of moss.

With its clarity, its balance, and its clever allusions to classical structures, Déclaration marks a climax in Jean-Claude Ellena’s “minimalist” fragrance explorations. His related woody citrus “Jardin” scents for Hermès do nothing to improve upon Déclaration. In fact they seem to me clumsily out of balance and repetitious in its wake. Some of Ellena’s more recent minimalist compositions may be stripped down the point of being bare, but Déclaration strikes the perfect mean between clarity and substance. A landmark in the art of perfumery.
12th June, 2014

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