Déclaration Bois Bleu (2001)
    by Cartier

    • Launched: 2001
    • Type: Masculine
    • Availability: In Production : Limited Edition
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    I really like this one. Although the original Declaration is unimpressive to me, Bois Bleu has a chilly, almost icy, effect that is very appealing to me. It's really the only aquatic, to my mind, that has true character and the wood gives it substantial projection and longevity. It really should be sampled by those who are looking for something bracing but not boring.

    03 July, 2010

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    Top: Lemon, Bitter Orange, Bergamot
    Heart: Cardamom, Birch leaves, Nutmeg
    Base: Blue teakwood, Vetiver

    Bois Bleu is a limited-edition flanker of Declaration and as the sky blue color suggests, its 'fresher' yet still has the entire structure of JC Ellenas homage to Eau d'hermes intact within its more welcoming exterior. Ellena dials down the tone of the Declaration pyramid and burnishes it with a lemony note at the top which sprinkles down into the Declaration structure with an after effect that is brighter and more citrusy while the smoky woods component is made office-appropriate. The cardamom note is as finely balanced as ever, its spicy freshness melding well with the birch-woods accord, and even the latent cumin note makes an appearance. This non-invasive surgery will make Declaration more appealing to those who found the original to be a little too strong in cumin, yet its still a step up from the laundry-clean Gendarmes of the world. Don't worry if you can't find Bois Bleu; just layer Declaration with Eau d'Orange Verte to get a similar (or even better!) effect.

    BTW: 'Blue Teakwood' is marketing department speak for 'cedarwood' which is perfume house speak for loads of 'Iso E Super'.

    Rating: 7.0/10.0

    24 May, 2009

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    Fresher version of Declaration, which I never liked but the Essence version is fantastic on me. Bois Bleu (or as my hilariously mislabeled sample is maker "Bois Blew"), takes on Declaration and strips it of it's winter clothes and gives him a furry swimsuit. The citrus makes it feel summery but the good ol' Declaration cedarwood and cumin woodsy notes keep the entire thing heavy. We have a manic perfume here.

    11th March, 2009

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    Just wonderful stuff. A woman can easily pull off - not too strong "aftershavey" masculine, as some guy's cologne can be (for a woman).

    Classy for a man to wear too, of course. ;-)

    Mellow, spicy, citrus-herbal, mild woods. Would really be great in hot weather.

    Beautiful pale aqua, largish bottle.

    18 February, 2009

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    johnny ford
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    I was really diggin this years ago, but the older i get, the more my nose seems to mature,now this is just an (OH WELL)bottle,any body wanna trade?

    26 April, 2008

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    This scent is one of the coldest woodsy scents ever. Quite beautiful in its chilly austerity. A great success by Cartier.....the bois really do smell bleu.

    17 December, 2007

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