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Denim (1976)
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Year of Launch1976
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Denim is a masculine fragrance by Denim. The scent was launched in 1976

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Reviews of Denim

In the 1970s and early 80s Denim had a higher status than it has now. Currently it can be found for very low prices in budget shops (here in NL for €2.99). For some odd reason it has two concurrent sources: it is still marketed by Conter, in boxes with a hole cut-out to show the bottle's medallion, yet it is also sold in different boxes marketed by Swiss Codaa. Both are made in Italy.

Denim is a fougere with rough edges. It's main note is clearly leather, preceded by a choppy bergamot and clary sage. It has a fairly prominent vetiver, an amber note and a soapiness accompanying the leather. That is basically it, but the blend is good. Old-school masculine; the complete antithesis of metrosexual scents. Personally I don't think it is fresh enough to be a barbershop scent; its slightly dirty Azzaro vibe disqualifies it.

It's not particularly sophisticated, but it's not supposed to be. Its original marketing campaign wasn't a man in a dinner jacket at a cocktail party, but a man in a denim shirt being manhandled by a woman. That's what you were supposed to wear Denim for.
14th April, 2016 (last edited: 20th April, 2016)
"Always blue but never moody..."

An evocative music is playing in the background. A woman's hand with blood red nails, is slowly coming down a man's chest, caressing prepensely his jeans shirt. She wantonly opens one of its buttons, clearly showing what her intentions are, and then moves to the next one. Before unbuttoning it too, the man's hand falls abruptly on hers, stopping it. A gruff male voice says: "Denim. For the man who doesn't have to try too hard..."
It's 1976. I'm sitting mesmerised in front of the TV, trying to decipher in my juvenile mind what this commercial is about. Words like sex and lust mean nothing to me, and girls are just for scaring them, or chasing them down to empty a glass of water on their heads.
It's 1982. Girls now mean a lot more than they used to, and I know what sex is and what the commercial was talking about. Theoretically at least. One of my uncles, a not handsome but charming as hell man, has the frozen glass bottle, which some years ago took my breath away, in his bathroom. Without thinking twice, I pour a good deal on my hands and splash it on my face. And I'm mesmerised again. My cheeks become red with excitement. This is the real thing! This is... sex! Or at least how sex must smell like. I exit the bathroom and wait for a while, trying to come up with an excuse for the way I smell. In less than 5 seconds, my uncle raises his head from 5 metres away and with a broad smile on his face he asks "Do you like it?"...
It's 2014. Nearly 40 years after it hit the ground running, Denim is still the smell of my night-time fantasies, and it evokes the same excitement which I felt when I was trying to understand what was it that a man didn't have to try too hard about back in 1976. I don't know of any other product, perfume or not, that goes on with the same slogan for 40 years, which means that the bloody thing works. And how could it be any different? This is one of the most honest and downright fragrances I know, if it doesn't top them all. It's raw, it's unpretentious, it's easygoing, it's as masculine as they come. It's Denim. Simple as that...
23rd October, 2014
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A classic which was trendy in the 1980s and one which I sported at school discos. About 2 years ago, to my surprise, I came across a shelf full of Denim aftershave at a local department store! Cheap as chips too! Only £3 GBP for 100ml so snapped it up there and then. Denim is certainly evocative; its appearance and aroma [for me] mirrors moments in the 1980s. It acquires a comforting scent: light, fresh, musky. I get amber in this fragrance with a talcum powder feel to it; I think it would serve well as a barbershop splash as it ticks all the boxes for the generic barbershop scent: cheap, masculine, powdery and fresh. The bottle is the business, chunky with a screwtop. For the price you cannot go wrong!
13th October, 2014
Chet56 Show all reviews
United States
I enjoy wearing Denim and feel very comfortable and confident wearing it because I love the fragrance of Denim myself. I remembered it from my younger days and decided to give it a try. Despite its decidedly macho marketing image, it has a light, fresh scent that would have set it apart when it debuted in 1976 and set the stage for other lighter, fresher scents that followed for the next 20 years. Denim has become hard to find in the US but I have lately found it via The fragrance is clean, fresh, and pastoral and wears well though the day. Longevity is excellent for a light scent, and I believe the sillage to be intriguing and slightly mysterious - "what IS that fragrance, and WHERE is it coming from?" Denim is a great value, far less expensive than most of the fragrances that followed its lead.
29th August, 2014
Strong leathery virile chypre with a spicy, citrusy opening, an astringent floral heart and a musky-rooty base with the addition of cedarwood in order to provide structure and stableness. It is a less complex and refined version of Azzaro Pour Homme, in the sense there are some similarities between the two fragrances (in the structure). Refreshing at morning, very masculine, woody/leathery with a boise vibe but a bit old fashioned and stuck. Few hours later the first dab the scent starts becoming a bit powdery. Weak longevity.
05th March, 2011 (last edited: 14th January, 2014)
MacTukaKa - if you´re searching for a scent similar to Denim try Bijan for Men (1981) - to me it seems to be a complete ripoff of Denim with a little sandalwood and spices added
10th February, 2010

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