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Devin (1978)
by Aramis


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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerBernard Chant
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances
Parent Company at launchEstee Lauder Companies

About Devin

A green style fragrance launched by Aramis in 1978.
FIFI award winner in 1978

Devin fragrance notes

Reviews of Devin

My old friend Devin
Your clarity, class and warmth
Remembered fondly.

An old style made new
A ladies' man - clean but with
A whiff of scandal.

The truer scandal
That I walked away from you
For an illusion.

Fragrance not my own
Costume, pretense, vanity
False fragrance, false love.

Lessons of my life
Learned, forgotten, learned again
As I smell you now.

Yet you aged quite well
Growing even more refined
With each passing year.

Go in peace, old friend
Let us keep what can be kept
Your beauty, my age.
18th July, 2018
This is exactly like a mixture of Caron Yatagan and Halston Z-14. Absolutely beautiful. Excellent longevity and sillage for a cologne. Yet another masterpiece by the house of Aramis. Aramis NEVER disappoints. Easy on the trigger. Do not spray the same spot twice, or the animalic note overwhelms. Spray your shirt also. Perfection.
20th June, 2018 (last edited: 24th June, 2018)
outstanding classic. absolutely oldschool masculine.
18th May, 2018
Five years would pass between Aramis 900 and the then-newest entry Aramis Devin, but like with the pairing 900 had with sister company Clinique's Aromatics Elixer, Devin would be the masculine take on the main line Estée Lauder Alliage released in 1972. What's most interesting is the fact that the Aromatic Elixer/900 pair were only 3 years apart, while the female counterpart to this was not only a whopping six years preceding, but actually predates the previous masculine. Those who know anything about Alliage and it's notoriously shrill explosion of green notes with a peach top will concede that it's nearly unisex in construction, especially with the oakmoss, vetiver, and pine ringing loud in the mix. This feminine "sport spray" chypre was already a few note swaps away from being a meat-on-the-bone masculine to begin with, so retrofitting it for that purpose and renaming it Devin wouldn't be too difficult, especially considering that perfumer Bernard Chant returned for this as well. For the record, he's the same nose behind Aramis 900, the original Aramis itself, and assisted in the follow-up JHL as well. Devin would become one of the most notoriously green masculines of the era, which itself was already known for extremely aromatic fougères, but like it's femme inspiration source was no fougère and rather, a chypre. An aromatic chypre was no strange thing, but most of them were heavy on the lemon, or had a leathery or sandalwood base, while this had neither so to speak, and followed a construction very close to the green fougères that came before it, making it quite unique in it's class.

Devin opens up with a lot of harsh and bitter greens, with the usual chypre top notes of lemon and bergamot extremely overshadowed by the galbanum. In fact, Devin is to galbanum what Polo by Ralph Lauren (also 1978) is to pine, with it very prominently featured throughout and never quite going away. Devin has a pine note as well, but it's much submerged in a soup of carnation and thyme, with a bit of jasmine and cinnamon for counterpoints of added sweetness. This loaded chypre base of leather, olibanum, cedarwood, amber, musk, moss, patchouli, and labdanum is literally kitchen-sink chypre construction here, being so much heavier than an aromatic chypre of decades past that I almost think this is trying to create the syrup swamp of the old early 20th century feminine chypres instead. If ever anything was needed to separate this from Alliage, it would be this sense of weight, a plodding heft in the base that almost threatens to destroy the balance of a scent that is otherwise milder in all respects to it's feminine sibling, which makes some men actually prefer the femme version once they've smelled the two. Granted, this is a small percentage of people and realistically, masculines at this time were increasingly about density as the powerhouse trope slowly emerged, but in hindsight the massiveness of the drydown in this does steer it towards fall/winter use as it's uncharacteristically rich for it's style. Many people like to compare this to the aforementioned Polo, but the difference is night and day for the trained nose, as the former is clearly all about that pine and moss, while this focuses more on an interplay with near-oppressive galbanum and slight lemon with the moss just carrying the weight alongside the rest of it's fellow base notes. This really has more in common with Halston Z-14 (1976), especially in the beginning, it's just far less woodsy or sweet.

All in all, Devin reasserts the masculinity of the Aramis house began with the eponymous scent, whereas the previous Aramis 900 was quite the floral dalliance and probably had a few "manly men" checking out of Dodge once they caught whiff of what was essentially a reincarnated dandy's delight from the previous century but with 70's sensibilities. Devin was indeed a much more popular scent for it's unambiguously male gait, but always played second fiddle to Lauren's Polo because the Lauren name was trending higher at the time and the iconography of the bottle's design (and logo) were just too much to ignore. I actually think Devin is the better scent because I think pine is done much better with pepper and lemon (Blenheim Bouquet and Pino Silvestri both say hello), than with moss, as green with more green as the counterpoint just gets lost in the static it creates to my nose. Here with Devin, the piercing Galbanum is almost ozonic in it's intensity, decades before that would even enter perfuming vocabulary, but learns to play nice within minutes as the ten-ton chypre-from-Hell base comes out to play. The final verdict is a scent that is among the few green masculines which serves in place of an oriental or dedicated musk in the heart of winter, and a classy yet somewhat un-classifiable bending of genres that makes it a good signature for the fan of heavier but original scents. I don't recommend this for romantic use or casual wearing as it's still a bit too stiff for anything outside of business meetings, offices, or structured social functions, unless you're just a hobbyist that wears whatever whenever. Regardless of how or why, if you don't agree that this isn't one of the greenest things out there, then you might as well just go rub against an old tree somewhere. Very distinctive!
04th January, 2018 (last edited: 05th January, 2018)
Aramis Devin was a blind buy for me in my recent interest to try out vintage juices. Now I didn't hate it, however this is far different than what I expected, based on reviews. As a scent itself, it is not hideous. It doesn't make me want to vomid, it is actually pleasant as a normal scent. However can't imagine it as something for a man to put on his skin and go to the office, or to an event!. I'd say it suits more to a grandma, or to a priest!

Top: I get a crisp citrusy smell, overlayed with significant bergamot. This goes away in few minutes.

Mid: Very floral and green. Jasmin is the main smell I could pick, perhaps that's why I didn't find it masculine. Also some leathery, creamy, green vibe going on here. I also smell a soft orange blossom, but that could well be something else..

Base: Now that's where it goes really bad. I must quote my girlfriend here: "This smells like inside of a church, the church candles!" And you know what, it is so true. The base is what you smell in those old churches, the moisty incense, candle-like smell. To make it worse, it is the majority of its lifecycle on your skin.

Overall, I can use this as an aftershave, maybe at home every now and then as a cologne like my grandma used to make at home - but no way near a classy, elegant man scent I had in mind. A no brainer to try before buy, definetely NOT FOR EVERYONE.
15th August, 2017
I like fragrances which are on the woody, green and leathery side. Got hooked to Cartier's EDT and EDT Concentree and have been using them for close to 15 years!

Anyways this one is about Aramis Devin. The small bottle does pack a punch!
On day 1, i sprayed a generous amount of this Devi(l)n and i regretted it the whole day. I thought it would settle down but this devi(l)n clung onto me like a badger and the intensity barely subsided even towards the end of the day.

Not one to give up on fragrances easily, I gave the fragrance a try on Day 2 and I toned down the quantity in a big way - restricting myself to just 4-5 quick sprays...and the results were fabulous.
On Day 2 I found that the fragrance was not too strong in the beginning and nicely lingered towards the end of the day.
Of course it kinda died out slowly after 10 hours+ but it persisted a long while and emitted very earthy notes.

So Devi(l)n Aramis is a basic, earthy elements like fragrance - wood, leather and farm/fields.
Needs to be worn in small quantities for best results.
13th May, 2017

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