Diesel Plus Plus (1997)
    by Diesel

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    Diesel Plus Plus information

    Diesel Plus Plus is a men's fragrance by Diesel. The scent was launched in 1997

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    To my suprise a very good and fun fragrance!
    As i always disliked these type of marketed scents from those brands(replay,diesel,playboy,ferrari)
    As i always placed them in a category "Ahhh we need to make a fragrance too!"

    This one is a pleasant tropical/oriental delight!
    Im not shocked by its projection as many say its projecting big time... in my opinion its a moderate projector.
    The package and bottle design breathes fun and creativity and thats what this scent is all about FUN !
    An uplifting and positive scent with a little bite.

    Well sweetly blended but in a good way with its palm leaves and heliotrope and got spiced up by the cinnamon.

    Can be used also in warmer weather conditions but will be at its best in winter time.
    Ages till 35 yrs max. (not that this is a childish scent)
    If your going to a beach party or a dance party night this will be a pleasant wearing.
    Sprays are mild so spray about 8-10 to get some sillage.

    Longevity is moderate to good.
    Sillage is OK

    Only bad thing is that it somehow stings on my skin when applied?? Is this a reaction from the alcohol? the stings dont last offcourse...

    Great product fun to have and fun to use!
    Thumbs up!

    Pros: Sheerfull
    Cons: Can be dull "

    25th August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Sweet, Warm , and Youthful

    Diesel Plus Plus Masculine is one of the scents that hooked me into sweet fragrances. It smells like an assortment of candied fruits, kind of like sugary, but maintains masculinity. The mellowed sweetness after the brief strong opening, is really pleasant and not cloying. Overall, it is milky/creamy -- a really warm fragrance if you want to feel youthful or if you are around younger crowd.
    The longevity is very good – I use 5-7 sprays spread out around my body and neck, and the projection is not over-empowering. Don’t be fooled by the price (around $15-$20), Diesel++ Masculine is an enjoyable scent that is quite unique.... it will always be a part of my wardrobe.

    Pros: Very affordable
    Cons: Maybe "too youthful" to some"

    06th August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Plus Plus Sweet Sweet

    Diesel Plus Plus was familiar upon the first spray.

    This resembles Dunhill Desire Red as another reviewer described.

    I can tolerate Plus Plus while Desire Red is more synthetic if that's possible and almost headache inducing.

    Somehow my nose missed the creamy caramel and milky scent so many describe.

    (Whaaaa! I wanted creamy caramel and milk.)

    All I get is a linear sweet berry scent that is a twin of Desire Red but more wearable.

    It's an okay scent but something I'll rarely grab.

    Pros: Better than expected
    Cons: Very Synthetic"

    16th July, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Just wanted to point out, this is not discontinued. You can buy this scent in the U.K. in bargin price stores. I used to enjoy this scent when I was younger, brings back a lot of memories- it's milky, and oriental yet has a clean vibe. definitely aimed at a younger audience

    24th April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Great fragrance bargain buy. You wear this, you will not smell like anyone else. It's a nice sweet, creamy/milky oriental unlike anything out there for the price. Go snatch it.

    14th January, 2013

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    Great fragrance. A powerful complex oriental that lasts and lasts. Nothing like this out there. It's real good!

    14th September, 2012

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