Dirt (1996)
by Demeter Fragrance Library


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Year of Launch1996
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseDemeter Fragrance Library
Parent CompanyFreedom Marketing Group

About Dirt

One of Demeter Fragrance Library most popular fragrances is called "Dirt" and has crisp green notes and a mossy woody base, reminescent of dirt. The range also includes a shower gel, so you can proudly say "I clean myself with dirt!" Other Demeter Fragrance Library fragrances include "Grass", "Paint", "Greenhouse" and "Gingerbread".

Dirt fragrance notes

Reviews of Dirt

Yup, dirt. This isn't the earthy dirt smell you get from some patchoulis, or the decaying wood forest dirt smell you get from some woody incense perfumes. Instead, it's the sweet clean smell of fresh potting soil.

That's pretty much it. I suppose this is less iconoclastic now than it was 20 years ago, but it's still fun and surprisingly wearable. Thumbs up!
18th August, 2017
This is indeed that unique & distinctive scent given off when the first drops of rain hit topsoil after a long dry spell. lt's earthy, yet fresh due to a touch of ozone, with hints of minty leaves & fruit. The fresher aspects fade after an hour or so, but it lingers as an earthy skin scent for a surprising eight hours, giving off nice little wafts, & ending in a faintly floral base.
Perhaps because l do a lot of gardening, this scent made me feel happy, as l do when l'm actually digging around in the dirt. lt truly lives up to its name, & is by far my favourite of the Demeters that l've tried. lt's very cleverly put together, quite complex, & much longer-lasting than Demeter's scents are reputed to be.
01st August, 2014
This is a nice dirt scent,although I prefer earthworm which is deeper and smells of pure damp soil/earth.
08th July, 2012
This is easily one of my favourites from Demeter. I was so hoping for wet, brown dirt and that's exactly what I got.

As a child I was fascinated by soil of all kinds. Out of red clay I'd make little figurines and place them in the sun to go hard and out of brown dirt I'd make mud cakes. It's possibly where my love for cooking began.

Dirt is damp, slightly musty, earthy and refreshing. I can see why Madonna wears this, it is charming in an odd kind of a way. Of course the name makes you crinkle your nose, but seriously experience it and your mind will change altogether.

I'm from the country, so perhaps I do feel a strong connection to the earth and its scent, but I do believe that anyone could learn to love this. It smells like fresh, juicy roots under the earth as well.

This fragrance is really enjoyable, I've been sniffing it all morning and its suiting this strange rainy weather we have today. A masterpiece in my opinion. It actually lasts on my skin a lot longer than expected too.
09th April, 2012
smells like a country dirt road after the rain. however there is something sweetish in there too - which kind of spoils this scent for me...
05th January, 2012
It just stopped raining and this is my first time trying Dirt. Outside right now in the crisp, clean night air I smell the same as the air. I love this fragrance! I'm not sure Dirt is really what I smell on my skin. It's more like damp leaves, the way tree bark smells when you walk on it. Breeze that carries fresh, clean leaf and flower aromas. This is a nice fragrance.
06th October, 2011

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