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DK Men Unleaded (1995)
by Donna Karan


DK Men Unleaded information

Year of Launch1995
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People and companies

HouseDonna Karan
PackagingStephen Weiss
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances

About DK Men Unleaded

A lighter, fresher version of DK Men. The bottle is the same as the original but is made with a smoky mirrored style glass.
Unleaded takes the original's sexy notes of suede and tobacco, but enhances them with the fresh, crisp notes of basil and cardamom.
The fragrance was intended as a supplement fragrance to DK Men, not a replacement. Like the original, this was phased out when Lauder acquired the Donna Karan Beauty Company.

DK Men Unleaded fragrance notes

Reviews of DK Men Unleaded

Closest thing to its big brother, DK for Men / Fuel, I've ever smelled. Perhaps more subtle, more powdery. Both are Bulgari Black types of leather. Soft and unisex.

Older version, of which I'm familiar, has that annoying topple-prone bottle design, just like big bro, with similar bloated secondary mkt prices these days to boot. All that falling down does take a toll and -- honestly, that quirky design belies the quality within -- they do pop up time again at flea markets and yard sales for a pittance... scoop 'em up!

28th December, 2017
(Dang, look at those prices for this fragrance now: $159, $250, $300...and for an unboxed 1.7 fl.oz. bottle?!)

DK Men Unleaded is a real treasure in my scent collection; the bottle feels like a space gun, and the fragrance itself is quite pleasant to wear. The basil and cardamom make for a bright, fresh experience, enhancing the already nice tobacco-suede base of this wonderful flanker (never tried the original).

A shame that this one was discontinued. Maybe Estee Lauder could consider reintroducing this marvelous scent? Just look at how valuable DKMU is in the online market!
10th December, 2016
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United States
Somewhat linear and no great creative energy expended, but still a very attractive, upbeat scent.

Variation on the DK Fuel theme with more fruity (pineapple) and a brighter, fresher, less spicy opening. The frutiness carries forward, and it lacks the much of the woody/musk/amber base of Fuel. Somewhat linear and no great creative energy expended, but still a very attractive, upbeat scent.

Pros: Bright and cheerful
Cons: Linear and mundane"

25th October, 2013
A worthy younger sibling to DK Leaded Men. It’s lighter than big brother, but just as unique. This is one of those rare cases where the sequel is as good as the original. Unleaded is lighter, smoother, a tad dryer, a noticeable bit fresher. Where DK Leaded is aggressive and edgy and unique, DK Unleaded is smooth and edgy and unique. They definitely are kindred... both filled with passion and talent, but Leaded is raw, and untamed, while Unleaded went to a very good prep school. Leaded is heavier and sharper—it is saddle leather to Unleaded’s suede. I’m not sure what the notes in Unleaded actually are: they could be leather; they could be tobacco and I think there's some cardamom in there, too. The accords in which they are presented do not seem to aim for clarity; they aim for texture—silkiness. And this a unique, silky smooth, exquisitely linear texture that is as brilliant as the texture of its big brother.

Originally submitted 06 April 2007
07th December, 2010
Meh, don't understand the extreme prices for this, other than it's rare and discontinued. I'd get the same effect by layering Kiton Black with Banana Republic's Cordovan... and rubbin' muhself wid some o' dat chewin' tobaccy.
16th December, 2009
A stunning tobacco & suede leather composition with a slight sweetened edge to it. Not unlike the composition of vanilla and cardamon ice-cream but not as gourmand . The basil is not as outstanding which I enjoy worried that it might make this scent a little too green but the warmness of the sage is quite appreciated. For a tobacco, suede fragrance, I am surprised that it smells clean (slightly soapy: L'Occitane bath gel) and very smooth.

My first reactions to this were synthetic-rubber but it smelled so very different from the rest, which made it the first ever perfume in my collection. I still find this a very sophisticated scent, much better balanced than the overly sweet Le Male by JPG which was all the rage in my teen years.

This scent makes a strong, dramatic entrance, almost domineering, quickly mellows down, yet retaining a very masculine and charismatic presence. It remains in the background most of the day, but fully in control. Think of a smoking room when the male ego is at play from the beginning but relaxes as the conversation and the night progresses.

Now, if only I could get my hands on DK Leaded...
11th August, 2009

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