Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (1994)
    by Dolce & Gabbana

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    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Fragrance Notes

    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme information

    Already a classic. This fragrance has a truly sexy scent. The box has a deep blue velvety finish.
    When launched, this fragrance won all three awards at the International Academy Awards of The Academia del Profumo. (Best Fragrance, Best Packaging and Best Advertising)

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    United States United States

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    Something about this scent makes me sick to my stomach. And I mean beyond the fact that it's about as tepid and pedestrian as they come.

    There's a white floral note that seems to have been sharpened over the years, and it's against this shrill backdrop that we're supposed to experience D&G PH unfold. But it's impossible to notice anything beyond the din until the whole thing just up and disappears.

    Obviously this hasn't escaped the era of reformulation unscathed, but how D&G gets away with selling this stuff under the same name is preposterous. I'll admit that I never really liked this scent, but the stuff they sell now is so sharp and terribly blended that it basically assaults you for a few minutes until it just goes away.

    It should be noted: I have extremely sensitive skin, and this is one of only a handful of fragrances that will instantly irritate it, AND definitely the only mainstream designer fragrance that's done so.

    23rd February, 2015

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    United States United States

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    D&GPH was my main office scent for a couple of years and I changed to Eau Savauge when the bottle ran out, but I really liked this and need to buy another bottle to mix back in the weekday rotation before summer. I can't say if the bottle I had was the original German version or the reformulation and will have to experiment with it to determine if I detect anything different.

    What I liked best about D&GPH was that it seemed to fit settle and project perfectly on my skin for the office. Nice fragrance that didn't offend or knock anyone out with any heavy notes.

    Very classy combination of citrus top notes, and some dry woody, musk and tobacco tones underneath that lasts about 6hrs. I'd be happy to own this one again.


    13th February, 2015

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    India India

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    I am only familiar with the German version.

    A very nice, well blended, refined, versatile fragrance for men. There is a hint of tobacco at the base, alongwith some woods. While perhaps not great, it is still very good. The only complaint is that projection and especially longevity could have been better.

    The bottle looks and feels great, the box is even better.

    28th January, 2015

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    Canada Canada

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    I tried D&G's 'Pour Homme' even though I'm not one. After all, many of my favorite perfumes were designed to be used by people of either/any sex so I often try scents that weren't formulated specifically for me.
    The present version of D&G's 'Pour Homme' is a nice enough scent. Although the Tangerine may not smell exactly like the real fruit, I prefer it to the many Citrons and Oranges that find their way into men's colognes. I would have liked a little less Tangerine and a little more of the other scents that make up the smooth background of this cologne. The complexity is already there, but it has been overwhelmed by the fruit like a breakfast that is all orange juice and no toast.
    I am of two minds about the fresh soapiness in this scent. While it would be nice to know that you smelled as if you had just stepped out of the shower all day long, I wonder about that scent when it combines with the real scent of a human body that has put in a full day's work. I'd prefer to leave a shower with my own neutral scent rather than smelling as if I had forgotten to rinse.
    While I won't be adding a bottle of D&G 'Pour Homme ' to my cabinet of scents I can think of colognes for men that are far less pleasant on the nose than this one. Just walk through a shopping mall or a High-school hallway, or pick up a magazine that is designed to appeal to men and your nose will be assailed by a number of scents that make 'Pour Homme' smell very welcome indeed. It gets a positive rating from me because there are far worse scents available for men than this slightly formulaic one.

    12th December, 2014

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    To me this is summer in a bottle. I am personally not a fan of summer perfumes, but this is one of the most well done formulations I have come across and it almost made me a summer perfume wearer. It has a little bit of sun tan lotion, a little bit of the sea breeze, and some sunshine thrown in for good measure. It also manages to avoid being over the top or overbearing in its sillage and lasted for about 3-4 hours on my skin. If you want to remember your vacation in Rome in the middle of December or have an enjoyable summer option, pour homme is definitely the way to go!

    13th October, 2014

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    Thats a classic from the 90's ,full of class with lemon and quite fresh opening that settles down
    to a sweeter base with tobacco and some nicely rounded woods!
    Excellent stuff.

    I dont usually edit or change my statements or reviews, but I have to add here the review for DG PH
    2012 version in order to save some peoples MONEY!!!
    I am a fan of the original made in Italy DG but lately I received a new bottle 125ml which is made in UK (original)
    Watch out guys!!! its reformulated and they have done it in the worst way!
    watered down,all this richness of the original tobacco has stead you get a fresh lemony top that dries down in some airy woody base that is very light and unable to detect after 2-4 hours...
    I am really disappointed thats why I edited my review,to share this with you before you buy your new DG,TEST IT!!! its different and weaker!!!

    11th October, 2014 (Last Edited: 26th October, 2014)

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