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    Douce Amère information

    Douce Amère is a unisex fragrance by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido. The scent was launched in 2000

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    On my skin to my nose I first detect the dried candied fruit burst, which is then followed by the powdery chocolate notes. I get no anise at all. Within minutes it dries to a pleasant cedar with the chocolate lurking, as it were, in the next room.

    Unremarkable and uninteresting to my taste.

    26th December, 2013

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    Politely sexy. Incredibly complex.

    I purchased Douce Amere without ever trying it on myself. My husband and I were in Paris and I sprayed some on him and immediately fell in love...more so on my husband than myself. But I still can't help but spray myself every once in a while when I'm seeking something less sweet than my usual ambers. I Find Douce Amere incredibly complex and sexy.

    23rd September, 2013

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    really is a trompe de nez absinthe experience

    I too sort of overlooked this lil gem; tried it years ago and reminded me of five o'clock (which came later); not my thing. But I recently 'blind bought' a used bottle for peanuts and voila! what a sophisticated, original and impressive frag. it does indeed manifest a duality of pastis and wormwood, sharp and soft. even has a chanel pour monsieur vibe for the first 30 min which is very interesting and pleasant, drying down to a soft vanilla musk. great juice!

    29th August, 2013

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    I can't believe it, but I must admit there was yet another love hiding among the old Export line-up for me. It must have always escaped my attention or was just in the process of disappearing as it is now a Paris Exclusive.
    This is a soft-spoken, oriental, anisic, bittersweet vanilla goodness. I adore it. It is very comforting, soothing and can be a rather intriguing scent, too, depending on the situation. I find that sillage is not noticeably better with spraying vs. splashing. It will always remain a quiet but long lingering perfume on me.
    I am so lucky I found some bottles of the old Export design at my local store as Douce Amere was not selling well at all here. The wax sample of the Paris Exclusive smells to my nose more of wormwood than anise, so I will have to test it on skin when I am in Paris in a couple of months.
    A splendid fragrance, despite its odd position in the old Serge Lutens line-up, where, obviously, it was bound to fail (being too peculiar for a broader market). One of the best!

    25th January, 2013 (Last Edited: 22nd February, 2013)

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    Douce Amere is the Lutens I regret most being repatriated to Paris. While oddities like Miel de Bois make a lot of sense as Parisian exclusives ( mad, bad, and dangerous to smell ), the mannered delight that is Douce Amere is an easy-going charmer. I wonder why it didn't sell.

    Douce Amere starts out with one of the best executed absinthe accords around. Light, sweet, and curiously "frosted", the impression is of anise and powdered sugar on my nose, like an alcoholic "Julius" style drink that's taken a turn for the green fairy. Rather than bitter-sweet, the anise makes it icy-sweet to my nose, tempering the sugar content with a wintry freshness.

    The drydown is one of the most undefinable of the Lutens line. Warm, powdery, musky, something floral, something cedar - it's a Lutensiential, there's always going to be cedar - yet distinct identities remain hidden. Scrubbed-clean opoponax? Self-effacing lily? Inedible custard? Perhaps, but all masked in calm, sugared haze.

    11th September, 2012

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    I just got a bottle of this; it's fantastic!

    Since it's been discontinued in all but bell jars, it's becoming difficult to find in the US. The stocks took a while to start drying up, but it's happening and I didn't want to find that I'd waited too long. My sample was running on fumes so I decided now would be a good time to get a bottle of Douce Amere.

    I've always had good results with any scents containing bittersweet anise/licorice/absinthe notes. I wear these scents well and get a lot of compliments. I love scents like Lolita Lempicka Pour Homme, but sometimes these can be a bit loud and brash. I was looking for something a bit more distinguished and mature in this genre. The strange thing about Douce Amere is that I perceive an orange/ dreamsicle accord in here, even though there's no orange listed in the notes.

    The base is creamy wood, vanilla and chocolate foundation that almost comes across with a hint of some kind of custard/ dessert note. I consider this scent to be quite gourmand. I don't know how this would smell on a women, but I find it quite masculine on myself.

    07th May, 2012

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