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Duc de Vervins (1991)
by Houbigant


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Year of Launch1991
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyLoft Fashion and Beauty Diffusion

About Duc de Vervins

Duc de Vervins is a masculine fragrance by Houbigant. The scent was launched in 1991

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Reviews of Duc de Vervins

I really like this scent. It has hints of other fragrances such as drakkar noir and a little GIT. It is more of a mature scent and smells of quality. Lasts 7 hours plus on me. Classic power house start with a nice smooth dry down. Nice office or casual scent. Try before you buy. Enjoy!
01st February, 2017
Ahh, DV! I adore this fragrance and it's just right for so many occasions. Formal yet sporting with a lovely herbal lavender note. The formula has been altered a bit since its launch, but it remains true to its heritage. Longevity is 6-8 blissful hours, and longer on clothing. Perhaps the best part of wearing this scent is in its relative obscurity as hardly anyone wears it, or can even find it locally. A few have asked me if perhaps I was wearing Drakkar Noir (which I can see a slight resemblance) but it's a much higher grade and the absolute oils are blended ever so nicely. *My only complaint is with the cheap gold plastic on the bottles. It's lovely in the pictures but really leaves something to be desired in person, and rather surprising considering Houbigants rich, glorious history.
28th December, 2016
Clean, fresh, green and soapy fragrances are among my favorites. Until recently, I'd been unaware of Duc De Vervins existence but I happened to stumble across a thread where it was part of the discussion.

I'm willing to roll the dice on an inexpensive blind buy and as luck would have it, I was able to pick up a nice gift set for $15. After reading the reviews, which seemed to be all over the place, my expectations were somewhat low.

At first, I was back and forth on it. Many people have referenced the Drakkar Noir resemblance but I just don't smell it. Duc De Vervins is a clean, fresh, herbal, soapy and green fragrance -it's RL Polo Crest meets Tsar and the more I wear it, the more I like it.

Tsar is very green and soapy without a standout "kitchen" herbal presence, whereas Duc is green and soapy but retains a notable herbal essence, such as Sage or Rosemary, throughout the life of the fragrance.

For me, projection and longevity are average (4-6 hours).
03rd August, 2016
poor poor longevity for the price.A nice scent but far too soft and no sillage on me...bummer....i am returning
24th April, 2016
Being a lover of green fragrances, I had to seek it out sooner or later. And I didn't find it agreeable.
No offence, but even though I love and wear 95% of the old school classics, I'm not a fan of Drakkar Noir. Duc de Vervins is a greener and somewhat fresher version of Drakkar Noir, if there ever was one. If you like either Drakkar Noir or green fragrances (and don't dislike the other), you might like this. I'm now intrigued about the common note in Drakkar Noir and this one that I don't seem to like.
Performance in terms of projection and longevity was pretty good.
08th March, 2015
Genre: Fougère

Duc de Vervins very well satisfies my criteria for “neutral.” It’s a competent approach to a traditional genre, and while it has no glaring faults, it does nothing special to distinguish itself among its many kin either. It’s a classical aromatic fougère composition in the established mold of Azzaro pour Homme and Aramis Tuscany per Uomo: bergamot and lavender top notes; additional aromatics, including hints of anise, caraway, and sage, at its heart; and a drydown of coumarin, vetiver, and patchouli with a touch of moss. It partakes neither of Tuscany’s Mediterranean sunshine (less citrus, no tarragon or basil,) nor of Azzaro’s animalic depth (no ambergris reconstruction). Instead it offers a well-balanced, if also rather featureless reminiscence of a style predominant in men’s perfumery well over a decade before its release.

Duc de Vervins shares with other late entries in the aromatic fougère style, such as Tsar and Tuscany, a degree of understatement not often found among masculine scents of the 1980s. In this respect it may hold some lasting appeal, though to my nose both the Aramis and the Van Cleef & Arpels offer more of interest than the Houbigant, especially considering that Duc de Vervins has a less full and nuanced drydown than the other two. Since Tuscany and Azzaro pour Homme are both cheaper and easier to find than Duc de Vervins, I wouldn’t feel especially compelled to seek it out.
12th June, 2014

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