Duc de Vervins (1991)
    by Houbigant

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    118ml EdT
    118ml EdT
    118ml EdT

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    Duc de Vervins opens with a gentle aromatic lavender breeze, supported by just a hint of bergamot citrus and green oakmoss rising from the base before moving to its heart. As the composition reaches the early heart the lavender remains, though now in support to the also remaining green oakmoss that takes control, as the composition turns slightly powdery and quite soapy fresh with traces of cumin spice balancing the fresh soap. During the late dry-down the oakmoss continues as star through the finish, with its powdery facets increasing late. Projection is excellent, as is longevity at over 12 hours on skin.

    Many compare Duc de Vervins to vintage Drakkar Noir, and there is no denying the resemblance. I doubt that Duc de Vervins was ever intended to clone it, but something about the way the soapy clean oakmoss is implemented in both makes the comparison inevitable. That said, Duc de Vervins holds up well on its own merits, blending in aromatic lavender, and cumin spice so mild you could almost miss it if not paying attention. In truth, before I thought Drakkar Noir, I first thought Monsieur de Givenchy -- not really in fragrance profile, but rather spirit. By spirit, I mean the composition is so clean, balanced and relatively light that it is extremely versatile. Unfortunately for Duc de Vervins the fragrances it conjures images of (in spirit or actuality) are some of the best ever, and I can't really say it quite rises to the challenge in comparison. The bottom line is Duc de Vervins with its impressive performance metrics is quite tempting at its approximate $45 per 120ml cost per bottle on the aftermarket, but as you can find vintage Drakkar Noir for not much more than that and Caesars Man for significantly less both surpassing it overall, it is hard to recommend without reservation despite its "very good" 3.5 star out of 5 rating.

    02 February, 2014

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    Polo. Loewe Esencia. Tsar. Drakkar Noir (Yeah, I know, I know...). These four fragrances have conspired to create Duc de Vervins. Sometimes conspiracies are a good thing. Duc de Vervins case in point. What we have here is a citrusy opening with a nice blend of spices (See Escencia), a lavender heart accompanied by a green note which I believe is geranium, and a Siberian-sized blast of oakmoss holding down the base. Duc de Vervins is a powerhouse. Masculine and mature (Not old, mature), Duc de Vervins makes most watery designer offerings cry like a spooked hyena under the moonlight. Duc de Vervins does not strike me as a fragrance for only the monied and well-bred. This fragrance goes for the folks looking for a long-lasting piney, mossy fragrance that is right at home on a cool day or any other time it darn well pleases to be worn. It does wear you.

    29 December, 2013

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    Fresh, green, minty vetiver drying to a light leather accord

    This is a slightly spicy, fresh, green, minty scent with a nice underlay of green vetiver notes. After 15 minutes, it dries down to a warm leather accord with the green and minty notes still interwoven.

    It's certainly "nice," but is not ground-breaking in any way, smelling very like dozens of its ilk, such as Drakkar Noir.

    Its only drawback is its lack of longevity.

    Pros: Fresh and green
    Cons: Very like others of its ilk, does not last long

    23 June, 2013

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    fresh, green, and ephemeral

    Although I detect a delightful citrus note in the opening, it is very green, with a hint - of mint! A touch of pepper and tarragon appear on the drydown. Pleasant but after two hours it's gone. Needs respraying liberally. The opening makes it worthwhile.

    16 June, 2013

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    Merci, main non.

    I think I shall just stick to my trusty Drakkar Noir,

    Pardonez-moi, Duc De Vervins--excusez moi, ce soir.

    14 June, 2013

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    Impressed with Le Duc

    I had a long perfectly civil acquaintanceship with Duc de Vervins long before I elected to purchase a bottle.  I tried it several times at Bergdorf's and passed on it thinking it is too strong; too dated; too unmanageable.  Then I read the reviews here, and for some reason came to be of a different mind about it.  I tried Houbigant's more recent reincarnation of the grand Fougere Royale claimed to be of the late nineteenth century, and found that somewhat wanting. But for some reason, this very green, spicy, citrus, peppery-minty gentleman's offering kept haunting me.  To tell you the truth I don't exactly know why I bought it, but I was in Neiman's in Boston and tried both the EdeT and the EdeP (called Extreme for some reason) and decided I wanted the EdeP. It was a tad more suave; it had a lovely unique personality that cannot be put in to words precisely.  Although it starts off like a 80s-90s power house frag, it ameliorates quickly to a lower amperage, and morphs slightly into being a very companionable fragrance of moderate silage and elegant demeanor.  Elegance as a byword is not worth very much these days, so I guess it is dated.  But Duc de Vervin is elegant as long as it is not put on too heavily.  I  make no excuse for my taste in being well dressed, and this is one of my favorite olfactory companions to a nicely cut suit.  Where Fougere Royale fades to a rather boring place; Duc de Vervins goes from strength to strength and subsides to a place of distinctiveness and charm (again if not worn too heavily) well into its eighth hour. Despite my initial reservations, Le Duc has become one of my signature fragrances, and although I bow to acknowledge the informed views of my brethren here who proceed me in reviewing this fragrance, I take issue with the notion that this is only for special occasions. In fact, I have been wearing this more than once a week, at least at this early point in my ownership. As of the time of this review, there is a rumor that Patou Pour Homme is coming back.  If that is true, and that it proves to be as good as it was back in the day, then I will get it as fast as I can, and be glad of it.  But I will still wear Duc de Vervins and not think it inferior.

    Pros: Distinctive Green and Spice Character
    Cons: Appears overly strong at first.

    19 May, 2013

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