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Dunhill Edition (1984)
by Dunhill


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Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchDunhill

About Dunhill Edition

This fresh spicy fragrance is ideal for a distinguished gentleman. Packaged in a stylish black box.

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Dunhill is essentially to London gentlemen what a label like Ralph Lauren would be to us American guys, Armani to the Italians, Hermes to the French, so on and so forth. Alfred Dunhill had already made his claim with leather goods long before his sister Mary devised his first scent in 1934, but after decades of inactivity and a trio of forgotten, discontinued scents in the 70's (all of which were more or less following standard aromatic or oriental tropes of the day), Dunhill came back into the fore for the 1980's to reaffirm it's place as a maker of fine gentleman's fragrance. Dunhill Edition would be the name of it's newest creation and against all odds, it would be an abstract chypre in a time when chemically-augmented fougeres, orientals, and aromatic/floral "powerhouses" were making the rounds. It's a true showing of English class in much the same way the original Alfred Dunhill for men is, but with what was then a more modern sensibility with the ingredients and blending.

What I find most interesting about Edition is it was poised, classy, restrained, and structured at a time when bigger, louder, sharper, and sweeter were all the rage. Giorgio Beverly Hills had also released it's iconoclast of a men's fragrance at the time, but this is far more complex, subtle, and civilized than that similarly green beast. Dunhill Edition also seemed to be a huge stem of inspiration to Avon a decade or so later when it started pumping out similarly herbal chypres to try and relocate it's relevance with the fragrance-buying male public, but those have half as many notes and to say they're anything close to this outside of style is laughable. Edition is effectively an 80's Aston Martin where the original Dunhill was a nice polished 30's Rolls Royce. Edition is more concerned with speed and chic factor over comfort and decorum, but both are cut from the same aristocratic cloth. Simply because this is NOT a powerhouse, it's instantly a world apart from it's 80's contemporaries, and infinitely more timeless, which is another quality it apparently inherits from the debut Dunhill fragrance. It's a perfect scent for dress casual and all but the most formal of occasions, plus makes a great office or day-running scent as well. It's anything but romantic, as most older Dunhill scents still available have that typically sexless UK sense of aristocratic masculinity; power through patriarchy rather than physical prowess and staring down the bridge of one's own nose.

The opener only gently whiffs of most notes outside the dominant sage, with lemon and lavender just taking a peek before going away. The heart of clove and muguet is merely a vehicle to expedite one down to the very rare combination of both cedar and sandalwood; these are both very characteristic and disparate aromatic woods that on their own can dominate a scent, but to have them sing in harmony as the base of this scent is sheer audacious genius, especially when combined with the sage and cloves riding on top the whole way. It's a dry, semi-sweet expression of woods, herbs, and some slight florals that literally nobody else was really messing with in the 80's, and nobody again would try until nearly 20 years later. This is certainly not iconic in the way many other 80's scents are, but that's why it's cool. It's the discreet scent that works in the background. It doesn't need flashy duds or bright sports cars like everyone else in the 80's: It knows where it comes from and it's own net worth, and anyone coming home with Edition will learn that the loudest voices in the club are also often not the most charming, and it's genteel nature puts it in a league all it's own, just like it's namesake.
09th November, 2017
Hmm maybe all these guys are reviewing another formulation? All I get from this is a clove/pepper bomb, and I mean bomb! It's hard to detect any of the other notes listed. Gave my bottle away.. was only $20, fortunately.
22nd October, 2017
An understated elegance that can't go wrong. A clean and fresh scent that I've always called my own. Worth the effort to find and purchase.

This was not my first Dunhill choice. I had just started working in Montreal and happened to walk by the Dunhill retail store at PVM. I was interested in having a signature cologne that could call my own, so I stopped in and sampled the Dunhill Classic.

I thought it smelled good on me, however, that evening when I got home, my wife thought otherwise. She felt it was too 'old school' on me. Nothing wrong with 'old school' but I was in my early 30's back then.

The next day, I met my wife for lunch and we went to the Dunhill shop to return the previous day's unopened purchases. That's when the clerk suggested a newer product - Dunhill Edition. I tried it and indeed it was more youthful and unique. My wife liked the sample I tried on and I've been wearing it ever since.

Best advice is to try a sample, wear it for a few hours then find someone you trust and ask for an opinion.
12th July, 2017
A lovely woody/spicy/floral scent. Longevity and silage are pretty good. A bit like Oscar. This is a great fragrance.
30th May, 2017
There is a rather prominent difference between production releases. The "Dunhill" without the dot and "EDITION" printed right below Dunhill on the bottle is the newer release.
I managed to obtain the earlier release and find this so easy to enjoy, nicely composed, with woods nicely accompanied by a swirl of herbs. I don't get very much basil, but more nutmeg and sage. No sharp edges on this one, that can typically be experienced with nutmeg and cedar. Everything is smoothed over. Longevity is about average, but the aroma is well worth it. I had to get backups and the aftershave too. :-)
15th April, 2017
It's not my sort of fragrance...I gave it a shot, but it ended up becoming cloying and a "scrubber." ;^<

The initial application brings a strong spicy blast, accented by the citrus notes. It then settles into a dry, spicy-woody scent with the basil, sage, clove and nutmeg really sticking out. I was hoping for a mellowing out from the listed lavender note, but I can't detect it. The result is a dated, smoky, stale fragrance that I, in my 40's, tried to like but couldn't. It's like, meh, smells like an old spice cabinet that hasn't been washed in years!

Dunhill Edition is indisputably "old school" in nature, hailing from the experimental and loud 80's era. I am not crazy about it, but I know there are proponents of this type of aromatic-mossy-spicy scent I'm sure.

A test spritz is HIGHLY recommended vs. flat-out blind buying it. As for me, it just didn't do it, and I'll probably add my portion to the "swap list."
03rd March, 2017 (last edited: 04th March, 2017)

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