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Dunhill Edition (1984)
by Dunhill


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Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchDunhill

About Dunhill Edition

This fresh spicy fragrance is ideal for a distinguished gentleman. Packaged in a stylish black box.

Dunhill Edition fragrance notes

Reviews of Dunhill Edition

Another fragrance I misjudged at first – it may seem a bit conventional, it isn’t really. Edition (vintage version) is a really pleasant, extremely refined and quite modern gentleman’s scent decidedly belonging to the classiest “barbershop” family, but at the same time connecting to several different inspirations. There’s some clove tobacco and rubbery/leather-ish notes that remind me of some old dark Italian leather fougères like Ferré for Man or Krizia Moods (but with a far echo of vintage Bel Ami too), there’s quite some bold spicy nutmeg which seems anticipating stuff like Cacharel pour Homme and Cacharel Nemo, and there’s finally a really classic and smooth citrus-lavender-mossy/woody structure that brings Edition back to a timeless “barbershop” realm. Spicier and fresher at first, darker and woodier (mostly vetiver and nutmeg) on the drydown, with a silky “fil rouge” of gentle leather and flowers (I definitely get carnation and rose) providing a really palpable feel of mannered luxury and sophistication. So don’t expect any “powerhouse” for sure – this is, or was, probably one of the most elegant British fragrances around. And quite complex too, but the final result on skin is extremely wearable, easy-going, versatile and most of all, exceedingly pleasant. Smoky and spicy, slightly dark, perfectly suitable for both formal occasions and daytime informal settings, the kind of “old school distinguished stuff” getting repeatedly ripped off today by brands like Puredistance, Roja Dove and Clive Christian. Really good.

16th July, 2015
Woodsy clean smell with citrus blast. With spiciness coming through with a hint of mint
09th April, 2015
Dunhill Edition is an unapologetically old school masculine fragrance. It starts off with a combination of lavender and citrus but this is pretty soon joined and then surpassed by an intense combination of spices (predominantly clove, but there is also the warmth of cinammon in there too), clary sage and a quite complex combination of floral notes. Officially it's just geranium, but I'm convinced there's carnation and some others there too. Despite what others have said here, this really a highly spiced floral, rather than a spicey citrus. The middle notes persist for a long time, particularly the cloves, even as the musky, woody, leathery basenotes take centre stage. Given what others have said about this being relatively watered down compared to the original formulation, I can only imagine how uncompromising that must have been because this is still pretty serious stuff.
11th September, 2014
The Duhnill Edition I know has this composition:

Top: lavender, nutmeg, bergamot, amalfi lemon
Heart: carnation, jasmine, geranium, lily-of-the-valley, clary sage, cyclamen
Base: vetiver, oak moss, virginia cedar, amber, tonka, fir

In my opinion, Dunhill Edition is a more refined and richer version of Cacharel pour homme which was launched about three years earlier. Here is Cacharel pour homme's olfactory pyramid:

Top: bergamot, sage, nutmeg, lavender
Heart: ylang-ylang, lotus, geranium, carnation
Base: amber, cedar, vetiver, fir

Dunhill Edition is a symphony of perfectly balanced masculine notes. The lemony opening warms up quite fast and leads to a spicy carnation/clove heart. As the dry-down begins, the classy wood notes emerge along with the vetiver/oak moss notes which are the very base of this fragrance. The amber/tonka notes take away some of the dryness and the hardness of the composition without making it too powdery or too sweet. I think Dunhill Edition is a perfectly balanced EDT. It may not be a youthful and exciting fragrance but if class and prestige is what you are looking for, this is the one for you.
20th May, 2012
Well my perception is going to be a little skewed as its been over twenty years since I have smelled this. The old formulation opened with a fresh spicy citrus which was quite strong then it got woody and mossy in the dry down. It was strong and the topnotes were more sparkling and spicy.

The new reformulation seems very muted and light in comparison. The topnotes do not seem as spicy or as strong as I remember and this one seems to be more herbal than I remember too. It seems like a "diet coke" version of the glorious eighties version, maybe its my memory.

I like it as it still has that classic gentleman's old school spicy citrus/woody character but it smells like it has been watered down compared to the eighties version. I hate what they have done to a lot of the classic eighties fragrances as todays versions are a pale reflection to the glory of what they should be.

Eighties original formula: 9 out of ten.
Modern Reformulated formula: 7.5 out of ten.
06th January, 2012
Chanzy Show all reviews
United States
I've been wearing this one off and on for a few years. I've never been crazy about it but sometimes it just feels right. The notes I get after it settles are sage, clove, and musk. There's a leathery note in there somewhere too. Goes on with a pungent edge. Dries down in a more charming way. Two squirts and you'll feel like last night you put back half a bottle of blended scotch and burned through a lancero. I'd say this is a fall or winter scent.
03rd January, 2012

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