Eau de Cartier (2001)
    by Cartier

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    A unisex fragrance from the Cartier house.

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    an simple scent

    The old men who sell this stuff ask me what did I want? "something for daily routine. not offensive and would be able to perform anyday of the week, any season". he smiled and pull a big 200ml bottle of his Eau de Cartier. the solid looking bottle amazes me on the quality of how Cartier treat their bottles. - but the name 'Eau' turn me off. I imagine an ultralight fragrance that would banished entirely from my skin within 30 minutes.

    one spray to the hand. open with spiced-citrus. nothing too special. skip. I try many other fragrance, get myself Declaration and Laliques, upon the time to pay, I notice something floral soapy... it comes from my hand that was sprayed by Eau de Cartier. to my amazement, I sniffed upon it once again, it so simple but beauty. not offensive in anyway, comforting and very versatile. I get that 200ml bottle

    now this fragrance became my office scent, probably going to replace Versace Pour Homme place for the rest of my life. simple, unoffensive, office-appropriate, last a (really) long time with close to the skin sillage. but hey, do I need to use monstrous beast everyday? no! sometimes I want it comforting me, and Eau de Cartier did just that. perfect office fragrance

    Eau de Cartier, simple name. simple scent. perfectly done

    Pros: Perfect for Office
    Cons: Lack of Depth, Lack of Projection, Boring"

    20th October, 2013

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    Subtle Beauty

    Elegant, subtle, and refined,

    For an introspective frame of mind.

    Close to the skin, it lingers on,

    I'll re-apply before it's gone.

    I wish that it would longer stay,

    But "Less is More," the pundits say.

    (And thus it is, this Cartier).

    19 June, 2013

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    Norway Norway

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    the scent is very pleasant to the extend that it's my first time in my life i finished a 200ml bottle. The notes are very well balanced. The musk and amber base notes with a hint of bergamot makes Eau de Cartier a well mixed scent, specially for warm and hot days.

    I got the concertee edition, but this one is way more better.

    08 April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I just gave away my bottle to a friend because I decided not to wear it any longer.
    Is not that I disilke this fragrance, but it will never win my heart, neither my wife's.
    A fresh, clean scent that would offend nobody, but on the other hand, I don't see how you can't get to love it either. In a word: bland.

    27 March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    To me this smells like the barbershop. When the barber is just about to remove your cape they spray something similar to this scent. I think the projection and longevity could be better.

    17 March, 2013

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    Very subtle scent suitable for hot days. Smells classy and clean. It's unisex. My only complaint it's about the lasting power and projection, which are too weak.

    29 October, 2012

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