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Eau de Cartier (2001)
by Cartier


Eau de Cartier information

Year of Launch2001
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerChristine Nagel
PackagingThierry de Baschmakoff

About Eau de Cartier

A unisex fragrance from the Cartier house.

Eau de Cartier fragrance notes

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Reviews of Eau de Cartier

I've never been a fan of aquatic fragrances, but living in the hot and humid Gulf Coast, I wanted to find something with aquatic quality that would last long into the work day. I put the question to the base notes forum and a respected reviewer recommended EdC.

EdC while not an aquatic, is a nice elegant scent. I don't find the harsh citrus opening that some have noted. In fact it's quite pleasant. I wasn't familiar with yuzu, but in combination with the citrus it's really a sort of citrus floral or orange blossom. Very pleasing and calm. The middle is definitely violet and lavender, which I absolutely love with a soft woods base. This fragrance stays very smooth throughout.

The composition is clean, fresh and elegant. Unfortunatley, like an aquatic, EdC lacks longevity. I get 3-4hrs tops and then almost no scent at all. Really disappointing and I'll have to choose where to wear this one because the scent is quite nice.
18th March, 2015 (last edited: 01st April, 2015)

I am Absolutely IN LOVE with this kind of fragrances Because Gives me Feel Comfortable and Calmness. EDC is Light smelling Citrus cologne Yet Remarkable. Unisex with a hinf of Masculine. Refined,Enjoyable,Crisp,Subtle, Refreshing,Harmonious and not overpowering.

It is a mix of Citruses in the top,an Aromatic heart comprised of Lavender and Violet and a Masculine Base notes by Musk and Patchouli.This Scents Lovely as People want to be in Your presence with Avidity.The Bottle is Stylish and Lovely too.

It is best for SUMMER Casual use,yet it is fairly Versatile fragrance. Good For OFFICE use when Your Colleagues Indignant with Heavy scents. Perfect for a YOUNG man. Anyway If you are Looking for a Fresh,Subtle scent You can not go Wrong with this one but I dont Recommend It to Anyone who is Wanting a new Scent.


Longevity?In My opinion EDC is one of those fragrances when you spray it on Your clothes Longevity is Better than skin.

12th December, 2014
Eau de Cartier opens with a pleasant, fresh citrus-bergamot accord, slightly aquatic too, with a soft base of vanilla, sweet aromatic woods (cedar), perhaps amber, and a lively, bright and delicate floral-spicy breeze all over, with also a green accord giving tartness and crunchiness. Aldehydes fill the space without being too prominent. As minutes pass the flowers, notably violet, become more bold and prominent, focusing on a vibrant, fresh violet note which beautifully and gently blends with the rest. So basically a nice, honest fresh, spicy floral-woody scent. It somehow reminded me of Déclaration, as other reviewers already notes, with a more transparent and "contemporary" look, less complex and less rich, perhaps less interesting too, nothing "stunning" but still nice. Being an "eau", it predictably lasts quite short.

04th July, 2014
Tmoran Show all reviews
United States
I really really try not to do thumbs down reviews. I try to see the least bit of good in everything. This however is just an insulting scent. It is so bland, generic and poor performing it seriously deserves no higher remarks. Even at its bargain store price of $30 its a waste of time and money. It was slightly surprising to find a spicy undertone after the oh so forgettable citrus opening that has been done so many times its almost makes a completely inoffensive smell actually offensive with its audacity to shove the same old same old under your nose and ask for money to do so. Cartier has never been much of a memorable house. But this is weak even by their standards. Dont get me wrong. It doesnt smell bad. But neither does nautica blue. But that doesnt mean its anything special either.
27th June, 2014
Genre: Citrus

I expected some variant on the traditional eau de Cologne formula from Eau de Cartier, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the citrus and violet leaf top notes are supported by a warm, dry spice and cedar accord that could easily be Déclaration’s little brother. While I understand Eau de Cartier was composed by Christine Nagel, rather than Jean-Claude Elléna, I wonder if Cartier’s art directors asked her to align it with the house’s most successful masculine fragrance.

There’s not much development once the wood and spices take their places, but this does not pretend to be more than a refreshing eau, and its quality and chaacter leave me with no complaints. In fact, I especially appreciate that the cedar note, last of all to fade, does not smell harsh, bare, or chemical, as it does in so many recent masculine drydowns. Nice work all around.
13th June, 2014
Eau de Cartier is a nice simple blend of basically violet and yuzu, with a lovely woodsy/musky base. Most Cartier fragrances I have tried have had beautiful dry downs, and this one is no exception. While the opening is nice, but can be a bit harsh for some, its dry down surely redeems itself of any faults it may have started off with.

The top... can we say yuzu? Lots and lots of yuzu, accompanied with a creamy violet note. Yuzu tends to be a sharp note, so for some, and a few that I was sampling this around, they were not fond of the opening sharp yuzu note. The violets quickly come and balance it out though. It stays pretty linear for a good hour or so before the musky/cedar base kicks in. It even reminds me of Declaration's base to an extent. I also get some of the yuzu and violet from the top.. maybe a little patchouli in the dry down too, and hint of sweetness from the amber.

This is a pretty good one, I have to give it the seal of approval. It is very simple too, very safe. Also gets some compliments, at least in my world. It will go to my wish list, as I see a smaller sized bottle of this to be a good investment for my fragrance arsenal.

Also, on the upside of things. I find yuzu notes in designer fragrances to be not so good quite often. I think the yuzu here is done exceptionally well. Sharp, citric, and slightly floral, as yuzu should very well be. Well done.

One other thing to add. I was trying to figure where I had smelled this before. As it dries down, it reminds me of a fragrance that smells like it just came out of the water, but isn't aquatic at all. That specific fragrance is Paprika Brasil. Although they are very different, they share this common smell of chlorinated water somewhere in them. I find this accord very pleasing to the nose in both of them, not at all off putting.
08th June, 2014

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