Eau de Guerlain (1974)
    by Guerlain

    Eau de Guerlain Fragrance Notes

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    Italy Italy

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    Yes, Eau de Guerlain is a blend of citrus (lemon, bergamot, orange), "neutral flowers", and aromatic herbs (basil, verbena, mint) at its best. The lemony dry down is musky, delicately floral (more geranium and jasmine than rose in my opinion) and vaguely soapy with woody accents. Eau de Guerlain is fresh, evocative, conservative and old-fashion, a jump in the past with a rewind of some fuzzy scenes of my childhood with all those elegant grandmas and measured tastes. Really wonderful bottle and the Guerlain trademark.

    10th January, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    very well mannered citrus-verbena mix, opens up so fresh, with high C, yet elegant!, not raw nor loud!....settles down in creamy touch sweet lemon base where it is at its best!
    behaves like the best cologne there is! lasting power is around 3 hours :)

    refreshing for the summer! simple yet very elegant!!

    25 November, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Simply the best citrus I know. Eau de Guerlain starts with a zingy citrus blast with just the right dose of herbs to tone down the sharpness that plagues too many citrus fragrances. The heavy herbal accord found in Eau Sauvage is largely absent in Eau de Guerlain. I detect intermittent rose and carnation in the mid notes, but the jasmin and patchouli aren't particulary prominent to my nose. I find the moss and musky drydown very pleasant and surprisingly long lasting. While I enjoy Eau Sauvage, Eau de Rochas Homme, George F Trumper GFT and YSL pour Homme, I prefer Eau de Guerlain because of the fine citrus-herbal balance,the great mossy-musky drydown and the very good longevity. Perfect for a hot summer day.

    12 May, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Undoubtedly the best of the zest. A bracing harmony of lemon and bergamot, buttressed with oakmoss and musk, and blessed with the coy edibility of basil, verbena, caraway and tonka. By any measure – be it stamina, vividness, or coherence – Eau de Guerlain outdoes the alternative high-calibre colognes from Chanel (Eau de Cologne) and Dior (Eau Fraîche), and it would not be an exaggeration to say that Eau de Cologne was a 300 year old promise fulfilled in 1974 by Jean-Paul Guerlain.

    Furthermore, its original Robert Granai-designed bottle is an exquisite object, designed to look like a stone with the motion of a stream of water swept across its surface in etched channels. It's a tableau in glass. Seeing a picture of it (and there aren't many around) was the first time in my life I considered collecting bottles as well as the fragrances they contain.

    04 April, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    Yes, this is citrus at its best. Very classic and mannered, fresh in an old-fashion way, much respectable and elegant but it inevitably reminds me of my grandmother that used to spray it on linen handerchiefs that she was taking out of her purse at any good occasion. Anytime I smell Eau de Guerlain, I see my grandma opening her purse and litterally fill the room with top quality lemon and verbena unwittingly marking my childhood. To me Eau De Gurelain is more the smell of my memory than a body perfume.

    20th March, 2011 (Last Edited: 04 April, 2011)

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    A masterpiece. Magnificent citrus opening almost equalling the riot that is Imperiale. However EDG is more complex and longer lasting. I could not call this genuinely unisex as I feel it favours the masculine. The musk prevails deliciously given time and the whole composition works beautifully.

    To date this remains a firm personal favourite, I doubt it can be surpassed.

    02 February, 2011

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