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Eau de Guerlain (1974)
by Guerlain


Eau de Guerlain information

Year of Launch1974
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJean Paul Guerlain
PackagingRobert Granai
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Parent Company at launchGuerlain

About Eau de Guerlain

Eau de Guerlain is a shared / unisex perfume by Guerlain. The scent was launched in 1974 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean Paul Guerlain. The bottle was designed by Robert Granai

Eau de Guerlain fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau de Guerlain

A more interesting take on eau de colognes from Guerlain (compared to, say, Eau de Cologne Imperiale which I have always felt so let down by).

This edc has a richer, longer lasting quality to it which has more going on within to make it MORE than just another edc: This citrus aromatic is fresh and spicy, helped along by the presence of fancy ingredients like sweaty caraway, tasty basil, and pleasant floral of rose, jasmine, and unusual carnation blossom. All sit atop a warm amber-moss-musk base.

Compared to other edc's, this one has a sharper touch to it, which makes it stand out. Initially, it can come across as cloying, but give it some time to settle down and "move" in its development before making a final decision.

Worthy of having the "Guerlain" name! :-)
22nd September, 2018
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United States
Not a fan.
Starts out light and masculine.
Then, the rose takes over.
Which would be fine if I didn’t mind walking around smelling like someone’s Nana.
I do mind.
Not good.
11th December, 2017
I'm very satisfied with the longevity of the current 2016 formulation of Eau de Guerlain. It is quite ugly straight out of the sprayer, with citrus freshness mixed with what I think smells like rancid mould-pocked lemon peel, but I love that about it. Somehow the citrus stays on me and becomes creamier, which is remarkable for a cologne. I think it's undeniably classic or retro, simple, direct and hits the bulls-eye. I bet the contemporary materials Guerlain are using have helped make this robust and seemingly natural.

For example, it lasts way longer on me than Chanel Pour Monsieur, which is smoother and woodier, and at times I prefer the relaxing nature of the Chanel. Guerlain's Eau can strike me as brutish to begin with, but it's an invigorating morning scent, develops and never, ever bores me in the daytime, whilst on the other hand Chanel Pour Monsieur is so beautifully refined to begin with but fades quickly to more of an aura. Eau de Guerlain doesn't have Acqua di Palma Colonia's heavy and dark undertones either. Also I think I'm picking up on the sandalwood and later on I start looking forward to layering some Hermessence Santal Massoia for the evening, another one I'm loving this summer.
26th July, 2016
Eau de Guerlain bursts out with a bright éclat of citrus and then transitions into a light EdT.

After the initial excitement of the citrus calms down the atmosphere becomes one of decorous restraint. But even if the feeling is rather conventional, the structure of this cologne is not ordinary at all.

Jean-Paul Guerlain wasn't trying to create something new however, he was attempting to conserve, for as long as possible, the fleeting effect of the cologne formula. He takes a similar approach to that of Acqua di Parma's Colonia (1916); but where they boost the heart accord right up with rose, he uses the fixative action of EdT base accords, including the trademark Guerlainade, to extend the cologne structure in a different direction.

In EdG the emphasis is very much on the opening, and then it runs straight down to the warm base at the expense of any distinct middle phase. The effect of this is to make EdG technically heartless. Not quite the void displayed by the much admired Jicky - which contains no heart notes at all, but the similarity is there, and I believe his grandfather's masterpiece may have influenced Jean-Paul when he composed this.

The transition from extrovert citrus to musky amber base with occluded neroli makes EdG coherent - its a managed decline rather than change of direction, but the price for this is the muted feeling the profile has for much of its life.

After the citrus hit (and on exposed skin this really is fleeting,) Eau de Guerlain doesn't really shine. What you get is musk, amber and sandal, with a neroli overlay and a touch of moss; the whole of which which seems to go against the spirit of a citrus cologne.

22nd June, 2016 (last edited: 22nd July, 2016)
EdG is the benchmark bright, fresh and clean fragrance for spring and summer. This is what all other summer fragrances should be measured by IMO, especially the "Eau" fragrances. It's citrus, with some prominent lemon, light floral and sweet herbs. Good staying power for the category and adequate sillage. Refreshing and invigorating and brightens any mood. Big Thumbs Up.
28th August, 2015
Invigorating! Fresh and Aromatic!

Jean-Paul Guerlain's <i>Eau de Guerlain</i> is yet another take on the fresh, citrus <i>Eau de Cologne</i> style of fragrances. These were typically used for a refreshing experience at the start to someone's day. The idea is you put on an Eau de Cologne after a shower or morning ritual, and you could go on with your day ahead.

Although Eau de Colognes came in many interpretations, they often followed a similar formula. Bright, zesty citrus at the top, light, sometimes sweet florals in the mid, and very little base (maybe some light musk). The examples are endless... <i>4711</i>, <i>Farina Cologne</i>, and even Guerlain's own <i>Eau de Cologne Impériale</i> and <i>Eau des Fluers de Cédrat</i>.

With <i>Eau de Guerlain</i>, I feel like it stands out from the others. By including a few unique notes. Aromatic notes such as caraway and zesty spearmint. When I spray this, it reminds me of freshly cut herbs in the kitchen, coupled with fresh, ripe lemon. It has a bitterness and a freshness that is undeniable, and very unique. It's like a cool gin-and-tonic drink which has carbonated water and slices of fresh lemon & lime. It really lifts me up and refreshes me. Almost like hiking in the mountains where you find mountain streams where the water is pure and full of minerals. I would describe it as very "mineral" like. I really love it!

I think that out of all the Guerlain "Eaux", such as <i>Impériale</i>, <i>Cédrat</i> etc. This one is the most unique, has the strongest lasting power (it's in Eau de Toilette, whereas the others were Eau de Cologne), and ultimately... is the one worth your money. If you have to buy one, buy this one. Definitely worth trying out, especially in spring!
26th April, 2015

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