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Eau de Quinine (1890)
by Crown Perfumery


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Year of Launch1890
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People and companies

HouseCrown Perfumery
Parent CompanyClive Christian
Parent Company at launchCrown Perfumery

About Eau de Quinine

A faithful revival of the classic original by Eduard Pinaud of Paris. A victorian masterpiece.

Eau de Quinine fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau de Quinine

numcks Show all reviews
United States
Stunningly zesty/bitter/herbal/astringent openting. Very bracing and invigorating. Evolves into a zingy, powdery-sweet, still zesty drydown. Interesting and unique Victorian style fragrance.
30th November, 2015
Besides the Crown Perfumeryís Eau de Quinine (EdQ), two other "modern" fragrances bear this name: Geo F Trumper's and Pinaudís. I have not tried Pinaudís so I will compare the Trumper and the Crown Perfumery renditions here. Both have the quintessential quinine note: bitter aromatic, not citrus but perhaps a satisfying alternative to those craving tartness. The GFT rendition is tempered by a powdery accord. The Crown rendition doesn't have this nearly so much, so the bitterness is more pronounced, albeit mingled with floral notes that are stronger in the Crown rendition.

EdQs have a barbershop feel of a former age. Still they are interesting fragrance and worthy of trying. I prefer the GFT EdQ, but this is quite wearable, albeit discontinued some time ago.
30th June, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This was launched at a time Quinine scents were popular, with Trumper's version released only a few years later. Crown's Eau de Quinine's opening blast is what it's name states; the quinine having a boozy G and T touch. A very nice bergamot is adding more freshness, and coriander a touch of spiciness. A very beautiful slightly adstringent petitgrain fits in very well. After the first couple of hours it fades into a very pleasant non-sweet white soapy powderiness that remains close to my skin. Beautifully blended from high-quality ingredients. Good initial silage and projection, with a total longevity of about four hours on my skin. A classic that can be still enjoyed today.
16th February, 2014
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Likely the finest of the self-styled "quinine" fragrances ever to be released. Bright yet deep citrus with the signature bitter quinine atop a soft base of moss and musk. Better rendition of Caswell Massey's No. 6. A lost beauty from a lost era.
15th April, 2013
Probably beloved of Sherlock Holmes, possibly enjoyed by Oscar Wilde in certain of his moods, perhaps appreciated by Jack the Ripper, almost certainly dismissed by King Edward "Tum Tum" the Seventh, Crown Eau de Quinine could well inspire the following adjectives: medicinal, metaphysical, mysterious, reserved, deep, complex, uncanny, sinister, quaintly traditional and oddly modern. In fact, a bit of an enigma.
18th November, 2011
Bubbly, boozy and peppered with bravado, Eau de Quinine combines the herbal edges and angles of fresh coriander, monarda and artemisia, the tartness of bergamot, the slightly bitter powder of petitgrain, and the heat of nutmeg and clove. I always feel energized and quite the bon vivant when I wear this delicious concoction. My only question, should one apply it shaken or stirred!

24th June, 2008

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