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Eau de Russe (1911)
by Crown Perfumery


Eau de Russe information

Year of Launch1911
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People and companies

HouseCrown Perfumery
PerfumerWilliam Thomson
Parent CompanyClive Christian
Parent Company at launchCrown Perfumery

About Eau de Russe

This oriental fragrance was once found in all of London's fashionable west end stores. Now sold as Russian Water by Anglia Perfumery

Eau de Russe fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau de Russe

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is a delightful combination of hesperidic with sweetish vanilla notes, that leads into a drydown pairing a sweetish and light ambery note with an impression of a soft and slightly sweet new nappa leather. Sometimes during this stage of the development I am reminded of an upmarket version of Tom Ford's White Suede, but Crown Perfumery uses natural ingredients so much superior to TF's product. Anyway, this is a very soft, restrained leatheriness without any birch, tar or other harsh component.

The only significant change after that is the addition of a soft, mild musk, and the emergence of a very classic powderiness, which is very pleasant and never really on the stuffy side. This powdery side is evident for the last six hours or so.

This brings me to the perfomance: splendid, with moderate sillage, good projection, and a superb longevity of thirteen hours on my skin.

Very traditional and not exactly excitingly creating, this is a standard classic whose performance and quality of ingredients lift it into a positive score. 3/5
13th December, 2015
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
I had high hopes for Russe, being one of the last Crown fragrances on my to-try list. I understood from the outset that it was a powdery citrus rather than a stark birch tar one usually associates with Russian leathers. In and of itself, Russe is nice, inoffensive, talcy, and massively powdery. A brighter, cleaner, and more British take on the Guerlain classic l'Heure Bleue. I would guess that Russe contains bergamot, neroli, lavender, orris, musk, and amber among other things. Russe is likely patterned after the trend of fragrances like Floris Special no. 127 made for expatriate Russian aristocrats in living in France at the Turn of the Century--and their vision of the perfumes of the good old days of absolute monarchies--a dream of Catherine the Great, the perfumed court of Marie Antoinette at Versailles, and the wind blowing through the blue and white silk brocades of Louis XIV in his grand garden. Eau de Russe is the child of too many dreams and too many illusions, which have gone flat by the dawn of the 21st Century. If you like l'Heure Bleue and classic feminines of Guerlain and Chanel, you will likely adore Russe; but the why not just stick with the Guerlain?
04th May, 2013
This was marketed as a masculine but to me it's more along the lines of a unisex (this time really... I find many scents marketed to one gender or the other unisex but this one is definitely unisex, it has no "gender-specific hit" to my nose). I think it actually reminds me of a Guerlain in its construction and it's somewhere between Jicky and L'Heure Bleue on my skin. The overall impression does have a "leather" effect but it doesn't smell like leather... if that makes any sense at all!

It's a pity that the Crowns are all discontinued, but as of this writing some of them emerged on a few online sites and are being snapped up like crazy by those in the know.
08th May, 2011
With a title like Eau de Russe, one would think Russian leather; not so with this surprising Crown creation. Don't be fooled by the initial sharp sting of bitter orange and lime with herbal hints. Soon the bittersweet marzipan of heliotrope emerges, further sweetened by burnt sugar. Fortunately, this ultra-sweet powdery floral phase is soon enhanced by an assertive one-two punch of musk and amber, where the fragrance remains until it gently fades several hours later.

Eau de Russe is a comfortable and as easy to wear as last year's sweater, but don't count on it for intrigue or romance.
24th June, 2008
Being given the advice, that I should take every chance to get any remainders of this perfume, I bought a bottle at 'The english scent' in Berlin. Today it arrived and until now I am not too sure about it - do I like it? Does it fit me? Anyway, it is quite off the track from my favourite perfumes like Mazzolari Lui or 88 by Czech & Speake, though Eau de Russe tends to the direction of those heavy and long lasting scents. It reminds me of a certain type of JellyBeans (roasted marshmallow?), but mainly I do smell amber, which is ok. for me, but not an every day scent. Maybe a perfume worn on occasions with a seductive intention, but this could turn into the contrary effect.
29th September, 2005
donna255 Show all reviews
Northern Ireland
I really loved this!!!! I bought it blind going by the notes alone and I was not disappointed. Wonderful. Starts quite like Guerlain's Mitsouko then settles into a lovely warm oriental. Both sexes could wear this one. Clive Christian should be shot for discontinuing this beauty.
17th November, 2004

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