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Eau de Verveine (1949)
by Penhaligon's


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Year of Launch1949
GenderShared / Unisex
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group

About Eau de Verveine

Relaunched as part of the Penhaligon's Anthology range in 2009.

Eau de Verveine fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau de Verveine

Green and mature...

This is a very natural smelling fragrance. To me it really feels like a walk in nature. I get a green, dark and mossy scent, with hints of crisp freshness along the way. I think it's balanced really well actually. I get the lime and bergamot, as well as the lemon and pepper and lavender. There's also petitgrain, cedar and cloves. I really like it. I think it could be interpreted as old fashioned but I think it's a great fragrance for spring and summer. Like a crisp, spring morning this fills me with energy and hope. Definitely one to try if you like a green, slightly bitter and very traditional eau de cologne structure. If you are a fan of this style, then it will definitely appeal to you. Again, I am yet to find a badly made fragrance by this house. Really great work.
04th August, 2017
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United Kingdom
More lemon than verbena

A nice and fresh opening of lemon, petitgrain and verbena, with the latter remaining more in the background. This is followed by sage and later a classic jasmine, with a very light wood and musk added in the drydown. Decent projection, silage and longevity - for such a Cologne - of about three hours. Traditional but well executed.

07th July, 2013
A very promising opening of citrus containing elements of lemon, lime, bergamot and petitgrain. After 30 minutes to an hour the cirtus notes fade and you are left with something floral with really the only prominent note to me is a heavy sage one. This persists for a couple hours before everything disappears. Overall it really isn’t a bad fragrance, but doesn’t really have a wow factor or longevity. Probably pretty reminiscent of the time period it is from.
09th February, 2012
Great start. A masculine dry down. I noticed a pencil shaving scent. Is that the sage? Did not even make it in to work from morning commute and it was finished (45 mins) Glad it was a free sample
16th September, 2011
This begins with a burst of citrus, the lime and lemon. The petitgrain soon takes over, but after an hour, it too disappears. What we are left with is a soft, non-descript, seeming floral. Perfectly pleasant, but in no way unique or special. Very much of its period, the late forties and early fifties. The floral drydown is very old-fashioned, the effect of potpourri or a drawer sachet.

Once again Penhaligon's names a cologne for an ingredient this is not in it. They did the same for their Night Scented Stock. Why call this Verveine, when there is none in it. Totally illogical and very misleading.

27th June, 2011 (last edited: 13th July, 2011)

I love most verveine (lemon verbena) fragrances and own four of them along with the complementary products – deodorant, lotion, and talc. The thing I love most about Verveine fragrances is, not surprisingly, the verveine. When I encounter a “verveine” fragrance that does not contain very much verveine, I am disappointed no matter how nice the fragrance is. I find Penhaligon’s Eau de Verveine EDT disappointing because I just can’t be sure I’ve found the verveine in it. EdV opens deeply citrusy with strong elements of petit grain and coriander. Then it develops a tinge of sage… I’m ok with sage, but it is not what I want to smell when I’m expecting verbena. The citrus accord of the opening has body and substance, and is not strong or overbearing. The sage adds a pleasantness to the movement from the opening to the somewhat spicy middle – a middle composed of soft clove / lavender accord: a lavender that I enjoy because of its quality and discretion.

I’m not sure that I can find much of a base because I seem to simply experience the remnants of the opening and middle accords for the rest of the run of the fragrance except that a musky aura is added toward the end.

It’s not a bad fragrance. It's hard to know what to think of it because it is a rather strange fragrance... a strangeness which begins with its name, and ends with its being labeled an EDT – I don’t find the verveine and I find it has no more longevity that a traditional cologne. Still, it’s pleasant and clean and refreshing…

13th May, 2011

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