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Eau des 4 Voleurs (1991)
by L'Occitane


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Year of Launch1991
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Eau des 4 Voleurs

Eau des 4 Voleurs is a masculine fragrance by L'Occitane. The scent was launched in 1991

Eau des 4 Voleurs fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau des 4 Voleurs

I received my bottle of the Eau Des 4 Voleurs re-issue by L'Occitane. I was very pleased with the fresh opening...a definite citrus blast with lemon and bergamot. This quickly fades and is replaced by an herbal accord that flirts with a pine aspect, but is definitely rooted in basil. This aspect reminds me of Pino Silvestre, but It seems smoother and better blended. I picked up a very slight sweet note, but my nose is far too untrained to be able to say what it is. This fragrance also has a musty aspect, but it's not an unpleasant one. The longevity was about 5 hours on me, but the sillage seemed to be of shorter duration. My son absolutely hated the smell of this fragrance, but I disagree with his assessment. I was hoping for more juniper, but I still enjoyed it and will continue to do so in the upcoming months and years. Thanks for re-issuing this fragrance L'Occitane!
06th September, 2016
My first review, I'll try to keep it simple.

After hearing some glowing reviews, I got my hands on a decant of this, and I have to say, I understand the appreciation. I catch the notes other reviewers have mentioned, bergamot transitioning to a piney basil, ultimately settling into a nice healthy green scent, distinguished from any other similar scents by the edge afforded to it by the herbs.

Ultimately, though it doesn't appeal to my personal tastes enough to make this a must-have, it's very well crafted, and I can see a place for it in my wardrobe.
16th October, 2012
Elzéard Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I was privileged enough to have been able to try this on several occasions, but twice as foolish for not buying a bottle when given the opportunity. I remember saying to myself, "It's ok, I'll just buy it next time, because something this good will always be around..."

Upon each wearing I was treated to the most pleasurable aura of peppered and honeyed woods and bitter orange, a combination that was balanced to near perfection.
30th March, 2012
A powerful bergamot opening accompanied by a little juniper and lemon. This morphs into a juniper and sage scent with a little basil. Very green and herbal with the juniper stealing the show. The bergamot is present for awhile in the background, but is the first thing that departs (with the lemon). Some wood notes emerge on drydown. This is overall a wonderful fragrance and a shame that it has been discontinued.
01st December, 2011
Why, oh why did L'Occitane discontinue this? This was the best of the lot, a citrus-to-pine that never got annoying or overpowering.

I've been checking in L'Occitane stores in Europe and Asia the last few months, and sadly, it's gone, replaced by the bland-yet-more-expensive "Verdon".

If you come across one, buy it.
29th January, 2011
Actually, I bought this one by mistake. I thought the name was Eau des 4 VOYEURS. Time to get those eyes checked.

Of course I'm joking! This is another superb, creative fragrance from L'Occitane, and a wonderful value. (Make that "WAS" a wonderful value - Ed4V has sadly been discontinued.) The opening notes are a rush of citrus (bergamot and lemon), wrapped around a little soapiness which is probably oak moss, and a hint of basil. The citrus fades rather quickly, leaving in its place a nice green, soapy, woodsy fragrance. Beautiful and clean. A little herbal, but not so much as, say, a few of the MPG fragrances. Just a touch! I really enjoy this one, but use it very infrequently because I doubt that I'll ever be able to replace it and so I'm conserving my one lone bottle. One final thought: other reviews have mentioned a pine note, but I don't smell even a trace of pine. Can't stand pine. I think the evergreen notes are more likely a combination of the clove, cedar and juniper. Eau des 4 Voleurs has good sillage, but not outlandish. Longevity on my skin is all day. I'm very fortunate to own this little masterpiece.
15th January, 2011

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