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Eau du Coq (1894)
by Guerlain


Eau du Coq information

Year of Launch1894
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAimé Guerlain
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Parent Company at launchGuerlain

About Eau du Coq

Eau du Coq is a shared / unisex perfume by Guerlain. The scent was launched in 1894 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Aimé Guerlain

Reviews of Eau du Coq

A traditional eau de cologne with a difference.

Let us remember that in 1894 many people in the world did not wash daily, some not even weekly, and that eau de colognes would be sponged all over one's body to remove natural odors.

This begins with a blast of citrus accompanied by a peppery element that grounds it and gives it character. The lavender is subtle and adds to the feeling of gravitas. We have walked from the orchard into the garden, but our path now weaves in and out of both plots. We can smell the fresh citrus as the sun hits the peels, but also the fresh florals and herbs.

A unique and beautiful addition to the world of citrus scents. Highly recommended.
17th November, 2015
Genre: Citrus

I don’t always agree with perfume critic Luca Turin’s assessment of a scent, but for accuracy and concision it’s hard to improve on his description of Eau de Cologne du Coq: “A good cologne with a drop of Jicky in it.” I’m inclined to go one step further and call it a great eau de Cologne with a drop of Jicky in it. It’s not only my favorite of the Guerlain citruses I’ve tried to date, but by dint of composition the most characteristic of the house as well.

Eau de Cologne du Coq opens on a flourish of brilliantly realistic citrus seasoned with a bouquet of savory herbs that seems to include basil or tarragon, along with lemon thyme. A bit of indolic orange blossom rounds out the eau de Cologne formula, while a gentle, sweet lavender, a dab of vanilla, and just the barest hint of civet apply the Guerlain stamp – and incidentally conjure Jicky in the process. There’s even something resembling a drydown, with vanilla and that bit of civet hanging on after the rest is gone. It’s all over in an hour or so, but it does say “Eau de Cologne” right on the label, and I’d be churlish to expect more. With its aromatic flavor and animalic warmth, Eau de Cologne du Coq is less of a traditional cologne formula than Imperial or Eau de Guerlain. It’s also far less floral in content than the beautiful Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat. I recommend it with enthusiasm to anyone who seeks a citrus with distinct personality, provided the limited longevity is not a problem.
13th June, 2014
This EdC is pretty fizzy, with a lot of the type of sappy lemon that doesn't stand up and rub its peel in your face. It goes through a minute or so of surprising weakness right at the beginning, maybe while the alcohol initially covers some of the notes, so be prepared for this. Even after this phase, I thought I hadn't sprayed enough, so I did some more and I now realize that the stuff is just inherently weak, even for an EdC. I like the sharp intensity and brightness of what little scent it provides, but I've encountered plenty of stronger EdCs with beautifully appealing scents. In the end, you're left with nothing. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and conclude that the weakness stems from their using all natural ingredients, but I could just go buy a $5 bottle of 4711 instead. (Already did!)
30th June, 2011
JonB Show all reviews
United States
Nice citrus topnotes, but sorry, too floral and feminine in the heart notes. I don't feel comfortable enough to wear this in public, so I've got to give it a thumbs down.
08th April, 2011
Eau du Coq (interesting name) is an AWESOME classic eau. It takes the classic formula (think 4711 or Chanel Eau de Cologne) and gives a more herbal, peppery character, but the citrus and big fat neroli are still right there. It dries down to a a nice mossy/woody base that stays close to the skin.

I actually really like this Eaux, because it lasts a few hours on me before finally dissipating. Although, it doesn't beat Eau de Guerlain in my book.

EDIT: Luca Turin calls Eau du Coq, "A good cologne with a drop of Jicky in it". Well, I don't smell anything animalic (perhaps a very slight piss note), and I don't smell any lavender or vanilla. Anyway, if you like Eau du Coq, buy a couple bottles and douse yourself in it because that's what they're meant for :)
23rd March, 2011 (last edited: 24th March, 2011)
Eau du Coq by Guerlain isn't bad, although I found it personally to be too citrus-forward. Guerlain's Imperiale beats Coq for sheer scent, although Coq lasts (slightly) longer.
02nd March, 2011

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