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Eau de Cologne Impériale (1853)
by Guerlain


Eau de Cologne Impériale information

Year of Launch1853
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 263 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerPierre-François-Pascal Guerlain
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Parent Company at launchGuerlain

About Eau de Cologne Impériale

Eau de Cologne Impériale is a shared / unisex perfume by Guerlain. The scent was launched in 1853 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain

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Reviews of Eau de Cologne Impériale

Epitome of the classic Eau de Cologne, the excellence in its genre, hesperidic, aristocratic, exotic, art-deco. No more to add.
28th November, 2017
We raved over her
New gold portrait from clouds of
Our fine old colognes.
10th November, 2017
Fantastic opening, a perfect citrus Eau de Cologne smell, counterbalanced by lack of longevity.
25th June, 2017
I have never liked summers. Who wants to suffer soul-crushing heat and deathly brightness? In my defence - I have endured such torments in Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay and Phoenix. Let me be blunt and honest: I detest summers. Give me the lovely Chicago winter - any day.

There is a new wave of perfume wearers who demand that summers be defined by fresh perfumes that last through the day. There is a new wave of fresh perfumes on the market to quench the thirst. Most are neither fresh nor long lasting. Some are as bad as the Phoenix (insert city of choice) summers. Some go on well, before getting increasingly grating by the hour. A rare few are interesting - and, beautiful.

Then, what about the eau de colognes?

EdC Imperiale is one such eau de cologne. It is a simple love affair of limes, lemons, verbena, oranges and faint sweet woods - in that order. There is nothing to understand here, and it is meant to be loved. It is delightful and exquisitely refreshing, but as approachable as a traditional lemonade in the summer heat. Rather than a daily indulgence, one embraces it as an hourly ritual. The faint dry down lasts the best part of two hours, before one starts longing for it again.

Imperiale will clearly not move anyone pining for duration. But, does that matter? It smells natural, fresh, and is one of those little joys in the world of perfumes. Sometimes, short is sweet. Sometimes one is moved more by a wonderful short story than a gargantuan novel.

Imperiale, together with Cologne Sologne, is one of the best eau de colognes on the market.



1. Yes, I understand that Eau de Guerlain is just as good and lasts longer, but Imperiale is also very commonly found at half the price of Eau de Guerlain if one shops around a bit.

2. Recommendation - keep it the fridge in summers and enjoy!)
24th May, 2017
When life gives you lemons, spray Imperiale… liberally. Or, I should say, when life gives you limes. Lots and lots of limes, as though you’d just picked up a farm-fresh crateful of kaffir limes and have started making a gallon of limeade. Just like limeade, Imperiale is a great antidote for suffering in the heat. This vitamin C tonic instantly refreshes the mind and the senses. It is so uplifting; I have a roll in the orange blossoms every time I need a boost.

The coconut-y white pith of the lime adds a creamy and bitter balance to the acidic citrus and fragrant rinds. The fresh green lime blasts forth from the first whiff. This is not a one-dimensional lime, it is almost real, with traces of the waxy lime leaves from the branch it was just plucked from. This vision of bergamot is just one step removed from a field of lime bushes in the sun. Growing wild at the fringes of the field is lavender, which frames the lush citrus. In this magical field, singing maidens with orange blossoms in their hair come to pick the limes, laying them on starched white muslin cloth in willow baskets...

In a white-tiled sunlit kitchen, fresh-picked rosemary and mint in a water jug await the dinner preparation. Your lover steps into the room having just come out of the shower, still wet, and faintly smelling of lemon verbena and lavender soap, wearing only a damp cotton towel that exudes lively white florals. Later, Imperiale puts on a white linen shirt and clean jeans and retires to his woodworking studio, to produce giant pencil shavings of freshly lathed cedar. The summer sun gets hazy and heady, and the lavender fields beyond the studio bloom in fragrance as the final rays of sunlight hit their vibrant green and purple hues. After the day’s work is done and the evening meal complete, a key lime pie like tonka bean note makes it good enough to eat (said lover wanted to “eat it in a soup”! Low-and-behold that’s exactly what they did with it in the past – although I couldn’t get them to actually try it)

25th February, 2017
I'd really love this one IF IT ONLY WOULD LAST A BIT LONGER! ;-o Undeniably a classic, it showcases the verbena and neroli so nicely alongside the citrus elements, and the lavender is tastefully present to warm down the energy created by the opening notes. Requires constant refreshing for me, which may due to my bottle being old or my skin chemistry.
07th December, 2016

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