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Elements Aqua (1996)
by Hugo Boss


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Year of Launch1996
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People and companies

HouseHugo Boss
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > Eurocos

About Elements Aqua

Kind of an oriental-fougere mix. Very fresh, Very warm. Very smooooooth! The bottle has a bubbled effect. Only recently launched nationwide in the UK

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Reviews of Elements Aqua

Boss Elements Aqua is a surprisingly nice scent, really modern for its era and really quality for being a Boss. It opens with a remarkably balanced and intriguing blend of watery-green notes perfectly interacting with sweet notes of sandalwood and vanilla, something balmy-piney (a bit like fir balsam, just less sticky and more minty), a subtle old-school bone accord of lavender and vetiver connecting Aqua to many crisp and fresh fougères, and something smelling leathery or more decidedly “woody (probably patchouli, dark pepper and woods give me that feeling). I also get cedar and something fruity. It may sound as a screechy scent, it’s not at all: it’s really enjoyable, fresh, mannered and sweet in a classy, “virile” way, played on sandalwood and green-woody notes rather than plain fruity or “sea” aromachemicals. It has something conveying the idea of “water”, and I appreciate it is a result of a clever combination of notes. I mean – you get the notes, and they’re juxtaposed in a way they *also* end in up in creating some “watery” feel. Which is brilliant for me, and I guess it is how perfumes are supposed to be composed. As regards of the fruitiness, it’s Chanel Egoiste’s kind of fruity-woody sweetness, to give you an idea – nothing juvenile or sickening. And in fact I think Aqua shares quite something with Egoiste anyway, as it seems clearly based on sandalwood as “central” note – some real, nice, smooth sandalwood, perfectly connecting with other notes enhancing its facets. Finally what strikes me the most is the final result: Aqua smells quite rich, refined, complex and natural, at the opposite of many other Boss fragrances which to me always smelled a bit cheap and tacky. A bit linear, but really well made with really nice materials for me. Nothing to go mad for, but a nice gem among their range.

10th June, 2015
A sweet pleasant scent. Long lasting with good sillage. I can smell: vanilla, spearmint, spices and tea. I think it's one of the best Boss scents for men. BIG thumbs up!!
19th October, 2012
Its Extremely sweet, almost too sweet. But for summer its so smooth and tasty. great for summer, wear with confidence
14th May, 2012
What a nice surprise!!!!!! This scent took me for a tizzy..... I am not super crazy about the over smell of the scent but it definitely will get you compliments. I gave this a full wearing at work. When I got to the office and sat down at my desk I was starting to doubt this fragrance after reading the reviews on here and was thinking about taking back to the store. A few minutes later a female Co-worker walks in and she says who has on cologne? It smells really niiiiccceee. She walked over to me smelled my neck and says yep it's you and asked me what it was and I gladly told her. A few hours later I went to another office located at another branch and as I walked passed another female gave me almost the same exact compliment. So everyone is spot on that this is a office scent and it will get you compliments. I was truly amazed because i was getting ready to take it back and decided not to because of the compliments I am getting. I don't mind wearing a fragrance that is not my favorite but gets compliments. I have worn fragrances that I love and have never gotten a compliment on it. At this price and the compliments you receive Def give this a try. I am so glad I did.

Also, I forgot to mention the projection and longevity is SUPERB.... believe it or not I got a full 8 hours out of this beast.
10th March, 2012
Shpati Show all reviews
United States
Smells good. But no real need to smell good when it lasts only 3 hours on my skin.

It is very strong, recommend for people 28 and up.

Only bought it because it was 7 American dollars at my local TJ Maxx store. So I said, "Why not, cheaper than buying a sample, better off getting descent size bottle for 7 bucks".

I would not spend over 30 dollars for this.

EDIT: I agree with the review below me, "there is nothing aqua about this fragrance".
24th September, 2011 (last edited: 24th October, 2011)
Maybe it is me, but Elements Aqua is not “aqua” at all; opens ok but too sweet and fades out quickly. Will not get a 2nd .
17th September, 2011

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