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Elite (1980)
by Floris


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Year of Launch1980
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According to Floris: Elite is a contemplative concoction of grapefruit and Bergamot leaf sits with the beautifully woody base of this mature and mellow melange. Patchouli Lavender and Cedarwood meld subtly with Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Vetiver, and Tuberose for a richly inviting fragrance exuding the confidence of its wearer.

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I've actually quite enjoyed Elite.

It's essentially a classic masculine woody chypre, but with the typical citrus on top largely obscured by bright green aromatic herbs. When the citrus does come in, it's supposed to be grapefruit, but it smells to me more like a mix of generic citruses, but made musty and stuffy. There's bay and clove in here, so it also kind of smells like bay rum encased in an 80's chypre with that musty old citrus on top.

With time, it gets to the delicious and expected chypre drydown, including an almost leathery dark patchouli and sandalwood mix that just gets deeper and darker as the vetiver and moss make their way in.

I know the fusty quality is why so many people hate Elite, but it's what makes it stand out to me. You know those British costume dramas? They'll inevitably have a scene where the aristocratic men are hanging out in some sort of a club on old chairs wearing tight ill-fitting suits and smoking cigars while they talk politics. This is the smell of that - almost laughably pompous and dated, but still a source of pride and a part of history and kind of beautiful.
27th October, 2012
In the top note I get orange, dark lemon and bergamot; it is fresh but not brightly citrussy. Soft patchouli comes in, a wood note and some tuberose are added, giving it depth and substance. After an hour or so, deep and rich oakmoss develops with a hint of vetiver providing a green tinge to the total picture. For the last hour a gentle pleasant soapiness is added. This is a rich, beautiful and wood-herbal-citrus-note scent. Good sillage and projection, and excellent longevity on me of over seven hours. A Floris that I find convincing.
02nd August, 2012
An over-rich concoction that struggles in vain to come across as 'green' and 'cool' but whose true character is of an aromatic herbal with a woody-leather base. There is a hard-boiled sweet note (the 'amber'? or a leather-patchouli-bay reaction?) that lingers at the opening which fortunately resolves an hour or so in. Over its progression the mosses come increasingly to the fore, drying things out, fortifying the resins and relaxing the composition's oh-so-square jaw a little.
This is not the dischordant blunder some have made it out to be, but it does bring to mind an unfortunate archetype when I think about who would wear this. Someone in a double-breasted blazer with brass buttons, a black patent leather briefcase carrier, and in all likelihood a furtive PowerPoint obsessive. Not me in this life.
Revisited: This one kept drawing me back to re-test and I have, several times. With familiarity, the bumpy opening becomes quite easy to live with, and its power and longevity come to be treasured. Now its slick city gent associations are all that's holding me back from caving in and getting a bottle.
08th May, 2012
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United States
I can understand why some don't like this, but why the angry reviews? This isn't exactly a radical, groundbreaking scent.

I agree 100% with odysseusm - this is a great herbal green fragrance. It's got the big oakmossy style of 80s powerhouse fragrances, but without the crazy sillage. To me, Elite smells like a toned down Sung Homme.

The dominant notes are oakmoss and laurel. The laurel acts like this big warm, pale green blanket on which the fragrance lies, and when it mixes with the patchouli, amber and oakmoss, it casts a kind of rich but dry leathery pall across the entire fragrance, and that's what gives it an 80s-type smell. I do have to admit that it does have that old-cigarettes-in-an-ashtray smell that others described, and I love it.

On the other hand, being a Floris scent, Elite has a certain stodgy, serious feel to it that counteracts the macho elements. All the herbal notes are prominent but restrained at the same time, and the whole fragrance is very well balanced. It's not powdery as most "dandified" fragrances usually are, but I could easily see Elite being in a dandy's wardrobe.

This is one of the better green fragrances I've worn, and is a class act for sure.

MY RATING: 8.5/10
04th January, 2012
I was ready for another rant, since I hated this stuff beyond words on the last few wearings, but it just isn't bothering me as much this time. Floris Elite spawns out of the mud as a sharp, anisy, 80s-style tobacco powerhouse, though admittedly without that one screaming lemon topnote that they used to use sometimes. It's got some green, but it's a minty green...more like spearmint than peppermint, which helps, but I still don't think it's necessary. It has the dusty, rustic hay-like notes of VCA Tsar or Aramis Devin, or more specifically Nicolai's oddball Vie de Chateau, but with more wood and smoke than green. As the smoke gets stronger, I remember it now: envisioning a stale ashtray in an old woman's apartment that had accumulated years of old-style perfume residue and talcum powder. For a while in the mid notes, I do find some reasonably convincing incense, but as the smoke gets more sour and less sweet, the ashtray is inescapable. By the base notes, nothing else is left. Hermessence Vetiver Tonka did this to me alongside its nutty notes, as did VdC and Tsar to a lesser extent, but I can't think of any other scent that just screams "I'm not wearing cologne but I'm a bigtime chain-smoker" as much as Floris Elite. It's not as bad as I remembered, but still not really useable for me. I'm sure it would be great in a gentlemen's club a hundred years ago, with rich, well-dressed men smoking countless cigars and swilling brandy, sweating in their pompous army uniforms.
15th December, 2011
I don't know what type of elite they were referring to at Floris, but this is anything but elitist. A so and so concoction of citruses and aromatic herbs laying on a mossy/woody base enriched by vetiver and hints of tuberose. I also get a barberhop vibe that in this context gives an unpleasant feel of aging. A fragrance of very very little interest.
22nd October, 2011

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