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Elite (1980)
by Floris


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Year of Launch1980
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According to Floris: Elite is a contemplative concoction of grapefruit and Bergamot leaf sits with the beautifully woody base of this mature and mellow melange. Patchouli Lavender and Cedarwood meld subtly with Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Vetiver, and Tuberose for a richly inviting fragrance exuding the confidence of its wearer.

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Hairy chested beast that epitomizes the 80s! This is not for the faint of heart! A no holds masculine spicy leathery citrusy barbershop-y blast of goodness.
A more interesting and multidimensional version of Tsar from Van Cleef & Arpels. Perhaps a cologne de parfum version, so lighter but not weaker. Quite nice!
19th November, 2016
So far, this is the best of the Floris masculines I have tried. A punchy green chypre, it exudes confidence, but not in a chest-beating kind of way. It would be an excellent choice for work days when an assertive persona is required. The ingredients work together well, and I experience more than acceptable longevity and sillage. Perhaps not modern, perhaps not dynamic, but it has a place.

Next step: to test Palm Springs by the same house, which to a sniff from the vial is redolent of Elite but incorporating possibly superior accords.
05th September, 2016
interesting barbershop fragrance with non existent sillage and duration
27th March, 2016
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Russian Federation
An odd little number: to my nose, it's mouldy peaches spritzed with Chanel pour Monsieur sitting on Annick Goutal's base mix. Meandering, sprawling, moody, unfinished - but not that bad, all things considered.
14th January, 2016
uintessentially English everyman fragrance. Introduced in 1979 but is built from the heritage of Florisí long history and you can tell. Both Dandy and rakish, this could be gentlemanís club after the pipe smokers have left having taken a brandy for the road, or lounge bar down the local. Being chauffeured in the Bentley or tinkering under the hood of the MG. Business suit, tweed or T-shirt and jeans.
Itís slightly understated but never fades away. Although green woody itís never damp, with wood notes at all levels acting as trunk that allows the floral, and fruitier notes to entwine around.
However anchoring it all is a subtle combination of patchouli and musk with, as the Floris site informs, a hint of leather.
I find it perfectly suitable for the office or out at night. Sillage is quite moderate but longevity is good for me. Applied early in the morning, it never overpowers early on but is still detectable in the late afternoon. I find most Floris fragrances appealing but this is my chosen everyday.
23rd October, 2015
I've actually quite enjoyed Elite.

It's essentially a classic masculine woody chypre, but with the typical citrus on top largely obscured by bright green aromatic herbs. When the citrus does come in, it's supposed to be grapefruit, but it smells to me more like a mix of generic citruses, but made musty and stuffy. There's bay and clove in here, so it also kind of smells like bay rum encased in an 80's chypre with that musty old citrus on top.

With time, it gets to the delicious and expected chypre drydown, including an almost leathery dark patchouli and sandalwood mix that just gets deeper and darker as the vetiver and moss make their way in.

I know the fusty quality is why so many people hate Elite, but it's what makes it stand out to me. You know those British costume dramas? They'll inevitably have a scene where the aristocratic men are hanging out in some sort of a club on old chairs wearing tight ill-fitting suits and smoking cigars while they talk politics. This is the smell of that - almost laughably pompous and dated, but still a source of pride and a part of history and kind of beautiful.
27th October, 2012

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