Emporio Armani He (1998)
    by Giorgio Armani

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    Launched simultaneously with the feminine counterpart 'Emporio Armani She'. They are both packaged in a metal tube, with a rubber spray mechanism.The packaing was inspired by the mobile phone: something that can be taken anywhere and fairly robust. The female bottle has an indent, and the male bottle has a kind of protusion, which fit together.

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    England England

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    Awesome scent.
    Its a shame it doesn't last very long. But then again I think its subtly is what makes it special.

    Perfect for house wear when you have guests over.
    You won't get much notice wearing it outside, beyond a couple of hours.

    LOVE IT.......just a shame about the longevity. ......if it had that it would have been a signature scent. The same can be said about Armani Code.

    28 December, 2013

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    Great for all reason

    Luxury, Clean, modern .Love it!!

    Pros: Smell very good ,a little bit powdery
    Cons: longevity is not over 5Hrs."

    01st September, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Love it

    Emporio Armani is a fragrance that doesn't seem to be discussed much on the forums and youtube but it's been a favorite of mine since it came out. It's one that I'll always have on hand.

    It's not one that I would call unique but I haven't smelled anything exactly like it. I see yuzu listed in the notes and see others describe a citrus note but I detect zero citrus in this.

    Projection is average, it's noticeable but won't overpower anyone. Good longevity for me. It's a perfect office scent in my opinion. It's a scent that I default to when I can't decide what to wear. It's a masculine scent that's very comfortable to wear. I get compliments with it.

    21st June, 2013

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    Germany Germany

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    I received a sample off this several years ago and I was head over heals about it. It drove me crazy that I couldn't have it. Now I got this for my birthday and it sucks. The bouquet seems mellow and sad and it doesn't smell neither fresh nor interesting.

    I'm disappointed.

    31st March, 2013

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    Norway Norway

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    I don't recognise any of the official notes in Emporio Armani He. That's a first.

    To me, it's a very understated oriental with violets, wood and musk. However, at times it behaves very badly and reveals a synthetic side of its personality that has been pointed out by other reviewers as well. In such moments it gives off clouds of the chemical in hairspray as well as an ants-like (sic) smell that I do not care for at all.

    Without the the chemicals it would have been superb.

    29 August, 2012

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    This is truly a masculine scent. Though I don't wear it all the time, I had a girlfriend that wanted me to wear only this. I find it refreshing, elegant and woodsy. The container it comes in makes it ideal for travel.

    16 April, 2012

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