English Blazer (1989)
    by Parfums Bleu (orig. by Yardley)

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    English Blazer information

    English Blazer is a men's fragrance by Parfums Bleu. The scent was launched in 1989

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    I tried a sample of the Eau De Toilette in a local perfume shop a few months back and instantly fell in love with it.
    Like everyone else has said I found it very similar to Insignia, especially once it had settled for a few hours. I'm crazy fussy with my fragrance and over the last couple of years have tested literally hundreds of scents and until now have been unable to find one that both my wife and myself both like.
    Upon first application the fresh tang of the citrus hit me immediately, however rather than the mandarin and lemon listed above, I found on my skin it smelt more like lime and lemon grass. Also neither my wife or I could detect any lavender, which is good, since my wife hates lavender.
    After a few hours the scent really seemed to warm up and acquired an unmistakable masculinity. However nothing harsh or overpowering, but something that made me think of it as a generous dad like smell. I'm unsure exactly what these tones were but the moss and wood listed is probably about right.
    English Blazer was certainly the one for me, so you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that they didn't have any in stock and were unsure if they would get any more. They wouldn't even let me buy the tester!!
    Luckily I managed to find a couple of bottles of the aftershave splash on ebay, which even though not very strong is ok for a few hours if you tip it into an atomizer bottle and spray it in large doses. Even then you only really get the citrus punch followed by a very short period of the warmer Insignia like tones before the smell fades to a very subdued background aroma.

    After trying ceaselessly to get hold of some eau de toilette in the UK i have now discovered that the English Blazer brand has been sold by Parfums Bleu and taken over by another company just branded English Blazer. I got in contact with the new company to ask about the availability of this fragrance and was told that there is as yet no UK distribution set up. It is however available in South Africa and some parts of Australia and New Zealand. However I have not as yet been able to find a stockist willing to ship to the UK. If anyone knows of any stockist who will ship to the UK, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

    There is one other thing that I just quickly want to address. In some of the previous reviews Drakkar Noir has been suggested as a similar fragrance to English Blazer. With this in mind I went to try some out a few weeks back and found that on my skin it smelt absolutely nothing like English Blazer. Infact I found it to be very harsh and heavy and really did not like it at all.
    So if you are looking at Drakkar Noir as a similar alternative to English Blazer, you may want to test it on your skin before you order some online because although it suits the skin of other reviewers on this forum, it smelt awful on me.

    18th January, 2013

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    Bought it because my dad used to wear this amazing one called Insignia which smells just like this. Becasue English Blazer is so hard to find in New Zealand, I now buy Drakkar Noir because It's SO similar to this. As previous reviewers have pointed out, this is a scrubbed up version of Drakkar Noir. Insignia, Drakkar Noir, and English Blazer are very much interchangeable. I would go so far as to say that if you're familiar with one of those three you'll know exactly what the other two smell like.

    Now it's time to actually review English Blazer. 5 out of 5 from me! A scent that errs on the formal side. It's seductive, slightly warm yet a bit restrained. Very masculine too. This is a man's fragrance! You wont find women being drawn to wearing this one themselves as it's completely without femininity. A great fragrance that I never get bored of. Good silage and longevity. It's been years since I had a bottle of this but from memory it lasted a few hours on me. Oh and this one gets a lot of compliments too.

    30th July, 2012

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    I love it! It's a beautiful perfume, is a "smooth jazz" of parfumes!

    19th January, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    One of my favorites! Smells very similar to the original now discontinued Insignia, but just with less spices in the notes pyramid. Opens with a real blast of citrus and then dries down to a subtle woody,spicey,moss base.

    19th August, 2010

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    Its like a cleaner version of Drakkar Noir, seems better blended to me. It has a nice citrus up front which seems to clean up some of the Drakkar qualities about it so its not quite so oppressive right out of the bottle. I find it refreshing to wear. It is also the strongest aftershave I've ever run across in terms of longevity, an aftershave strong enough to last all day, still easily detectable now after I put it on 12 hours ago. Mature man's scent? I don't know I'm 29 and wear it fairly frequently.

    26th March, 2010

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    I only bought this reading the reviews posted - i find its a mature mans scent im 27 its definately not my thing and i wouldnt wear it going out as it smells like something your grandad would wear - im not knocking the scent i like it it would just be silly me wearing it

    09th October, 2009

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