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Erolfa (1992)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1992
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Erolfa

Erolfa is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 1992

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Reviews of Erolfa

Creed Erolfa is a dark horse of the Creed family. Often overlooked however has a large following that swears by this fragrance.

Nose behind this is Olivier Creed. I personally feel that Olivier put Creed on the map. This man released some of the best from the house.

The idea behind Erolfa was to bottle Olivier’s memories of the family yacht and sailing the Mediterranean (Hence the reasoning for the family names forming Erolfa).

Upon smelling Erolfa, Olivier did just that it transports me to the deck of a large Yacht in the middle of the sea. The citruses are short lived however are fantastic (Selection Verte shows you the real Citrus quality Creed can show the world). They are sparkling, refreshing and give the user an ode to freshness right away. Something I discovered late on my testing was that the opening also steals a page from MI or is it the other way around (MI released in 95). That melon is so fresh, it not overly sweet and it works so well with the ambergris.

Erolfa shortly thereafter shows you what you came to smell, which is the ozonic salty quality which in my opinion comes a close second to the one I smelled in Sel Marin (Heeley). It’s very authentic and if I close my eyes just enough I can picture myself on that Creed Yacht.

The ambergris in Erolfa is simply outstanding, it has a huge presence in this scent and it worked so well with the other notes. I felt Erolfa truly shows the ambergris to the wearer. Erolfa is a simple straightforward scent, which it shows complexity once it begins being a signature scent or like I have, wore it more then several times.

The musk, sandalwood and ambergris anchors Erolfa (pun intended), which can give off a slightly sweet, clean, and a tad of a soapy/creamy quality. There’s also a solid coniferous aspect (pine) and some truly understated spices.

Erolfa can easily be a signature scent for anyone, easy to throw on, can be great for someone just starting their new job with buying new suits you should get yourself a equally great scent and this could be yours.

Projection: 6
Longevity: 6 (4-6 hours)
Compliment Factor: 6 (little above average)
Uniqueness: 8
Pricing VS what you get: 3 (retail)
Versatility: 8 (high)
Smell: 9 (with more wearings you love it more)
Overall: 9

Buy Try or Pass: I recommend this one as a Try depending on taste
19th September, 2016
A nice spring / summer scent that has a strong "sea vibe" going with nice citrus undertones. I find it very pleasing and a winner as far as a strong scent that stays with you even on hot summer days. The dry down is more enjoyable for me (less of the salty vibe) but I do enjoy this a great deal. Try before you buy this may not be for everyone's nose or tastes. Enjoy!
15th June, 2016
Summer Breeze...

A beautiful fragrance from Creed. It evokes the scent of the Creed family holiday in the Mediterranean. Much like a few others in this house, this one is related to a personal story.

What I get from this is a very breezy, well composed fresh summer citrus with some interesting facets. It is not an aquatic per se, but it does have a "fresh" vibe which is coming from the melon I think.

A great citrus top which lasts well into the base, a slightly salty fresh vibe and resting on an ambergris base. There is a lot to like here. I guess when it comes to originality, there are a few fragrances which have a similar "summer" vibe. For me I do like this for what it does. I would recommend it to try. A really nice fragrance for sure.
06th May, 2016
I was so eager to get this for the summer but was highly disappointed with the longevity ..and projection doesn't last more than 1 hr and this is ridiculous given that the price is obnoxious.
This was a blind buy before I read all the negative reviews in here on its longevity ..I wish I had read them before buying it .
anyways ...I will never recommend this as even though the smell is fantastic but if you cant detect it beyond 1 hr then whats the point ...please go for Sel de Marine -Heeley and others which will give better results and are fantastic smelling as well !
03rd April, 2016
bejahu Show all reviews
United States
A salty, synthetic aquatic with the Millesime ambergris base that smells cheap and generic and doesn't last more than half an hour on my skin. There are so many superior aquatics on the market that smell better, last longer, and cost substantially less. At Creed's price point, this fragrance is a tremendous disappointment.
16th March, 2016
Very clean, summery scent. I really like how this smells, unfortunately, it doesn't last very long. I got a batch from 2012, so it has had time to settle in, and emulsify. Batch number C3112F01. Great top notes, and decent bottom notes. I like the simplicity of this fragrance a lot. A nice fragrance to wear on the golf course, or on a walk in the summer. Thumbs up.
02nd February, 2016

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