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Erolfa (1992)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1992
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

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Erolfa is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 1992

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Reviews of Erolfa

A solid member of the Creed empire, I suppose Erolfa is the marine partner to the beachy Virgin Island Water. VIW is drinks on the beach, and Erolfa takes you out to sea. Erolfa is surely one of the less discussed warm weather Creed fragrances, given the house's abundance of strong entries in this vein, but it does have its own nuances--specifically, the citrus/ambergris pairing. I don't get a very specific citrus vibe out of the opening, but the dry down for me is overwhelmingly ambergris, with slightly woody elements there as well (perhaps cedar or sandalwood due to the slight sweetness).

It's the ambergris, however, that really anchors (yes) the dry down to make it a bit heavier than the other summer Creed options. So it's not truly a saltwater marine smell (as in Nautica Oceans) but rather the Mediterranean-inspired elements that connect to the sea (the driftwood element of Tom Ford Costa Azzurra is familiar here).

Erolfa is, on the whole, pleasant and versatile, and while not a super standout of Creed, it still has a valuable place on a shelf, though I'm not sure it's the next couple of Creeds I would buy. Also, it's decent on longevity and projection like most, but not really an exception on either.

7 out of 10
21st August, 2015
Erolfa, in my opinion, has to be one of the most under-rated Creed fragrances for men. I will agree with some reviews here that it lacks a “WOW” factor. It is a pleasant citrus scent that many individuals will find “just OK.” Needless to say, the compliment factor is few & far between. However, after spending about a month with this fragrance, I have grown to appreciate it more & more.

Before I begin describing this scent, I would just like to point out that this fragrance is very reminiscent of another popular Creed, Millésime Imperial. They DO NOT smell the same by any means; however, they do share a similar format or structure. They both have citrus notes at the top & a soft sour musky base. While MI gives off a fruity, fun, casual type of vibe, Erolfa is quite the opposite. Erolfa, to my senses, gives off a very sophisticated feel. It is less fruity than MI & also a different type of citrus note is used, giving Erolfa a quite refined aroma. Erolfa has been my summer work fragrance. I feel that it is best suited for professional settings during the warmer months.

I feel that many fragrance enthusiasts looking for information on Erolfa are given the impression that it “smells like the ocean.” Having a very “salty kick” so to speak. I fail to relate to this description. Now I have the current formulation & have not smelled the original (before 2005). So I can only describe what is available now. To me, it’s not salty at all, nor does it smell like an ocean. It isn’t sharp or overwhelming to the senses. The fragrance is focused around the citrus top notes & dries down to a very pleasant soft sour musk. It may allude to a soft marine breeze, but without the sharp saltiness that would accompany an oceanic scent.

The main downfall for Erolfa is the performance. On my skin, I only get roughly 4-5 hours longevity and it only projects for the first 1½ hours. Despite this dismal performance, I would still recommend people to at least try it out at a local department store or try and find a sample. It won’t be a heavy hitter in your wardrobe, but it will certainly have its place.
22nd June, 2015
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United States
I didn't think it was "worthy" of the creed name at first as it's not like the others that I love which blow me away and are truly unique scents and masterpieces in some cases (MI, GIT, Aventus, SMW, Himalaya, VIW, Original Santal, list goes on..). However, this one does have it's place. It's very pleasant, and perfect for warmer weather. Very classy. You can really feel the ambergris vibe that Creed uses in a lot of their fragrances -- it stands out even moreso in Erolfa. Overall, if you're familiar with Green Irish Tweed and Milisime Imperial, it smells a lot like the base of those two fragrances, with very watery citrus on top.
It has pretty decent longevity for this type of scent...I get about 6+ hours out of it on a hot summer day. I don't know anyone who could smell this and be offended by it, I'd have to say this is a very universal citrus aquatic / marine scent that no one could smell and not like. Perfect for a "work" fragrance that is positive not to offend anyone ever, and perfect for a classy summer fragrance that will never cloy or be overpowering. Lastly I'll ask and answer the question -- if this didn't have the Creed name on it, and the juice was in a blank bottle in the designer section, would I be able to tell it's a niche / Creed?
Yes, I would; Creed's use of ambergris gives it away, and really makes it a high class fragrance and stand out among a world full of citrus aquatics. Is it worth the price? Only you can decide that; I managed to get mine on the cheap, so I don't regret buying it...but if you are looking for another Aventus or GIT level nostril orgasmic experience, look just won't get that level of intricacy from Erolfa...and that's fine with me.
05th June, 2015
I was expecting more from Erolfa than this unfortunately, it has lemony disinfectant kind of vibe going on that didn't give me any wow factor. Ahsame really as I was really hoping for something glorious like some of Creeds other offerings.
11th May, 2015
Everytime I sample a Creed fragrance I go through an internal debate as to if I would pay the cost of owning a bottle. While EROLFA is a nice scent, I don't like it enough to justify buying a bottle at Creed prices.

I have tried MI and EROLFA seems to be of the same general composition, just add a marine element, which is very faint and occasionally makes the composition seem sour. The melon or citrus top notes also seem flat or sour for a summer fragrance. It is a nice scent overall, but just not something that I would use often enough. I did get about double the longevity of MI, so I'd prefer EROLFA between the two.

Nothing terrible, but nothing better than neutral for me.
19th March, 2015 (last edited: 22nd April, 2015)
Creed Erolfa is one of those scents that if you want to really appreciate it, you should use it in high heat. when it's more than 40'C (above 100'F) out there and you just want to grab that disgusting sun and throw it to the garbage! I hate summer! xD

The opening of this fragrance is a very salty, watery and kind of green aroma mixed with some transparent and watery citruses. the citruses here are not up in front and you will not get a common tart or juicy fresh citruses out of this. the citrusy note does exist but a few steps back from that sea salt, watery and green kind of smell. some people may don't like this salty opening but dude, it's just magical and so refreshing in high heat.

After about half an our (less or more) that strong salty feeling goes in the background and scent gets slightly sweet. there are also some floral notes in the background and I can clearly feel them but they are not so strong to make scent flowery and feminine.

The base of this fragrance is a semi fresh, clean (kind of soapy) slightly sweet and at the same time salty and green smell that some woods give it just more oomph!
Projection is below average but longevity is OK. around 4-5 hours which is nice. it doesn't worth to buy it with Creed's boutique prices ($350 for 120ml?! are you kidding me?!) but if you could find it much cheaper in a discounter or something it's a nice catch. I like it.
07th March, 2015

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