Erolfa (1992)
    by Creed

    Erolfa Fragrance Notes

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Without a doubt my favourite aquatic of all time I get a wonderful briny sour note that for me pins down the fragrance and gives it a true sea air.
    I feel like I'm on an Italian beach surrounded by old pines sitting close to an old wooden jetty I can smell the wood drying out under the late afternoon sun. The sea breeze brings in a sour note like sea weed drying out but luckily a young lady next to me is eating some fresh melon that just cancels out the sour note.
    My skin has that smell of dips in the sea mixed with suntan lotions that have been washed away but leave there trace just under the iodine left by the sea. It's that wonderful mix of contrasting smells only ever found on a hot summers day down at the beach there not always the prettiest of smells but luckily another nicer smell always comes along to neutralise it. That's erolfa! Don't waste this fragrance in the winter or fall! Even spring might be too early. Give it a hot summers day to bring out the full glory and simmer in its journey.

    I own both versions of Erolfa and this review is based on the original formula, I find the newer formula to have a fresher feel possibly a cleaner linen smell where as the original has more of a fresh beach towel vibe? I hope this makes sense or I'm going to look proper bonkers...

    29 March, 2014

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    This is probably my favourite Summer scent. It's one of the few summer scents that doesn't end up smelling like "cologne" if you know what I mean. Wear this and imagine yourself on a yacht with an all white outfit. There is a good balance between citrus, fresh and salty in this. I find on my skin it does a good job for longevity, somewhere around 6 hours.

    25 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Vying at they top for the most versatile Creed.

    An invigorating briney aquatic. You can wear this casually AND with a suit as there's no fruity or sweet notes that other aquatics often come with (and is their ultimate limitations). Similar in vibe to Bulgari's Aqua, or, less so, to the vintage CW.

    Great scent and longevity (one spray lasts all day).

    Only con is the price.

    07 February, 2014

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    the reaper
    Venezuela Venezuela

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    The perfect balanced smell for all ocassions. I bought this fragance based on the reviews of people that said that Erolfa is the most aquatic fragance ever. Nah!!!!!!! To me it smells like water. The only con is that it doesn't last enough but it appears every now and then. This would be the perfect go to fragance if it wasn't for the longevity thing. Thumbs up anyway.

    02 October, 2013 (Last Edited: 06 March, 2014)

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    My signature summer fragrance

    As stated in the summary, this is my signature scent during the summer months. Smells like I'm standing on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico just downwind from a lemon tree grove. Really takes me back to when I lived in Florida. Salty sea air and citrus. This is the only scent in my arsenal that has the ability to actually transport me somewhere else when I close my eyes.

    The only drawback; and it might be just me, is that there is some ingredient in this concoction that makes me sensitive to sunlight. I don't know what it is, but it's in there somewhere.

    Projects moderately and longevity lasts all day.

    I love it, but it doesn't really stand out. A good one to try a few times before you buy.

    Pros: Opening, longevity, just the right amount of projection
    Cons: Kinda makes me sensitive to sunlight"

    07 September, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Just OK..

    Other than it being an aquatic that still smells "new" today. Erolfa is just an overpriced fragrance really. If you love Creed, you may like it. It has that popular metallic accord you may find in other Creed scents. It's some sort of synthetic note that gives it a cooling effect -- some sort of mint/metallic concoction. Erolfa opens up with this strong accord I speak of, accompanied by simple aquatic notes, melons, citruses, calone I presume, and other artificial "sea breeze" like accords. The lime note is very noticeable in the first minute or so. I quickly get the mid notes, notably a floral note I don't care for.. jasmine. Tons of jasmine in the middle, even the opening. At this point, I don't even want it on my skin, but an interesting twist with a pine note sits behind all else, it makes me sniff and sniff. Eventually, you get a light mossy and fairly strong sandalwood base. From a distance, it actually kind of smells like piss. Longevity is around the 6 hour mark for me.. and projection is about average, with strong projection in the first 10 minutes.

    Pros: Ahead for its time
    Cons: Price"

    11th July, 2013

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