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Escada Homme (1993)
by Escada


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Year of Launch1993
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Parent Company at launchEscada Beaute Group

About Escada Homme

Escada Homme is a masculine fragrance by Escada. The scent was launched in 1993

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Reviews of Escada Homme

Genre: Woody Oriental

Escada pour Homme’s launch is fueled by and exceptionally pleasant and well balanced accord of sweet mandarin, lavender and bergamot. These top notes give way quite slowly to a heart of orange blossom and candied spices over a vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood foundation. While quite sweet, Escada pour Homme does not impress me as a gourmand scent. It’s basenotes are too resinous, its vanilla too subtle and dry, and its floral notes too conspicuous for that. Instead Escada pour Homme presents as a rich, but not heavy, well balanced oriental that would work well for office or professional wear.

While lighter, less spicy, and hence perhaps a bit more bland than those men’s oriental classics Habit Rouge, Héritage, and Jaïpur Homme, Escada pour Homme does offer more character than say, Armani Code, and better balance than the over-sweetened Pi or Le Male. It’s middle-of-the-road, but sometimes the middle of the road is exactly where you want to be.
13th June, 2014
A very full and classy fragrance. Can a fragrance make you smell smart? In that regard, the ‘projection’ of Escada Homme reminds me of Tiffany for Men or Lauder for Men due to the heavy hitting yet silky / boozy / complex cognac note.

If you like fragrances that project suaveness and professional sophistication then this is a safe blind buy. There's a reason why this one got so many positive reviews.

Sad note: Not long ago I saw Escada Homme in all the discount stores for very little money, and now I regret that I didn't pick up a few more bottles. I suspect that one day it will be considered a classic, and nostalgic old guys will pay big money for it on ebay :)
10th November, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom

A vintage sample:

The top note of lime, lavender, bergamot and cognac is quite unique and well blended. In the drydown I get a lot of cardamom, with a bit of juniper and sandalwood added. Later a touch of moss and a light vanilla/musk note is added. It is, however, never really sweet. Throughout a light and very elegant fragrance, whose main drawback on my skin is poor projection and silage. On the other hand he longevity is good with over six hours. A scent definitely worth trying.

28th July, 2013
Escada Pour Homme is an excellent fragrance, but has poor sillage and longevity.
02nd November, 2012
For some reason, I put this fragrance on the shelf for several months. After trying it again, I came away very impressed. It reminds me of several other very pleasant fragrances. For example, Escada pH shares several notes with Versace pH (vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and musk) and reminds me quite a bit of this enjoyable fragrance. The sandalwood & vanilla occassionally reminds me of Channel Egoiste. The pepper & vanilla combination occasionally reminds me of YSL Opium. Although it reminds me of several other fragrances, Escada pH is in itself an excellent fragrance with good sillage and very good longevity. I'm glad I pulled it off my shelf and rediscovered it.
24th August, 2012
This was odd. The first image that came to mind upon the first spray on my skin was of the '80s. Instantly, the entire room screaming that decade...which wasn't pleasant to me. As it calmed down, however, it grew on me a bit. The heart bloomed into a nice, flowery smell, but that '80s vibe stayed with it throughout the nine hours I could still pick it up on my skin.

This sucker fills a room!! I sprayed each wrist once, and my wife smelled it all day every time she entered the room. She liked it better from that distance, but never cared for it on me. "It reminds me of playing with my grandma's perfume as a kid," she said (which would have been in the '80s.

I had to laugh, because just seconds before that, I realized that the scent reminded me of my grandpa as a child--which would have been in the '80s.

I give it a neutral because there's nothing wrong with Escada pour just doesn't work for me.
19th August, 2012

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