Esencia Loewe (1988)
    by Loewe

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    Shifty Bat
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    Candied Lemon Moss

    Esencia is excellent in the real sense of the word, as it is pleasing to me on a level which outstripes about 90% of other designer scents I've tried. It comes on a bit too sweet but very quickly pulls back the sugary veil and smooths out into a lemon drops and lavender affair over a bed of musky, deep green moss and a whole lot of tonka. It is nearly impossible to sniff this and mentally tie it to any color outside of the green/yellow spectrum.

    If you ever thought you might like Bowling Green if it was less 'friendly grandfather' or Jaguar's flagship scent if that one was less 'pissy humidor,' Esencia might well be your match.

    27 February, 2014

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    Esencia de Loewe is an aromatic fougere with a plethora of official notes listed. Instead of break that down, I'd rather talk about my perception. When I first smelled this, it was an instant Holy Grail! It begins with a sunny greenness that is fresh and masculine. It retains this masculine greenness until the musky dry down. This is very aromatic as it projects like nothing I've witnessed. It does have that 80's powerhouse sillage, but that is a good thing. Some compare it to Polo Green, but this is much better. Very classic with a modern edge. Its hard to believe this was released in 1988, in that regard. I have smelled this in other compositions and I can see where they must have gotten their inspiration. Overall, a green, fresh, musky, masculine powerhouse. Two big thumbs up as it doesn't get much better for this genre.

    07 February, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    extremely pleasent in its long drydown, solid sillage and longevity

    07 January, 2014

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    Great drydown

    The opening it's not very good, but after that, with the drydown, get better, a lot better.

    It's a old school smell but i think that is acceptable.

    - Last a lot and projects well
    - Not popular
    - A old school with nice drydown.
    - A quality fragrance

    - Elegant

    - Someone can think that is grandpa smell
    - Can be offensive if over apply

    It's a nice acquisition for a collector or for someone what looking for a good alternative to the formal - old school scents out there.

    If it's your case, try it.


    Pros: Nice formal scent
    Cons: Can be too old school for someone"

    15 September, 2013

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    It's like walking with a time machine into the past. It's that awful smell that studies used to have, back in the days when people still smoked indoors and rarely opened the windows.

    I can imagine that a few people like this kind of a fragrance, but it's definitely not mine.

    04 May, 2013

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    This is the shining star for the house of Loewe. Doesn't have the plastic accord that turned me off to many of their fragrances. There's already some great reviews of this and I agree that it's superb. Thumbs up and bottle worthy for anyone that enjoys aromatic classic type fragrances.

    04 October, 2012

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