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Eternity for Men (1989)
by Calvin Klein


Eternity for Men information

Year of Launch1989
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 813 votes)

People and companies

HouseCalvin Klein
PerfumerCarlos Benaim
PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchUnilever

About Eternity for Men

Still popular today, this fresh fougere fragrance inspired many wannabe's.

Eternity for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Eternity for Men

I had first tried this in a holiday sampler pack that came bundled with this as well as Obsession, Escape, and CK One. While I liked them all this was probably my third favorite of the bunch behind CK One and Obsession. This one starts out sort of smelling like a glade plugin air freshener. The longer you wear it it gives way to a kind of green and woody scent. This one is kind of a sweet and sour cologne. Some days I can get this one to last longer and on those days it retains it's sweet scent other days it gets a little sour and the scent fades faster. Overall a decent fragrance considering you can get a small bottle at Walmart for under $25. I think it lasts longer and is best suited for warmer days.
04th May, 2017
Whatever reformulation Coty or whoever owns Calvin Klein fragrances has done willfully and successfully killed this fragrance. Vintage bottles are going over $100 online and I can't stand to pay retail for a true branded bottle that smells like a knock-off. Someone should pay dearly for messing up this fragrance.
08th April, 2017
This is a shadow of what it used to be. Back in high school, every guy had a bottle of this and the halls were filled with clouds of Eternity. Why? Because all the high school girls loved it - including my girlfriend (who is now my wife).

25 or so years later, I picked up a bottle for some nostalgia. It's almost unwearable now in its reformulation but there's still a ghost of the original lying here and there underneath. For this reason I keep it around if we want a trip down memory lane.
28th February, 2017
A great scent from Calvin Klein! Eternity definitely is noticed by others whenever I wear it, and I've been complimented several times.

Eternity is a classy, pungent cologne that has shimmering layers of spiciness, aquatics, citrus, and warmth from the lavender and geranium. One friend commented on smelling Bay rum in the fragrance; it's not in the official scent triangle, but I think he was on point.

I haven't smelled the vintage vs. newer formulation, so I can't make any comparisons as other basenotes have so aptly done. But overall, Eternity is an understated legend that's worth a try.
11th January, 2017
I'm sure it's been reformulated, but I can't stand this one anymore. Definitely bitter/sour scent. I couldn't even wear it because I hated the scent. Gave my bottle away to Goodwill.
09th July, 2016 (last edited: 05th August, 2016)
Long ago I avoided reviewing this and several other fragrances simply because they had plenty enough reviews already. Now I feel compelled to throw in my two cents because of how my perception has changed over the years. Until now I never quite realized how very 80's the heart and base are, losing myself in the lavender and calone opening. But the bitter greens and white florals, on closer inspection, are more akin to scents like the original Burberrys than the wave of herbaceous aquatics that followed Eternity's release. Heck, I never even noticed there was vetiver in this composition until today. I have always liked Calvin Klein despite their many shortcomings (CK Free and Encounter spring immediately to mind), and Mr. Klein and I share a birthday (Yippee!), and I feel this release deserves its level of fame- It is synthetic yet potent, a bit screechy if over-sprayed, but is layered and nuanced in a way which seems to be fading from the common release. My one caveat is that the current version in production is -maybe- 65 percent the strength of the original.
Thumbs up for the original creation and a watered down neutral for the schlock currently on the shelves.
27th May, 2016

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