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Etiquette Bleue (1908)
by D'Orsay


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Year of Launch1908
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PackagingFederico Restrepo

About Etiquette Bleue

Reintroduced in 1995

Etiquette Bleue fragrance notes

Reviews of Etiquette Bleue

This is a very simple composition. Bright, yet sweet hesperidics on top, supported by light white flowers and precious woods, plus a touch of moss in the drydown to provide an earthy countermelody. In its sheer transparency and clean structure Etiquette Bleu looks forward nearly a century to modern niche perfumery trends. I imagine that in its day the combination of moss and typical eau de Cologne elements was revolutionary, but it doesn't excite me in a contemporary context.

Limited in sillage and projection and with a lifespan of about two hours, Etiquette Bleu makes a nice hot weather office scent, though I suspect it’s most important now for its role in fragrance history.
14th June, 2014
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
The notes seem like they would form a classical composition: neroli, petitgrain, orange, lemon, musk...yet the balsam and probably moss add a chypre character that detracts from the beauty of the citrus and orange blossom. The citric accord is somewhat synthetic as well. The base is very powdery. Is this a traditional cologne? well, sort of.
30th March, 2010
Powdery balsam with citrus topnotes. It's stunning in its EdT form but smells like a Glade candle when you get down to it. And old-school smelling perfume.
07th September, 2008
The balsam predominates, and I don't find it that appealing. I also found the longevity to be terrible.
17th October, 2006
With its strong hesperidic overture melting into one of the finest neroli notes ever and its general lightness this is a cousin of the great French Eau de Colognes by the likes of Roger & Gallet or Berdoues. While R&G has a more pungent citrus opening and fades quickly in direct comparison, Berdoues puts a stronger aspect on the orange blossom, but betrays quite some similarities, before Bleue’s gentle balsamic basenotes take over and it shows its greater fullness and roundedness. A classic Cologne promoted to Eau de Toilette, subtle, ethereal, brilliantly assembled. To me it is a scent of the South, conjuring up memories of strolling through the dusky streets of Cadiz, lined with orange trees releasing their beautiful fragrance as if to suggest the nights in Andalucia are not for sleeping.
02nd October, 2006
Utterly unique and beautiful. Feels almost airy - like a breath of fresh air. The balsam really comes through for me, that and the powdery vanilla base. The whole thing is just so unique. Lyman is spot-on: it's effortlessly exotic. Exotic in the way tropical flowers are exotic, not a heavy, dark exotic. Longevity was not a big problem for me.
04th August, 2006

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