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Extreme Polo Sport (1998)
by Ralph Lauren


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Year of Launch1998
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HouseRalph Lauren
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Extreme Polo Sport

Designed for those who enjoy Bunjee Jumping, Snowboarding and other "Extreme" sports. A strong note of Black Pepper Oil, as well as Juniper, Cypress and Incense. Packaged in a Hi-tech silver glass bottle with a silver knurled cap.

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Reviews of Extreme Polo Sport

There isn't much left to say after the excellent review wrote by manicboy.
It's not extreme or even sport. It's a very nice, versatile light "green peppery incensey" fragrance. Everything here is well done in a minimalistic way. I really hate incense in fragrances as Gucci I pour homme, CdG, Avignon etc. Always disliked the sour and heavy church incense represented in those releases. However, I truly liked Polo's soft approach to the theme. Could be easily in market nowadays. Its main problem was the concept: an aggressive sporty logo and bottle, called "extreme", delivers a calm, cozy (flerting with sophistication) juice.
12th January, 2018
Really distinct, though discontinued, fragrance in the Polo family.

Extreme Polo Sport isn't loud or intense as the name suggests. Spicy and well-rounded, with the bergamot and juniper notes pairing well and being accented by the clary sage and mint.

Tastefully crafted, safer to wear than the "extreme" moniker would suggest.
28th December, 2016
Let’s get one thing straight – there is nothing “extreme” or “sport” about this fragrance at all. And the industrial sporty bottle does nothing to dispel these connotations either. RL EPS is the opposite of a sports fragrance – simply put, it is a light incense/woody masculine. Starts off with a spicy & peppery aroma of juniper, nutmeg and pepper. Reminds me a bit of the great Gucci Pour Homme and Azzaro Visit but decidedly lighter than both. I don’t really detect any heart notes per se and the incense woody notes appear as the spice & pepper wear off. Not really deep incense like you find in Lutens and CdG but more of a light incense vibe that won’t make you smell like a church. Longevity is average, lasting only 4-5 hours before it’s all gone.

EPS is a nice alternative to the heavier incense-based frags and a nice gem if you can find it as Ralphy has long discontinued it.

29th March, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
When I experience the opening blast on my skin, there is a predominance of mint, coriander and juniper. The latter is not of very high quality - this is no Baie de Genievre - but the combination is not without originality, especially when bergamot is added a bit later on. The drydown mixed mid-strong peppery notes with green herbal impressions, whilst towards the base phase woody notes are added, especially a touch of cedarwood. In the last hour a fairly unobtrusive gentle incense raises its head, but this is never in the foreground on me.
Whilst his not a spectacular composition, it is overall less generic and predictable than many other scents of the same house, although they clearly made better Polos. I get moderate sillage, adequate albeit not very prominent projection, with nearly seven hours of longevity; the performance is not bad then. This scent is good for spring, and hovering between neutral and positive in its score; eventually I give is a positive score - just. 3/5.
30th October, 2014
This is a gem, though not many would agree. The name is entirely deceiving, as it comes across as something you could expect from Crabtree and Evelyn or Roger and Gallet.

Think masculine dusty berry with some green herbal notes. Then there is the pepper, which wraps it all together. I like it a lot and it never fails to get a compliment.

Smells nothing like Bvlgari Pour Homme by the way.
24th December, 2013
bought this but wanted polo sport instead. i thought they were the same fragrance. the black pepper is pretty strong in this one. great spice scent.
20th August, 2010 (last edited: 02nd February, 2011)

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