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Fašonnable (1994)
by Fašonnable


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Year of Launch1994
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBogart Group

About Fašonnable

Fašonnable is a masculine fragrance by Fašonnable. The scent was launched in 1994

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Reviews of Fašonnable

I remember Faconnable being different than the various other offerings at the Nordstrom fragrance counter over 10 years back: Complex, sweet and spicy, having a tinge of pungent citrus spiked with the well-crafted mint. It smelled like an exotic, fascinating European scent! (I'm from the US.)

29th December, 2016
Faconnable by Faconnable is a lost in the memory gorgeous accord of standout mint-lavender, fresh citrus, musk and sharp floral notes. Distinguished and powerfully aromatic. Temperamental. Nice scent.
12th December, 2014
A classy, clean sandalwood based scent. It's magical and gorgeous!
28th September, 2014
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Fašonnable brought up the rear in an early 90's pack that included Mackie for Men, XS pour Homme and Animale for Men. All had a citrus top and sweet floral mid and candied or herbal drydown and despite its tardiness, I think Fašonnable may be an improvement on the predecessors. It is more potent and smooth, with superb longevity. The opening mint note threatens to go the way of Mentholatum but pivots at the precipice and takes the high road to Smellsgoodville. This is far from my favorite subset of the fragrance realm, but among this cadre Bogart Group's bottle is at the top of the heap.
19th October, 2012
One of the best treatments of the mint note.
Tre mint note is difficult to handle, it clashes with many accords and if it is not done well the perfume ends up smelling like toothpaste, but in this case, the mint serves as the backbone of the perfume supporting to perfection the citric opening and the flowery heart. The mix musk/mint almost breaks up the continuity of the scent, and I thought for a short time that the "toothpaste" accord was going to break through, but the perfume holds very well and do not fall apart, It is a very "clean" minty drydown with hints of woods and amber.
Not among my top 25 list, and maybe not among my 50 either, but a very well composed perfume that is truly enjoyable.
28th June, 2012
man114 Show all reviews
United States
Weird opening, smells like some sort of synthetic clenaer mixed with an electronics store or a walk through Bloomingdales mens cologne section during 1996 or so when they were spraying Cool Water like scents left and right. Too much clashing between the opening accords in my opinion. It is harsh and offputting, After the initial blast it turns into something that vaguely resembles Green Irish Tweed or Cool Water with a weird twang that reminds me of green grass. Softens up to a forgetable woodsy endiing with some sort of leather like note that smells like new shoes, probably a clash between the jasmine and musk (sweet and sharp).

I disagree with the Minotaure comparison someone gave because Minotaure isn't offputting from the get go and is overall pleasant. It is better balanced as it never strikes the strong discord I got from this stuff. This gets boring in the drydown in all honesty I've gotten better drydown from $7 bottles of BOD Man. It doesn't smell like it uses overly cheap ingredients, its just too plain and not memorable with an offputting top note.

I'd rate it neutral, its wearable, but not special. Given that it seems to be available pretty cheaply you can do a lot worse.
29th April, 2011

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