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Far Away for Men (1998)
by Avon


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Year of Launch1998
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Far Away for Men is a masculine fragrance by Avon. The scent was launched in 1998

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Imagine if you will, somebody in Avon's stable of mostly anonymous perfumers being tasked with improving Liz Claiborne's Curve for men (1996) on the typical Avon budget. Sounds like a monumental task doesn't it? Then imagine that perfumer's answer being by making the formula sparkle with synthetic fruit notes found in the women's bath products of the day. Hold onto your hats, we're going for ride! We all know Curve begat it's wave of clones as the next great pillar in the 90's freshness revolution that began with the late 80's, but Avon was still floundering in it's own self-induced downmarket brand mediocrity at the time, after it let go of the prestige brands it acquired in the 80's. Avon male designs had always been left-of-center since their introduction in the 60's, often adding unique twists to an established genre or trend that made them legitimately desirable enough to make the wife call the Avon Lady and get a sweet deal rather than take a trip to Macy's and get fleeced. How else did they end up in so many homes? Granted, they weren't the longest lasting of scents, but ah well. Increased derivation from "play-it-safe" trend-following crept in, and Avon became labeled a direct-to-home house of copycats much like a dollar store knock-off, buying prestige brands in the 80's while allowing it's own name to plunge further, which didn't help reputation if nobody knew Avon was the distributor. Suffice it to say, Avon masculines started to get really weird by the 90's (with the exception of the classic Mesmerize for men), as they seemingly had no sense of artistic direction neither with bottle design nor the scent itself. These were dark days for Avon if you were a less-than-adventurous guy (women fared much better), and here is an example of just how dark they were. Now that's not to say this isn't a likeable scent, but it definitely crosses gender lines in a number of unexpected ways in what seems to be an attempt to out-Curve Liz Claiborne.

Far Away for men was basically a male flanker to the popular Avon women's perfume, which was made before and long after this one came and went. Many folks don't even realize that there was a men's Far Away because this was so short-lived compared to it's female counterpart. Much like other 90's Avon masculines, it comes in a puzzling bottle design that looks like it was a rejected bottle for an 80's Avon feminine (if you don't believe me check out Starring for men, Friktion for men, and Maxx). In the case of Far Away, Avon wouldn't even bother listing the name on the bottle outside of the label at the bottom, so who really knew what this was if they found it somewhere unboxed? Spraying the scent yielded an even more shocking revelation: this was Curve married to a bottle of vintage 90's Bath and Body Works Plumeria bath gel. No, I'm really not kidding. There is a huge plum or plum flower note right up in the heart of this, alongside the listed fig leaf in the top, which itself was very juicy, and some florals not typical in a masculine from this period. Jasmine, Muguet and geranium all surround this plum note, which explains the purple motif of the packaging, and in the rest of the pyramid you'll find bergamot, sandalwood, and cardamom which tie it to Liz Claiborne's aforementioned 90's barnstormer. Tonka and cedar beef up the base and bring this closer to a traditional fougère, but this was certainly a richer, rounder, and more complex scent than Curve, yet with half the notes. It really feels like that was what the perfumer intended, to make a more daring and risque Curve, and if that is so, then mission accomplished. I'd wear this ten to one over the former, but there's a caveat.

Far Away for men achieves being a more scandalous take on the powdery fresh 90's trope by being more feminine - a lot more feminine - than pretty much anything mainstream from that period. We're not really talking designer concepts of femininity however, but more like store brand or 90's middle-income shopping mall health and beauty product concepts of feminine, when everyone's teenage sister would blow up the bathroom with the aforementioned plumeria bath gel before rolling around in an entire bottle of Japanese cherry blossom body mist. This is the direct aesthetic created by Far Away for men. If you always wanted to steal your sister's Herbal Essences shampoo or Calgon Turquoise Seas but didn't have the guts to spray it on for fear of having your masculinity questioned, well guess what? Avon has the cologne for you! Those of us who are not entirely of binary gender persuasions will probably revel in wearing this scent (I know I am), and wear it daringly on a day trip, But this one is a gamble for the rest of you. How fruity can you take your fresh fougères, and are you okay smelling like 90's bath products? For those of you not intimidated by what this extremely odd 90's nightmare of an Avon masculine has to offer, I'd say wear this one to the nightclub, or if drag is your thing, spray this on your wig and keep everyone guessing! Far Away for men is a bit more synthetic but longer-lasting than Curve, and this unintentional 90's gender bender was probably the last great flop before Avon was set strait, no pun intended. I also feel some of the floral elements of this were recycled into Avon's Skin 2 Skin for men (2003), which was also quite flirtatious in it's sexuality but not as loud about it. I love Avon weirdness so I'm giving it a thumbs up, but I won't recommend this to somebody who takes what they wear seriously.
11th January, 2018
Like 'Far Away', Far Away for Men isn't something for everybody. It is woody and very powerful. I used to love this scent back in the days.

It's not the best in the world, but taking into consideration the price and that it was pretty intense and powerful, it's not a bad deal.
27th March, 2013

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