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Fendi Uomo (1988)
by Fendi


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Year of Launch1988
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Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Parent Company at launchElf Aquitaine > Sanofi Beauté > Florbath

About Fendi Uomo

Fendi Uomo is a masculine fragrance by Fendi. The scent was launched in 1988

Fendi Uomo fragrance notes

Reviews of Fendi Uomo

Obviously MASCULINE.It smells interesting at the bigining when you first spray but not for all.FENDI UOMO a true is definitely HEAVY but i would't say it is unique.

When you wearning this cologne people will think you have a particular style.Nice and warm.the base notes is woody and a little remembered GUCCI PH for me.

Not for every day.perfect for cold winter nights definitely special makes you feel warm.Sillage and longevity are very Good.Anyway i recommend to test before buying.

12th April, 2015
An old school smoker .Has a slight hint of JHL.Had to find.
31st January, 2015
Fendi Uomo opens as a fresh-herbal aromatic fougère with an tamed down leathery-woody base, quite soft but “virile”, and an overall sharp barbershop feel (lavender, carnation, citrus notes, leather...). Fairly pleasant, clean and well made, but frankly also quite conventional, at least initially and for a while – in a “boring” meaning, much similar to many other fougères from the ‘80s in the same kind of leathery-herbal style (no powerhouses, no civet/leather bombs, rather just “dad’s classy aftershave”). Nonetheless, during the evolution it becomes more interesting, more unique and quite more fascinating: it gets darker, drier, losing a bit of its formal understatement and becoming more smoky, more austere, more sophisticated and shady. Fans of recent Amouage leather-based scents like Journey Man may like this (just compare the drydowns). It’s still somehow conventional, therefore still a tad boring honestly, but good. Overall I’d consider it a solid, compelling, understated, not-that-exciting “all-year-rounder”, unworthy any high price or chase, but worth a try for any herbal-leathery fougère fan.

01st January, 2015
Complex, mature and quite elegant

I have nothing but admiration for the old italian style of perfume making, and Fendi Uomo is typical of this.

The fragrance opens up with a host of notes that can be almost overwhelming but which work together really well to give the impression of a well dressed, slightly conservative image of a man. Pure masculinity in the old tradition.

With lavender, cinnamon, carnation and herbs, followed by rose, iris and vetiver, with leather, patchouli and amber constantly in the background. It can be dense and a little heavy, but it dries down beautifully with leather and earthy, herbal florals to give this impression of masculinity. Think expensive cut suits with wide lapels, the finest Italian leather shoes, immaculate grooming. I don't see this primarily as an "old man" type of fragrance, but more of a "classic" style type of scent. Like a young man in an old Italian film or magazine dressed in the best male fashion of his day.

In this world where this kind of smell is slowly disappearing (Fendi Uomo has been discontinued for some time now), it really is nice to smell the old classic style of masculinity once again. Nostalgia, yes... but certainly worth it.
24th August, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A lavender with coriander and some bergamot sets the tone in the opening phase, with iris and carnation developing as middle notes. A bit of wood is also present and a mild patchouli.  On my skin it does not develop on a particularly exciting way. Limited silage and projection with about three hours of longevity. 
31st October, 2013
Ive now had 2 bottles of this and i love it. Sadly, this has now been discontinued. Only it hasnt. It was reincarnated as YSL's M7 in 2002. They smell exactly the same and i cant believe no-one else has picked up on this!? Basically, saw some pine in half and rub some cherries on the end. Smell. This is what Fendi Uomo smells like. Unique. Sort of.

This smells the same as M7 Oud Absolou, not the original M7. My mistake. But if you like Uomo, try M7 Oud Absolou.
23rd September, 2012 (last edited: 24th September, 2012)

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