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Scuderia Ferrari Black (1999)
by Ferrari


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Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyInvestindustrial > Morris
Parent Company at launchSatinine

About Scuderia Ferrari Black

Scuderia Ferrari Black is a masculine fragrance by Ferrari. The scent was launched in 1999

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If i have to use two words to describe it,it will be ROMANTIC and Lovely.Yes feeling loved whenever i wore this fragrance and i get all the compliments.i really love it.

Top notes is very pleasant and sweet.bergamot and lime really make it a fresh in top many people love this fragrance specially girls!

Perfect for intimate occasion full of dream and romance in autumn evenings and i recommend it for a modern man.The longevity is good on my skin.

01st June, 2015
As others have mentioned, this fragrance smells very synthetic. Whether it is Ferrari Black's fault or not, it did not mix well with my body chemistry, leaving a strange 'baby powder' scent looming amid the chemical tones. (I know, weird.) I can't recommend this cologne to anyone.
25th March, 2015
Clearly inspired by Boss Bottled, Ferrari Black is a good scent, but smells too synthetic to my nose.
The apple note is very loud and also the other notes are sharp and that turns my stomach sometimes.
Sillage, lasting power and projection are high.
16th March, 2013
great, cheap fragrance. smelled boss bottled and its definitely similar with the apple note.

people that say "this and that smells cheap", I just don't get it. I think a lot of it is just placebo effect. I mean, imagine if neither fragrances are marked, AND you don't know that one is more expensive than the other, can you really smell one and say "oh yea, if someone put a price tag on both of them, this would be the more expensive". I doubt it.

bottom line, I think this is a fine fragrance, projection and longevitiy is a little spotty, though. but the scent is great. inoffensive, and SUPER versatile IMO.
03rd March, 2013
Great stuff. Simialr to Boss Bottled for sure. Almost identical. But more linear,cleaner, and cooler (temperature wise, not socially ;) ) It's good for summer when Boss Bottled seems a bit too warm. Very wearable in almost any occasion I can think of. A shape-shifter - could be dressed up or down, and used by young or old. I could picture this fitting really well on someone who's just walking around in summer clothing at the beach as well as someone attending a wedding, or on a date - just about anything. Great scent! The MOST versatile I've ever come across. 10/10, and I'm not just saying so!
17th October, 2012
Revising my previous review, I was once head over heels for this stuff. It smelled like Boss Bottled at a fraction of the price; lasted as long, projected as well. However, overtime I realized how cheap and sickening Ferrari Black really smelled. Now, Boss Bottled (arguably its predecessor) is definitley synthetic smelling, but at the same time, very balanced. Ferrari Black is not.

In the opening I get a sugary sweet, powdery, vanilla, tonka and apple type smell. It stays very linear, and dries down about the same as how it opens. There's some sort of spiced note in there, my guess is the cinnamon, that just goes right down your throat. I think this is what really ruins it for me. Too much of this, too much vanilla, too much apple, too loud and obnoxious. Would be a good fragrance for a clothing store.. I could totally see like Aeropostal with this one. Or even a cheap Pac Sun line. Bought my bottle for 22 bucks, sold it for 5.

To compare this really, picture an overly sweet version of Caron Pour Un Homme, take out a good deal of Caron's musk, and there ya have it.
26th May, 2012 (last edited: 12th December, 2012)

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