Gianfranco Ferré for Man (1986)
    by Gianfranco Ferré

    Gianfranco Ferré for Man Fragrance Notes

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    Exquisite, manly and sexy Italian fragrance. The citrus opening with the woody dry down is gorgeous. I love that it lasts more than 7 hours on me. Wore it to the office this morning and my co-workers love it.

    20th March, 2014

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    Spain Spain

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    Gorgeous Fougere and Chypre scent; can it get any better?

    Love the masculine notes; it starts citrusy, becomes herbal aromatic with floral notes and finishes leathery and mossy.

    Good Longevity and sillage!

    Thumbs up!

    10th December, 2013

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    The opening is a nice fresh lavender with cardamom, with a citrus admixture that is well complimenting it. The drydown adds wood and musk notes that give way to a classic chypre, with vetiver and an exemplary oakmoss note. The blending is excellent and results in a convincing scent. Compared to other chypres this is much less shrill than Gucci's Nobile, more complex than Revillon's French Line, and it lacks the deep and dark character of Charles Jourdan's counterpart for men. It is an elegantly restrained composition, with limited silage and projection, but with an excellent longevity that surpasses six hours on me.

    12 April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Gianfranco Ferre for Man opens with a beautiful bergamot and lavender tandem with a very subtle lemon undertone that hangs in the far background. The lavender and bergamot remain into the early heart notes, soon joined by a very noticeable jasmine, combining with a grassy-green orris and petit-grain tandem. In addition to the primary heart notes, oakmoss from the base rises into the later heart creating the classic chypre structure, while a leathery undertone joins the oakmoss through the dry-down, supported by subtle sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli accents. Projection and longevity are both average.

    Gianfranco for Man is a real hidden gem and a fabulous surprise. In many ways it evokes some of the best qualities of classic chypres of the past like Patou pour Homme and vintage Derby... It goes without saying as those are two of the best masculines ever released, being mentioned alongside them is high praise indeed! The opening immediately begins to capture your heart, and then the mossy-green citric middle seals the deal. If there are any negatives they would have to be minor quibbles of longevity and projection not approaching monster levels, but those are minor indeed and absolutely should not deter one from buying this stellar release from Ferre *at all*. Gianfranco Ferre for Man was a relatively inexpensive blind buy at well under $30 that turned out to be a new favorite of mine at any price, earning a very strong 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 and a "strong buy" recommendation.

    07 October, 2012

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    To think the 80s can be retrained...this is GFfM's raison d'etre. I like the fact that it is an all rounder. I admit I did not love it when I was discovering 80s scents, so I sold it. What a mistake. In the world of non fragrance people, most 80s scents are just too strong for their untrained noses to appreciate; this on the other hand does the trick. It's classic sophistication of smoky, spicy-herbal leathery jus. Great for fall.

    11th August, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    had forgotten this , wonderful woody scent, great sillage and duration, beautiful bottle

    02 August, 2012

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