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Gianfranco Ferré for Man (1986)
by Gianfranco Ferré


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Year of Launch1986
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People and companies

HouseGianfranco Ferré
Parent CompanyAngelini > ITF Cosmetics
Parent Company at launchDiana de Silva

About Gianfranco Ferré for Man

Gianfranco Ferré for Man is a masculine fragrance by Gianfranco Ferré. The scent was launched in 1986

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Reviews of Gianfranco Ferré for Man

I'M drinking from a 50ml glass bottle like the one pictured above. Apparently it is the "New Vintage" issued in the early 2000's, Diana de Silva house. Mid 2000's it was moved to ITF Milan I am told, with a reform.
This is the third De Silva produced scent nosed and it has a house styling distinctively elegant.
Little to add to all the poetry of those before me, except to say, Raiders of the Lost Scent has an excellent piece on the De Silva house.
This nectar makes it very clear, the value of using High Quality Oakmoss.
One can imagine the first issue of this was Absolutely out of sight Dee-luscious!

By the way, this is the perfume of "Cleaned and Groomed"
None of that Calone driven nonsense here!
24th September, 2016 (last edited: 08th January, 2017)
all these effusive and positive reviews! can't say i'm surprised. i will simply concur with all those who place this at the top of the 80s designers, and absolutely amongst the finest fougeres ever. but you gotta find the clear brown glass vintage stuff; the newish is ok, but neutered. 10/10
06th October, 2015
I am in my old aristocratic house in the small medieval village somewhere in the north of Italy. I woke up not long ago and i am looking out of the window in a magnificent early morning autumn landscape as the mist starts to vanish defeated from the first warm rays of the morning star. The house is surrounded by vineyards which at at this time of the year become living sculptures of gold. Little dew diamond drops try without success to hold themselves on the leaves but slowly find their way to the already sodden earth.
Somewhere further,hardly seen through the brume , some of the villagers in the company of their special trained dogs enter the woods of the surrounding hills in search of black truffles.
I am sitting on a leather armchair made hundreds of years ago by a master upholsterer in Florence. The leather is smooth like velvet from the daily use and the patina reflects the sunlight which penetrates the dark library from the high windows. The ancient library around me is partially covered in long shades and emanates the relaxing, comforting and well known scent of old books and oak. I wear my favourite tweed jacket and warm flannel grey pants, a fine monogrammed grid check shirt and a tie with a perfect double windsor knot. A pair of brown leather Edward Green shoes and the small golden pinky signet ring completes the picture. On the small mahogany tea table next to my armchair the Odyssey remained open in the 12th rapsody exactly as i left it the night before. Next to the book an empty glass of the finest Brunello di Montalcino produced with a lot of love and unmatched skill by my friend Annibale.
My dog enters the room slowly and in absolute silence, just like a cat would walk, and lies down to my feet.
I am holding a small cup of fresh made espresso on one hand and petting my best friend's head with the other. In exchange for the treat he licks my hand and starts wagging his tail.
I take a deep breath, close my eyes and think how wonderful life can be. For a a few seconds that seem like an eternity i am the happiest person ever born on the face of the earth.

30th September, 2015 (last edited: 25th October, 2015)
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Dark and rich, this is an oak moss lover's dream--in the vintage, that is. A bright, slightly jarring start leads to lavender, woods (fir, cedar, juniper and sandalwood) and then straight on to the mossy, leathery finish. Old school and Italian, for me this is a walk down Via Montenapoleone on a brisk morning in the fall, stopping for a quick espresso among all of the beautifully dressed pedestrians that this street attracts (or the Via Condotti, Via Tornabuoni, etc.). While this could be the scent for a black tie evening in some historic palazzo, the moss and vetiver give this a surprisingly outdoorsy feel like a stroll through an Italian garden or park. Wearing this now, miles away from the streets, gardens and palaces of Milan, Rome and Florence, I still feel that raffinatezza e lusso are close at hand.
18th September, 2015
A very dark fragrance as its wonderful bottle. It reminds me giorgio beverly hills but without honey.

Very masculin and elegant but something is missing to be a great fragrance. After a while I became bored of it. However I keep it in my wardrobe to sniff it from time to time when I feel dark.

More suitable during winter or fall.

6 to 7/10
15th August, 2015
This was one of my earliest vintage acquisitions. I lucked upon a 125ml size of the 1st release, in box. Having little to compare it to, I enjoyed it right away. In time as I broadened my fragrance experiences, my fondness for Ferre For Man only increased.

Yes, it is a dark fougère of the dry kind, with a brilliant blend of leather, oakmoss, herbs and florals, all the while maintaining a smooth quality. Nothing harsh. Unfortunately, Gianfranco reformulated this wonderful fragrance twice. The second version is still quite nice, but I prefer the first. The latest version... well, I wouldn't say it's as off the mark as the latest KOUROS, but if you know the first it'll be all you want. :-)

I would say its one of the most civilized and modernized fragrances of the 80's powerhouse era. And fortunately for those who enjoy it, it is not talked about much, leaving more chances to find it for reasonable prices.
08th July, 2015

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