Force Majeure (1998)
    by Jacques Bogart

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    Force Majeure Fragrance Notes

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    Force Majeure is a men's fragrance by Jacques Bogart. The scent was launched in 1998

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    Light and sparkling fragrance that projects a citrus and sea breeze character similar to others but made unique with pure mint and rich, intense gourmand spices. During wear, FORCE MAJEURE is watery and green with the deeper cloves and pepper notes occassionally making a pronounced presence. Cool and crisp. Masculine but not brutish. Lasts over 6 hours on skin.

    11th June, 2014

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    Very nice smelling and hard to believe this one isn't more popular.

    A most for every cologne wearing guy (or girl)!

    01st September, 2012

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    I read the basenotes reviews of Force majeure, and after ordering it online, eagerly waited for it. The package arrived after 4 days, and I ripped it open to see the 'ol green bottle' nestled inside a boring silver 'OMS'eque box. The bottle is green, and wont raise any wows from anyone. A matt grey cap with sprayer, which seems a bit cheap, is the second thing that puts you into a -" I spent money on thaaat?" frame of mind - but then...

    You take your finger to the top of the silver cap, and push it down, and all of a sudden are engulfed by something that smells very very good!, and then your mind thinks - "I spent only this much for THIS?"

    Trust me, I love this green bottle bouquet. It is not a scent which makes you want to run to the top of your house and shout "woo hoo!- I got it!", but pretty much one which puts you in a league of quiet sophistication.

    I thought the scent might be comparable to Brut initially (seeing the bottle), but then there's only brut that can't be compared to anything else.

    I did get a mint whiff initially,but after the first ten minutes you get to smell a whiff of spice (Pepper and Cinnamon). Cinnamon and Jasmine take over from there, and are with you till the very end.

    Longevity is above average, and silage ?.. well here's the thing- this is one scent that quietly announces your presence in a pleasant way. it definitely won't put anyone off, and you will feel nice wearing it for sure.

    Funny thing that my daughter (all of 4 years) pointed out to me was - that most of my perfume bottles were in green - paco rabanne PH,Adolfo D's vetiver, Brut- and now this!- I guess I have to start picking out at least one bottle of a different color every year.

    To sum up Force Majeure - well manufactured scent, will keep you happy, wont offend anyone, puts you in the 'sophisticated' bracket, gentle and warm scent that's worth every penny... Now if only they could change the shape of the bottle or the color..

    21st March, 2012 (Last Edited: 22nd March, 2012)

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    The opening blast is a bit off-putting: what the scent pyramid says is Aldehyde/Ozone/Bergamot (with a Minty background). I was initially disappointed, thinking Force Majeure might be a scrubber. But, give it a few minutes and things settle down to a very pleasant peppery Cinnamon/Clove/Mint mix that replaces the somewhat nose-shocking opening. In about an hour a beautiful soft woody/fruity drydown shows, and it is worth the wait.

    Surprisingly modern, I find it a fragrance that after a short initial jolt doesn't yell out its presence but sillages gently with a quiet authority. Very good.

    25th January, 2011

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    A very nice designer fragrance, often overlooked, probably because it's so uncommon. FM has a nice 'fresh' feel without being citrus or aquatic. For me, the mint comes through clearly at the opening, but a "warmth" appears very soon (from the spices an musk) that I haven't found in other mint-based fragrances. But the mint remains present throughout, giving this the "feel" (though not the same notes) as Le 3me Homme de Caron, with its interplay of fresh, floral, and warm notes.

    17th January, 2011

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    Very nice subtle fragrance. I detect very little mint, the bergamont and cinnamon plus a light clove essence gives this fragrance a light easy going, but somewhat sophisticated feel. Warm without being sharp, bitter or too sweet. It can work in a formal and classy as well as romantic evening use. Great for office, or with a suit and tie. Very masculine, yet mild and fresh. Somewhat difficult to find in the US, but worth it if you can find it.

    17th May, 2009

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