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Fougère Royale (1882)
by Houbigant


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Year of Launch1882
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerPaul Parquet
Parent CompanyLoft Fashion and Beauty Diffusion

About Fougère Royale

The very first fougere fragrance was created by Houbigant in 1882. Discontinued in the fifties, but relaunched in 1988. It was once again discontinued and revived once more in 2010.

Fougère Royale fragrance notes

Reviews of Fougère Royale

Wow, from 1882. Sure doesn't smell like anything old or dated. It's sweet, green and clean. Very nice to smell.

Not big on projection but it doesn't pull a disappearing act either. It's there, you can smell it.

I'm impressed.
07th April, 2017
Thumbs up for this clean, classic-smelling fragrance. It's light on me, and doesn't feel too far off from the feel of an Eau de Cologne. This has a nice soapy or shaving cream smell. From the listed notes, heliotrope jumped out at me, and now I'm smelling the connection with the 2016 Chanel release Boy.
21st February, 2017
I find this to be a very well made scent for all occasions. I also feel this is a Vivaldi (4 seasons) scent. It's a nice mix of citrus and florals that extend into the 2 to 3 hour projection range. As it gets closer to the dry down I find it to be more of a skin scent. Here and there I get a familiar smell... like I have this in my collection already... but then it's gone. It does have some depth within the first 3 hours as well. I find this to be well worth the price. Enjoy!
03rd February, 2017
In its current state, Fougère Royale is a complicated smell. I was expecting a Caron Pour Homme-esque mix of lavender and tonka, but instead it's more of an abstract grey/green mix of violet leaf and lavender spiced quietly with clove and brightened with a big glob of chemical orange.

It's that orange that complicates matters - it does a lot to modernize the smell (without it, Fougère Royale would fall somewhere between Penhaligon's English Fern and Grey Flannel), but just isn't particularly well executed. Frankly, the faux orange smells sweet and saccharine and comes awfully close to ruining everything. Metaphorically speaking, it would be like if someone poured molten latex over a recreation of Michaelangelo's David and tried to pass it off as a respectful update - it just doesn't fit, so much as to call the whole thing into question. I don't know - it's not terrible, but I don't think it's very good either. I'd personally save my money and stick with Grey Flannel...
05th January, 2017
Oh how this must have been a real stunner way back in 1882. Just the thought of living in that era and experiencing life sends shivers down my spine! Regretfully in 2016 Houbigant Fougere Royale leaves me feeling confused. On one hand it is a comforting scent, but on the other it feels too familiar and makes you realize that the men's market is flooded with Fougere Royale flankers. Despite its long and rich history; it just doesn't feel special. I suppose it was bound to happen at some point where the leader becomes the follower and that's the price you pay for being groundbreaking.
28th December, 2016
Elegant and masculine describe Fougere Royale (2010) by Houbigant. It is herbal and somewhat floral with lavender, geranium and lilac making themselves known. Followed by green notes of freshness and chamomile. Rounded off by vetiver, bergamot and rose. It is perfect for the summer months. Sophisticated in every way. I think every man should have this fragrance in their collections.
18th May, 2016

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