Funeral Home
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About Funeral Home

Funeral Home is a shared / unisex perfume by Demeter Fragrance Library.

Reviews of Funeral Home

I wore this exclusively for years before becoming interested in perfume, and in the room spray form of all things, though maybe fitting for a way to wear a home for transient dead bodies on a living one? Now I have this in the oil and am much impressed by the better longevity, depth, richness of Demeter's oils.

The white florals are pulled up by their roots, trailing dirt, maybe worms, then "shade(d) and shove(d) and render(ed) clean" by arrangements, green sponge wreathes and formaldehyde.

Certainly classically gothic but not morbid, Funeral Home is to me a vast improvement on the rooty dankness reputation of Iris Silver Mist, though the two are not much alike. The mood of vegetal tuber solemnity and masses of clean dirt unearthed are similar, but Funeral Home marries subliminal spices to surface ceremony and is so strikingly heavy-light as any joke about death.

Strange, but for a death-humor-or-not contemplating fragrance, this smells very much alive. Gucci Envy's calmer partner in florist shop banality made flesh-touching novelty.

"What do the dead want with fake flowers that never die, how cruelly optimistic and too late" I wrote in a graveyard as a scrappy peri-gothic kid. Then a poem titled, yeah eyeroll, 'a most septic mausoleum,' well, Funeral Home is that, and it is the living breathing flower that suggests death so keenly with the vulnerability and totality of its vital heights. This will always be a favorite and will--for whatever forever is--forever be home.
29th November, 2012
I am a flower and wood note lover, so Funeral Home is a dream come true for me! While it does last longer than most Demeter fragrances, it still has no where near the staying power one would want from a perfume. For the price this is a great fragrance.
12th September, 2011
This one is all about white flowers and carnation, if my nose is correct.
I really like how Demeter succeeded with the woodsy note - that's the coffin, right?
The thing is: this does smell like a funeral, and like foetidus says: it lasts longer than Demeter fragrances usually do.
22nd February, 2010
This smells a little like my grandmother’s house did long ago: Heavy old wooden furniture kept spotlessly polished: the polish that was used on the furniture and the wax that was used on the wooden floors… Then there are those French rugs that I had to take outside and beat about once a month – they always seemed to give off a bit of a dusty scent. The most prominent note is the cut flowers with the greens: she always had flowers. Everything in the fragrance seems to be a little dusty and closed in, which is appropriate for a funeral, I suppose, so it does kind of smell like a funeral home. It is an interesting fragrance but it is too floral for me. It lasts a bit longer than most Demeters.
22nd August, 2008

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