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Gai Mattiolo Uomo (1998)
by Gai Mattiolo


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Year of Launch1998
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseGai Mattiolo
PerfumerAlberto Morillas
Parent CompanyAngelini > ITF Cosmetics
Parent Company at launchITF Cosmetics

About Gai Mattiolo Uomo

Gai Mattiolo Uomo is a masculine fragrance by Gai Mattiolo. The scent was launched in 1998 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas

Gai Mattiolo Uomo fragrance notes

Reviews of Gai Mattiolo Uomo

Gai Mattiolo Uomo by Gai Mattiolo - Upon application, one is treated to an invigorating wave of hesperidic notes, with their citrus highlights of lemon, bergamot, tangerine and orange. A touch of neroli with its spicy, overripe orangey aspect also presents, while star anise imparts its sweetish, smoky licorice and slightly woody facets. This fascinating melange floats on a cloud of perfumed hedione, with its tinge of citrusy jasmine and woods, and wafts to the awaiting middle. Here, in the pleasing heart, the opening mix is subsumed by a somewhat bracing concoction of lively and woody pepper, menthol-ish clary sage and nutty coriander. A sweet rose presents as well. An oceanic fucus provides an undertone of salty, aquatic plant life. Transitioning to the waiting base, the aquatic brew is encased by creamy and delicately balsamic sandalwood as well as honeyed and slightly smoky guaiacwood. A fresh-linen musk, akin to a fabric softener dryer sheet, showers the woods, and leads to a refreshing drydown. This pleasant, masculine composition is ideal for spring and summer, and has average projection and very good longevity. Given its inexpensive price point, it's a must have.
26th February, 2012
Interesting smooth musky aquatic with a touch of delicate rose in composition and the final bed of a musk mild of guaiac wood. The typical flavour that colours the general smoothness is decidedly conditioned by the link of neroli and star anise with the salty touch of hedione, all spiced by an hint of pepper. This fragrance is not a metallic alcoholic kind of mineral watery aquatic but is silky, soft, a bit musky and remarkably woody with the tangible influence of sandalwood and guaiac wood. The floral note of rose enhances perfectly the soaring general delicacy. In this phase the scent becomes almost velvety of woodsy softness but without losing the light salty touch of its mediterranean nature and the intense but sour sweetness of orange and citrus. This scent deserves attention, is able to lord over many aquatics out there and demonstrates the right way to run this olfactory way with craftsmanship and without issuing mediocre kinds of smelling waters. Powerful sillage.
12th July, 2011 (last edited: 13th December, 2011)
One of those hidden marvels!
Wonderful refined (summer-)refreshment for scandalous little money.
Buy before it will be discontinued!
31st December, 2010
Very light. Very refreshing. Gai Mattiolo does remind me a bit of L’Eau Par Kenzo—it’s a little lighter, a little spicier and a maybe a little less sparse. It begins with a light citrus / bergamot accord that provides a definite hit of hedione. The opening is clean, but nothing special—“special” comes later. The citrus holds for a very long time until it moves into its aquatic / floral middle level. But the wood / musk base is also present in the middle notes. Here’s where the scent becomes the dryer sheet accord that has been mentioned. I totally agree with that description, and I also think that it is a wonderfully wearable accord. The aquatics, the bit of green, the woods, the excellent florals, and the musk are all formed into this enticing accord that hug the skin and last far longer than it seems possible for such a light fragrance. This fragrance should get a lot more air time than it does. Wonderfully wearable.

Originally submitted 06 April 2007
08th December, 2010
7 months later,i feel i should edit my previous comment.GM Uomo is a state of art! a heavenly stuff for autumn! both the smell and longevity&sillage is awesome! thumbs up to the sky!
28th March, 2010 (last edited: 24th October, 2010)
This is interesting. For one it is very light and fresh...but it sicks around forever almost. This is what I would reach for when I want to smell good for projection needed, no "hello world here I am". There are many other frags out there that do this, Banan Republic's Classic for one. The difference here is that Gai takes you on a journey, each phase a different overall scent but still maintaining the character of light and fresh. I like it.
PS: Don't be hasty with this one, give it a weeks worth of spring/summer Saturdays.
23rd March, 2010

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