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Gale Hayman Man (1997)
by Gale Hayman


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Year of Launch1997
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About Gale Hayman Man

Gale Hayman Man is a masculine fragrance by Gale Hayman. The scent was launched in 1997

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Reviews of Gale Hayman Man

Woods with some spiciness due to nutmeg and rosemary. Kinda linear but pleasant. You'll be dissapointed if you were expecting something like Sunset Boulevard (which is outstanding) but if you were looking for a solid wood scent this is perfect. The sequoia is the prominent wood note with more cedarwood in the drydown, the pine is very subdued and fleeting. Can't give it a thumbs up, I did not went crazy about it, but neither a thumbs down since I did enjoyed it somewhat.
08th March, 2011
I don't know where reviewers are getting the pine note but this scent is nice and refreshing!

Not citrus-like, not synthetic, to me it's more of a light tea aroma.

So clean and it works fine for me anytime of day or night.
08th September, 2010
If you want an inexpensive coniferous frag, reach for Pino Silvestre and leave this stuff on the shelf.

Offensive? No.
Thumbs down? No -- I'll give it a solid "neutral" rating.
Interesting, though, or worth seeking out? Not really.
01st July, 2008
Synthetic, yes, but pleasing. This isn't too offensive but not too run-of-the-mill. Definite pine notes but not the signature pine in all of the Polo frags. This one is more clean but non-distinct. Longevity on my skin isn't that great, however. Casual wear.
28th June, 2008

Very sharp and quite synthetic pine and rosemary notes predominate in the opening with an aromatic presence. Itís not very enjoyable. Itís very hard to differentiate the levels of the pyramid with this fragrance because it claims so many coniferous notes: pine, sequoia, and cedar. Beverly Hillís Man is extremely linear, which works with some scents that have interesting accordsóbut Man doesnít have such accords. Man (the fragrance not the masculine gender) lacks depth and character. If you can get past the synthetic ambiance, it might be a good scent for anyone wishing to smell sort of like a pine - cedar forest without spending major dineros. (Edit of 29 August 2006 review.)

29th August, 2006 (last edited: 16th June, 2009)

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