Genghis Khan (1990)
    by Marc de la Morandiere

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    Dark, mysterious and wonderfully composed and that's just the Mongolian themed looking bottle. What lays hidden inside is the real treat to behold. Ginger starts the procession with electrifying urgency and coupled with the citrus & lavender notes gives it a very pleasurable robust start to say the least. I knew at that moment I was hooked on this Marc de la Morandiere offering.This isn't a one trick pony by any means and the senses kept experiencing different layers of euphoria into spice heaven. I can only imagine how the older version stacks up to this reformulation and perhaps I will have a opportunity to try that someday. Nonetheless, this is a tough cookie to find even on the company's website as they seem to have had some difficulty procuring the correct ingredients to get their desired composition.
    I am also reviewing the parfum strength albeit on the reformulation. On this Merit:
    Scent 10/10
    Longevity 9/10
    Projection 8/10
    A very strong recommendation.

    04 November, 2013

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    Genghis Khan opens with a burst of ginger, soon coupling with a nice cardamom and cumin spice tandem to dirty up the ginger slightly. The heart notes include the ginger from the opening, adding patchouli and a nice herbal soapy accord with woody accents before transitioning to an amber base with the remnants of the remaining spice (which also peeps slightly into the heart notes as well). Projection and longevity are both average.

    The ginger opening is quite a stunner, and I immediately knew I would like Genghis Khan from thereon out. The cardamom and cumin spice could easily spoil the party and come off as body odor, but Genghis Khan keeps them well enough in-check to only add some earthy aspects to the spicy scent. The patchouli and amber in Genghis Khan play key roles to slightly sweeten the spice, but always is in a support, letting the ginger and other spices take center stage throughout. While this scent came out in the "powerhouse 90's," I really do not get a powerhouse vibe from Genghis Khan. It is plenty strong, but it is no projection beast, and while very spicy it is quite civil and pleasant at all times. I am a big fan of this one and give Genghis Khan a truly excellent 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 and a strong buy recommendation. The vintage juice while long since discontinued and relatively scarce can still be found on eBay for non-wallet busting prices currently.

    13 July, 2012 (Last Edited: 14 July, 2012)

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    Ok, after all the praise I've heard about Gengis Khan I was probalby expecting too much but, as a matter of fact, I'm not particularly impressed. Don't get me wrong, this is a fine fragrance if you're into typical (stereotyped?) 80's and early 90's masculines but it's neither particularly outstanding nor cheap. Quite powerful yet nowhere close being a powerhouse.

    I would classify Gengis Khan as a dark/fresh spicy-woody with a strong herbal presence. Resins and patchouli play relevant roles as well. I won't go through notes explanation but here're a few names that came to mind: Esencia, Tenerè, Dalì Pour Homme, Acteur, Bijan Men...

    Be aware that not all of the above fragrance are necessarely and/or objectively related to Gengis Khan but they came to mind as a sort of stream of consciusness...

    18 March, 2012

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