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Gillette Cool Wave (1993)
by Gillette Series


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Year of Launch1993
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGillette Series
Parent CompanyProcter & Gamble > Gillette
Parent Company at launchGillette

About Gillette Cool Wave

Gillette Cool Wave is a masculine fragrance by Gillette Series. The scent was launched in 1993

Reviews of Gillette Cool Wave

Have to add my praise for this humble gem, as it's been my daily aftershave for 15 years or so. I love its sporty start and the way it lies down so quickly (one of my main requirements for an aftershave). But the key for me is the woodsy and tobacco qualities it has as it lies down--a lingering comfort that just exudes freshness, confidence and masculinity. It also works great as a complement to a host of other scents--it's usually the base for anything else I wear. I actually prefer the gel version, as the splash is a bit alcohol-heavy for my skin. And oddly enough, it's this drugstore frag, more than any other cologne I've worn, that solicits comments of appreciation and inquiries about what I'm wearing. Not bad for $2.99 a bottle...
22nd March, 2014
gillette cool wave is a wonderful masculine refreshing scent with a hint of moss and leather. it is by far the best of the drugstore after shaves i have tried.
09th February, 2014
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United States
This is a great smelling aftershave/fragrance, and more and more I have been getting beaten down by frags that are too sweet and cloying (usually the ones picked for me by females). I really appreciate masculine fragrances that can be dry, mossy and woodsy and Cool Wave does that for me. At less than $5 a bottle at Walmart, it is a bargain! It says that it's made in France on the bottle, as well, which I found interesting. I always receive compliments when wearing this from both sexes. I completely agree with Slayerized's comments about layering with other frags. I'm getting ready to go buy another bottle!
11th November, 2012
This is for me the best aftershave one can buy when looking to quality to price!
The previous reviews of eg. Grottola and Shamu are spot on and I have little to add to those perfect reviews! This is a masculine very fresh-mossy longlasting aftershave. It doesn't have that much sillage anymore after 1 hour but it keeps lingering close to the skin for many hours more indeed when splashed on liberally!
I could get some new versions of this gem in Germany and looking at the text on the bottle and fragrance which is only in German and Russian, I think it's launched here in Europe just for some specific countries; eg. here in The Netherlands it's impossible to get. I also did not see it in Belgium, France or Spain where I am frequently. I therefor bought 400ml of this stuff which was €3.75 a bottle of 100ml!
I also own a vintage which is very old and there are some remarkable differences. Mainly as my vintage says it does NOT contain any alcohol and the new ones do. Nevertheless do they smell pretty much the same and are equally long lasting with equal sillage as well. The only difference is that the vintage is maybe even more mossy and the new one is more fresher but it's just a minor difference imo. This is how an aftershave must be! This aftershave is also perfect for layering with many fresh/fougere/aquatic fragrances like Revillon R, Cool Water, Azzaro Chrome. Bvlgari Aqva (Marine) etc. Many thumbs up and regarding it's an aftershave it deserves a perfect rating! Rated: 10/10
10th September, 2012
This dynamic fragrance is not unpleasant "di per se", the concern is that i don't use to particularly enjoy the sporty fragrances.The smell is so mossy. As well as the  others reviewers underlined this is a cool and dry woody-herbal fragrance with a mossy-patchouli base. Hints of dry-astringent fruits, tobacco, aromatic greens, vetiver and resins are mixed in the blend. The smell is decent but its texture is more proper of a deodorant than a real fragrance.
12th February, 2012
I got this one recently, and I love it doubtlessly. It really smells kind of 80's and I love this aspect to it too, because it makes me feel I own classy stuff that can stand the test of time.For a cost of less then 10$ I got an aftershave cologne and a deo-spray, and I have to admit that the deo-spray smells in slightly different way - it's milder and more airy, less mossy and leathery. I would compare the difference between cologne and deo-spray to the difference between cigarette smoke breathed in strictly from the cigarette (which I hate) and that kind of smell of fairly air-diluted smoke coming to your room from the outside, which I find really delightful.
Overtones go away pretty quickly - in two hours it seems to be hardly detected from the distance of half a meter, but the drydown stays for ages on my skin..By the way, deo-spray is more durable. I wish I could have a shower gel to get a full hygeine regime, but it's not available anywhere around so far.. Anyway, it's trully masculine and mature scent, which I indulge in with great pleasure. thumbs up totally.

ps: I only wish the bottle was the same it was back in 90's :)
05th July, 2011

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