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Gillette Cool Wave (1993)
by Gillette Series


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Year of Launch1993
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGillette Series
Parent CompanyProcter & Gamble > Gillette
Parent Company at launchGillette

About Gillette Cool Wave

Gillette Cool Wave is a masculine fragrance by Gillette Series. The scent was launched in 1993

Reviews of Gillette Cool Wave

Been using Gillette Cool Wave for about 15 years and always get compliments from both sexes. It has a nice fresh smell and is just plain enjoyable. The price is perfect at $4.86 at Walmart and about a buck more at Publix when it is in stock. One sad thing I have noticed is that over the years fewer and fewer stores are stocking the product and replacing it with some kind of gel or electric shaver product. The Walmart stock runs out fast and the third party advertisers on Amazon are out of their minds with the prices they charge. What a waste of advertising space. Can't wait until Proctor and Gamble start selling it online.
01st March, 2019
Gillette may be more known for their razors and the catchy "The Best a Man Can Get" slogan, but if one ever takes a look at their deodorants, shave creams, and body washes, one will find this popular scent as a selection among them. Yes, this began life as part of an aftershave series called "Gillette Series" and one can expect a similar if slightly above-average longevity from it's castor oil-infused fragrance compounds, but it's really quite respectable, and even good considering. Cool Wave came on the heels of aquatics, ozonics, and "fresh" fougères, so it does give off a bit of a "focus group" kind of a smell where you can tell it was meant to appeal for folks that would probably use one of those, but it has a richer and drier backbone to accompany it's freshness that actually makes it a stand-out from other conventional 1990's company, which is an amazing feet for a commercial after shave.

The opening of Cool Wave is perhaps it's biggest claim to fame: a rain-soaked woods and citrus melange that imparts a dewy vibe in the beginning, not quite oceany like the packaging suggests, but certainly living up to the name. The dry down becomes something a bit richer and drier than that opening, with hints of leather and probably vetiver, not unlike Coty Preferred Stock (1990) but dialed down and not sweet. It's residual musk note comes out in the end and allows this to cling on skin far longer than otherwise. If you're anything like me, you might apply it all over and make day wear out of it, a task at which it satisfactorily performs in warmer months. The product is honestly meant to be a finishing touch to a suite of Cool Wave-scented grooming accessories, so if true sillage and longevity is what you want, you'll have to use all the products in concert. Granted, guys who love older aromatics, chypres, powerhouses, and musks will probably hate this, so I'm not saying it's a must-have piece for any vintage fan, despite it's 1993 launch date.

Cool Wave is a reminder that traditional after shave lotions can be executed in a contemporary manner, and although most of the others in this series have died away, Cool Wave remains relevant as ever. It provides crisp, dynamic, well-designed cleanliness that presaged many of the citrus/woody/musk ozonics that would arrive at the end of the decade. Try saying that about any old aftershave, I bet you can't! Besides, despite everything said, you really can't beat the asking price here, which places the stuff at retail amounts lower than Tag, Axe, Bod and Old Spice aerosols for a 3.4oz/100ml GLASS bottle of something that is easily higher quality and longer lasting, while still -just- being an aftershave! If it isn't the best a man can get (and I doubt anything is), it's at least one of the best values out there.
20th February, 2018
The truth is, I am not convinced that Basenotes should ignore aftershaves in the context of additions to the directory. I am glad that this one is up there. I emptied out 3 ml from my bottle today, post a Sunday afternoon shave. I actually used it as a scent itself. This is the prototype fresh citrus-woods-musk, with a hint of some green and aquatic elements. Very fresh, bracing, with a subtle herbaceous undercurrent and leathery nuances. It has a reasonable oomph for an aftershave, and persists at well over three hours. There is a vague mossy element in the far dry down, together with a musk note. The first half hour is almost glorious, but even thereafter it continues to provide satisfaction. Yes, this can effectively be layered with fresh fougeres and chypres. I have myself done that successfully with vintage Cool Water. However, I've fallen for the simple charm of Cool Wave, and often prefer to wear it just by itself. Relative to the price and quality of other personal fragrances, the price of Cool Wave is surreal. I purchased a 100 ml bottle at about $6. I actually prefer the splash -
precisely because I can splash it on with abandon. One of those simple pleasures of life.

01st October, 2017
I love the top notes of this. Super masculine, cool and refreshing. I envision cold steel when smelling the opening.
When it dries down to it's final stage though, it's less cool and watery, and becomes this dry, basic mossy scent.

This is pretty long lasting for a cheap drug store aftershave. It's almost like a cologne.

Lacoste Original. They have nearly the same exact dry down, although Gillette Cool Wave is a little smoother and lasts a bit longer.
Lacoste Original seems a bit more scratchy, not that well blended, and a bit cheap.

The dry down is a bit too simple. I wish the opening notes lasted longer. But it's still one of the better cheap aftershaves out there, second only to Nivea.

The gel anti-perspirant is also pretty strong, as well as close to a cologne, and maintains the opening for much longer.
19th August, 2017 (last edited: 12th September, 2018)
Have to add my praise for this humble gem, as it's been my daily aftershave for 15 years or so. I love its sporty start and the way it lies down so quickly (one of my main requirements for an aftershave). But the key for me is the woodsy and tobacco qualities it has as it lies down--a lingering comfort that just exudes freshness, confidence and masculinity. It also works great as a complement to a host of other scents--it's usually the base for anything else I wear. I actually prefer the gel version, as the splash is a bit alcohol-heavy for my skin. And oddly enough, it's this drugstore frag, more than any other cologne I've worn, that solicits comments of appreciation and inquiries about what I'm wearing. Not bad for $2.99 a bottle...
22nd March, 2014
gillette cool wave is a wonderful masculine refreshing scent with a hint of moss and leather. it is by far the best of the drugstore after shaves i have tried.
09th February, 2014

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